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Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

Parquet is the most beautiful and durable natural flooring. Oh man, preferring to use it for interior decoration, we can say that he has good taste and appreciates a cosiness in your house.

The modern market offers many types of parquet flooring, including varnished. They are convenient for stacking and do not require sanding, but not everyone can afford it due to high cost. Therefore, many buyers opt for a raw the floor. In front of them raises the question of how to choose the parquet lacquer.

How to make the right choice ↑

The criteria for choosing each his own. Some people prefer quick-drying parquet lacquer, others choose wear-resistant and third important qualities such as environmental friendliness and safety.

When it is selected should take into account its chemical composition, which is:

  1. Water-based
  2. Polyurethane
  3. Alkyd

Polyurethane parquet lacquer is characterized by durability, but inferior to other coatings in terms of safety. However, this lacquer durable, due to its chemical composition.

Attention! Choosing varnish for wood flooring, it should also be noted that the two-component composition is much more practical one, and is able to last for much longer.

While thinking about the dilemma, what is lacquer better, you should also consider the lack or the presence of odor. This is especially important for people with allergies in addition when applying strong-smelling coating, it may be poisoning.

Modern manufacturers Lacquer fast-drying, water-based why developed flooring no odor.

Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

The water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t contain solvents in its composition. It belongs to the category of funds odorless.

It can be used even in areas where the risk of fire, as it is not flammable.

Alkyd varnish based on the solvent, it does not have adhesive properties and, when applied not to glue boards together. This cover has a feature to change the color of the wood, so when selected, it should be considered. Its disadvantages include long drying.

The advantages of this tool include its adhesive properties and resistance to the microclimate of the premises. Therefore, it is chosen for the decoration of shops, offices and domestic premises.

Attention! If the room is humid, then after flooring it is necessary to ventilate, otherwise the drying process will last for a long time.

Colored lacquer as such does not exist, to give the specified color using the tools on alkyd, uretanalkidnyh or acid-based, which have various degrees of yellowness. To achieve the desired color for the final coating is applied to a special grinding. Her color scheme is so wide that you can choose the color suitable for floor interior.

Choosing the right parquet flooring, consider:

  1. Chemical composition
  2. Sustainability
  3. Technical quality
  4. Performance characteristics
  5. Transparency

In addition, other indicators, parquet lacquer, water-based happens:

  1. Matt
  2. Glossy
  3. Semi-Matt
  4. Semi-gloss

So to answer the question of which lacquer is the best, have each for himself.

Lacquer fast-drying, water-basedHow to choose the parquet lacquer build content in a dark room? Glossy floors will make the room more bright and matte will create the effect of noble antiquity.

Varnish the floor water-based ↑

Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

Varnishes based on water are one-component and two-component. The first often used in rooms with low traffic, such as apartments.

Parquet lacquer two-component, water-based is used for the flooring in kitchens, corridors and offices where a higher load. Also, this type of coverage is chosen by people who wish to prolong the life of their sex in the apartment.

Many are afraid of the name: «water», consumers assume that he can slip away. In fact this coating was developed thanks to the innovative methods of modern manufacturers. Immediately after application, water evaporates and gender-based gains sufficient strength.

Parquet lacquer, water-based, judging by the reviews, demand among buyers. This is explained by the following advantages:

  1. Low toxicity
  2. Odourless
  3. Quick drying
  4. Plain color
Attention! Water lacquer has no smell and is fast drying!

After the tool was applied to the surface first evaporates the water, film-forming component evaporates much slower, so its concentration as the drying increases.

Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

The joints of the side seams of the parquet lacquer is a quick drying water-based are not glued.

The advantage of water soluble means is a low content of solvent vapors while drying.

To improve wear resistance they add dispersed mixture.

As an example, you can take «Teks» parquet lacquer, water-based acrylic binder, which forms a good protective film, whereby a good adhesive property.

Quick-drying acrylic lacquer «Ballet» for wood flooring in great demand and customers ‘ reviews of good about it. But despite the fact that this means the budget, it has good resistance to mechanical damage and is harmless.

Flooring varnish ↑

For the exact observance of technology of the varnishing of parquet is necessary that the room temperature was above 25onC. Compliance of this condition will help a quality coating and rapid drying.

Stages of works include: laying of flooring, the sanding, primer and varnish. To scrape the flooring must be at an angle of 45on. First, scrape the floor krupnozernovaya nozzle, then melkozerova. Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

Cracks between boards are. For best adhesion apply primer for parquet lacquer, which is necessary for deeper penetration of the coating into the wood. The coating of parquet lacquer with their hands requires certain skills

The application of it must be carried out in light and soft shoes and try to avoid contact between the coatings and floor debris. The floor is covered in several layers.

The first layer carries safety from mechanical damage function. Each subsequent application is made after the previous layer has dried. Depending on the quality of wood and planks can be applied up to eight layers.

Apply the product to all floors very suitable for this special roller.

All are concerned with the question of how much drying parquet lacquer? It depends on the quality of the deposited funds and its chemical composition. On average, the approximate drying time of one layer to days. Quick-drying parquet lacquer hardens for 6 hours.

Attention! To dry the coating has in vivo at a constant temperature.

The last layer should be dried at least a week.

How to cover parquet lacquer with their hands can be seen on video:

How to care for the parquet, lacquered ↑

On the parquet, lacquered, may have scratches, damage and fading. For proper maintenance of the floor is necessary in the room to maintain optimal temperature and humidity.

With the change of temperature and excessive humidity it may swell. To protect the floor from this there are means on care of a parquet varnish. Such tools include:

  1. Oil
  2. Polishes

To protect floors from scratches helps special velvet stickers on the legs of furniture and chairs.

Lacquer fast-drying, water-based

If there are scratches you can use the recovery paste. It is easy to apply on the damaged area with a spatula. Excess paste immediately you need to clean with a sponge or piece of cloth.

The care of parquet varnished includes cleaning, mostly dry with a vacuum cleaner. Moisture can damage the wood and if the floor accidentally spilled water, it is urgent to remove it. How to care for parquet varnished?

Wet cleaning is recommended to be not wet and lightly wetted cloth of soft material with good absorbency.

Heavy soiling should be removed with the help of special tools. These tools include:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Kliner – tool, identical in composition with the diluted varnish

Polish for parquet, varnished ↑

Cleaners are available in aerosol sprays, they do not enter into chemical reaction with the coating and possess a high cleaning ability.

The polishes are capable of forming on the floor of a special protective film that protects against mechanical damage and has moisture barrier properties. For lacquered coatings choose glossy polishes, giving the floor an extra Shine.

In case of deeper damage to floors (cracks and scratches) can grind this place and then restore the re-varnishing.

Beautiful floor, of course, requires special care, but at the same time in the room creates an atmosphere of comfort and prosperity. People who choose natural and environmentally friendly flooring care not only about style and also about your health.

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