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How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof

How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof

When choosing flooring for your home or office space with a long time preference for wood. This material is characterized by its beauty, practicality, sustainability and regardless of the type of covering: flooring, plank flooring or parquet, looks noble, modern and stylish.

The floors in the house or in the office every hour are loaded, so they need protection – a coating that will preserve their structure and prevent loss of color and provide an attractive appearance.

One of such protective coatings is the nail the floor, which How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof depending on their chemical composition and decorative features can be applied on wooden and concrete floors.

Building materials market is replete with variety, in this context, buyers cannot make the decision about how to choose a nail sex.

Make the right choice ↑

Selecting means for coating wood floor, consumers pursue several objectives:

  1. Give it a decent look
  2. To protect from damage
  3. To find the tone of the interior

The protective properties of the varnish for wooden floor are important, and choosing it for this purpose, you should consider some points:

  1. Capability for post processing
  2. Whether pre-treatment of the wood
  3. Wood
  4. Compatibility with the old coating (if need to upgrade)
  5. Operating conditions

With regard to conditions of gender, should pay attention to the traffic in the room and humidity. Under heavy load pick up varnish for the floor is wear-resistant and moisture proof.

The protective properties of the coating depend on its composition, for example, alkyd varnish for floors which protects from moisture, alkidno-urea is a safe and durable coating, oil or petroleum is well suited for rooms with high load and high traffic.

How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof

Very popular among consumers enjoy parquet varnish for wooden floor, which happens to be water -, acrylic and alkyd basis.

When choosing paint for the floor, to determine which is best based on criteria such as its luster and color.

Depending on the ambient light of the room, its architectural features, colors of the walls and ceiling, you can pick up varnish for the floor is glossy or matte.

Matt varnish for floors ideal for bright, well-lit and airy spaces, its noble shade emphasize the dignity of the tree.

Glossy floors should preferably be in a dimly lit room and the small size, as the gloss visually creates extra volume and reflects light.

Thanks to modern technologies there appeared a lacquer coating for the floor, differing not only Shine, but also color. Colored lacquer for floors created relatively recently, and this coating was immediately interested in the many interior designers, allowing them to translate their fashion ideas.

What to choose to give ↑

Due to the fact that manufacturers have developed paints for interior and exterior use, consumers have the opportunity to create a unique and practical interior not only at home but also at the country house.

How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof

Varnish for wooden floor in the country it is necessary to choose carefully. The fact that the approach may not be any coverage. Experts recommend to pay special attention to the type of wood made floors at the cottage. Many gardeners prefer to save to do the floors in the country of pine boards.

The special features of this wood is its softness and ability to bend under pressure. That is, the floor can be deformed easily.

So nail the floor at the cottage need to choose, given the type of wood, humidity and temperature.

Attention! For wood of soft breeds the most common parquet lacquer cannot be used: when applied, the tree forms a solid film which at operation pine floor will destroy the tree structure.

Soft wood bends and its hard treated surface will remain in place. Between a tree and covering a void. After some time, this void increases and the tree may show a crack.

When choosing paint for the floor of pine boards, should pay attention to a note in the Bank. Preferably the stop on the tool with the inscription on the packaging: for soft wood and floor Board.

Another feature of the coating of soft wood is the way of its application. Flooring is first primed, and Polish for the wooden floor made of pine is applied directly to the Board. Primed pine boards should not be the basis for the coating in this case is the first coat of varnish.

Attention! Oils of pine must be flexible.

Tool for exterior use should protect the wood from moisture, wind, sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Finnish Tikkurila varnish for floorreliable and wear-resistant coating for any wood that can withstand humidity and temperature extremes. It can be used both for interior decoration and exterior, e.g. for floor coverings on the porch, as the varnish for the floor at the cottage frost.

Funds used for outdoor use, can be used for:

  1. Terraces
  2. Exterior railings and stairs
  3. Balconies
  4. Gazebos
  5. Wooden garden furniture

Yacht varnish ↑

This coating was developed to protect the wooden hull of water transport, hence its name – the yacht. Having a good water-repellent properties, resistance to aggressive environments and salt water, this tool has been proven on the market and it was used in everyday life.

Yacht varnishes in its composition are divided into alkyd and uretanalkidnyh.

Varnish yacht floor has a chemical composition different from those applied to protect the hull of the yacht.

Uretanalkidnyh lacquer is safer for human health as the concentration of the solvents in it are much lower than in the yacht. It incorporates Alcide that provide the floor quick drying, and wood treated with this means flexibility and protection against damage.

From yacht acrylic coating for wood toxic properties are much lower due to the fact that it is water-soluble, but it means it is not suitable for coating hulls. It can be used only for sex, which also carries the name of the yacht.

Means on the basis of water ↑

Water varnish for the floor is the most environmentally friendly, it contains no toxic components and has almost no odor. Its composition may vary, in some species other than water contains solvents and emulsifiers, the lower the concentration, the less toxic remedy.

How to choose nail the floor wear-resistant and moisture proof

The disadvantages of varnish for floors water-based, can be attributed to their long period of drying, in contrast to other means.

Water entering into the composition of this medium, can easily penetrate through cracks in the floor and allow this to happen is highly undesirable, as wooden floorboards can be deformed and later squeak. In order to avoid this it is recommended to apply under water varnish for floor primer.

Another disadvantage of this coating is its low wear resistance. Many manufacturers with the purpose of increasing the adhesive qualities of this asset is added to its composition of various special additives.

The main advantage of varnish for floors water-based, judging by the reviews, is that it is odorless and protects the wood from burning.

Acrylic lacquer for floors water-based contains no solvents, it is safe and good for interior decoration. Processing such a coating, the wood surface can be achieved to preserve its natural color and to emphasize the texture. To create a durable coating is recommended to apply it in several layers.

Drying the coating long enough for at least two weeks, but the result will satisfy any person with good taste and care about their health.

Lack of funds is its low resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.

It has created many kinds of lacquer coatings for wood based on acrylic. Very popular among designers uses a colored acrylic coating for wood, created on the basis of acrylic resin. It contains special additives that enhance its protective properties.

Anhydrous means ↑

Anhydrous or polyurethane varnish for floors can withstand high load and has high adhesive properties. Therefore it is recommended even in industrial areas where floors may experience heavy loads.

Polyurethane varnish is suitable for concrete floors, polymer and self-leveling. It can be used as a reliable protective coating for the precious wood and natural stone.

Its composition is a polyurethane coating is single-component and two-component, include acrylic, urethane or solvent.

Today it is the most durable varnish for the floor. And when in front of buyers is the question of how to cover with varnish OSB plate on the floor, the choice is obvious – the most durable and aesthetically pleasing available – polyurethane.

How to apply ↑

Floor covering lacquer can be produced with a brush, roller or special technical devices to make a smooth application.

As professional tools use a squeegee or a loading machine which provides fast, smooth and high-quality varnish.

It is important! Proper tool selection will reduce the cost of materials and ensure quality coating.

So, deciding for themselves how to choose a nail Polish for the floor, it is necessary to consider the fact that any medium has its advantages and disadvantages.

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