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Paint for wooden Windows

It is no secret that wood Windows are still the most preferred for installation in residential areas, and primarily because of its environmental friendliness. They do not prevent the natural ventilation in the house and does not emit into the air of any toxic substances. Wooden window designs differ and its respectable appearance. But despite all its obvious advantages, care of wooden Windows and provides sufficient difficulty and complexity. In particular, to protect the wood from the negative effects of the environment it is necessary to paint, and depending on what the selected paint for wood Windows will depend on the degree of protection and durability of the coating, and the appearance of the window.

Surface preparation for painting is an important and compulsory stage ↑

Before to solve the question what kind of paint is better to paint wooden Windows, you need to properly prepare the surface. If this is not done, just a couple of months even the most expensive and high-quality enamel will start to flake off.

Paint for wooden Windows

First of all you need a thorough visual inspection of the surface of the frames. It should not be varied roughness, nicks or cracks, areas of rot and signs of mold. If such defects are discovered, they must be eliminated. To do this «arm» sandpaper (coarse and fine), a jar of ready-made wood putty and a special anti-fungal composition (or a primer containing such additives).

All the bumps/roughness shall be carefully processed with the help of sandpaper. Cracks, chips and gouges should be repaired with special sealers. She applied a thin layer with a spatula, and after drying, sand with fine grit paper so that the puttied area is completely on par with the rest of the surface of the frame. All the places where there are traces of mold/rot should be thoroughly dried (you can speed up the process with a hair dryer), and treating with preservative. At this place you can apply a thin layer of putty.

The Council! Before sealing, it is desirable to treat the wood any acrylic primer – this will improve its adhesion to the wood surface and will blow it after the sandpaper. Before painting makes sense to check and all window fittings.

The choice of paint – the main thing is not to be mistaken with the composition ↑

A definite answer to the question what kind of paint to paint the wooden Windows do not exist since preferences of each owner wooden Windows your. Some people prefer to preserve the natural color and texture of wood, for some the only acceptable option are window slaves white.

Paint for wooden Windows

If the decision is to preserve the natural color of natural wood, for its staining and impart protective properties requires the use of special impregnations, varnishes or blue. These penetrate well into the wood and make it water-repellent properties prevent the formation of mold and rot, and also protect the wood from insect pests. Along with a fairly expensive imported compounds, present on the market and more affordable domestic counterparts, in quality and protective characteristics are not inferior «foreign» (for example, the Neomid Bicolor Ultra).

In modern conditions the question of how to choose paint for painting wooden Windows is relevant because the selection of paint quite large:

  • acrylic paint (waterborne);
  • alkyd enamel;
  • oil paint;
  • transparent nail Polish;
  • linseed oil or primer;
  • stain solvent based.

And if the answer to the question what kind of paint is better to paint the wooden Windows on the outside may definitely be – alkyd enamel, for interior work, it is preferred that the acrylic paint with almost no odor and dry in a few hours.

How to paint a wooden window on the old paint ↑

Paint for wooden Windows

If the wooden frame new, their color is simple. Much more difficult is the case in that case if the window was already painted. Before painting of wooden Windows with peeling paint, it must be removed, and the higher quality will be performed this procedure, the more attractive it will look painted window. For removing old paint, there are special preparations which soften it turning it into a cheesy substance which is easily removed with a scraper or spatula.

Attention! Compositions for washing enamels are toxic enough when they need to use protection, and avoid inhalation of vapours funds or getting it on skin.

If the house has a heat gun, you can do without chemicals, softening the paint with hot air and removing it with a scraper. Warm paint is in small areas because it cools down fast enough. Before you clean the wooden Windows of the old paint with a hair dryer, the glass from the frame, it is desirable to extract. After managed to remove the paint from the wooden Windows, they must be treated with sandpaper and primed. After the primer has dried you can proceed directly to staining.

Once accurately identified, what paint to use wooden Windows, you need to prepare the appropriate tool:

  • brushes of different widths;
  • a roller with a short NAP;
  • masking tape;
  • when using alkyd enamels will need a suitable solvent;
  • clean rags.

Paint for wooden Windows

Masking tape will be required in that case, if there is no desire or possibility to remove glass – in this case, before staining you should stick the tape on the joints of the frame with glass. Staining Windows the preferred to start with «figure» surfaces, which is most convenient to use a narrow brush. Do not recruit her too much paint, thereby avoiding the formation of drips.

Smooth surfaces are best painted with a roller, in this case, the paint will lay down much smoother than applying with a brush. In addition, regardless of what paint painted wooden Windows, start the process better outside. This is due to the fact that the layer of paint material, usually water resistant, and if you start coloring the inside, the moisture from the wood will not manage to go outside (useful when coloring in spring and autumn).

As practice shows, if a wooden window is chosen white paint, its service life will be much longer than color, because the white enamel, by reflecting the main part of the solar rays, is heated in a fraction of tinted paints. In that case, if the old paint on the wooden window is holding steady, no signs of peeling and cracking, and you just want to freshen the color, the surface still needs a little training.

It is advisable to treat the whole surface a fine-grained emery paper, then carefully wash the frame with soapy water. To be sure, you can wipe it with a rag soaked in solvent, gasoline or kerosene. After that you can start applying a new coat of paint.

Before an independent colouring of Windows it is possible to read this «the video»

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