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What paint for kitchen is better to choose

Each kitchen, however, as any other room that will eventually require repair. And most owners are faced with the problem of choosing the quality of paint that the room is still a decent appearance. In order to choose the appropriate composition for painting kitchen walls should be clear what characteristics and properties of a particular paint material and what to expect from him.

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

Modern requirements to the design, including kitchens, are now fairly hard. The kitchen walls should always be not only beautiful, but also always clear that in extreme conditions the kitchen is not always possible to comply with. For this reason, paint for kitchen walls must comply with a large number of requirements for this type of premises.

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

Currently, the market of building and finishing materials offers a wide range of coating materials that can be used for finishing work in the kitchen. However, it is necessary to understand what characteristics should possess color formulations for treatment of the walls in the kitchen. Primarily the paints for the kitchen should have the following characteristics:

  • high rate of moisture resistance;
  • a rich color palette;
  • low enough price.

Types of paint for the kitchen surfaces ↑

It is undesirable to use for painting walls and ceilings in the kitchen an ordinary interior paint, because in this room there is high humidity and frequent temperature changes. Coating materials for the kitchen must have a good resistance to moisture and detergents.

At the moment there are three types of paint, different resulting appearance of the surface:

  • Matt;
  • glossy;
  • semi-gloss.

For kitchens you should choose the paint that creates a glossy surface. Firstly, this coating can be easily washed, and secondly it is not visible spots and stains. And the glossy finish gives you the opportunity to visually expand the boundaries of space, what is the best option for small kitchens. You can certainly resort to matte colors, as they enable to disguise minor surface defects, although the glossy coating does not lose its popularity.

Types of coatings for kitchen walls ↑

It is necessary to consider the main types of paints used for finishing work in the kitchen is:

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

  • alkyd;
  • polyurethane;
  • epoxy;
  • latex.

Water-based coatings ↑

From water-based paints at first glance a lot of advantages. First and foremost, is the speed of drying of the layer. Second, no peculiar smell, and thirdly the paint is absolutely safe for human health and finally, to work with such material is quite comfortable.

However, it is worth noting the fact that you have to wash off, not so easy, because its composition is latex and glue, and in some cases, and acrylic additives. The most popular paint for kitchen and bathroom Dulux brand, «Tikkurila» and Marshall. The composition of these coating materials included protivoplesnevye component. For obtaining the desired color can be added to white base the appropriate color.

Alkyd paints ↑

Alkyd resin – this is the component that gave the name to the whole appearance of paints. This resin is made by special technology that allow cooking different oils together, namely:

  • soy;
  • tall;
  • linen.

The production of oils takes place with the addition of special alcohol acids of vegetable origin and acidic components. Because resins have the tendency to prolonged drying and also are the main component of alkyd paints, their elastic state is directly dependent on the concentration of resin in its composition.

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

This type of paint can be applied for external and internal finishing works. This paint is widely used because of the ability to withstand aggressive environments, high humidity and temperature extremes. Besides alkyd paints can be used to reveal not only the walls, but other surfaces.

Alkyd paint is used for painting the walls in the kitchen and enjoys great popularity due to its low cost and fairly economical expense. However, a single layer of such coating to dry 24 hours and has not the most pleasant smell. In addition, the paint is not durable and in 2-3 years it will start to flake. Therefore, such a coating is more suitable for country kitchens.

The advantages of coatings based on alkyd ↑

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

The advantages of alkyd coatings include:

  • color long do not fade;
  • ease of application;
  • low consumption;
  • lightfastness;
  • moisture resistance;
  • virtually no drying shrinkage.

Epoxy and polyurethane paint ↑

Epoxy and polyurethane coloring compounds are a great option for painting walls in the kitchen, but they are more expensive compared to other types of coatings. These materials have high levels of water resistance, which is a big advantage of the paint when you use it in the kitchen.

The basis of these coating materials are polyurethane and epoxy. However, these dyes are rarely used in the repair of apartments, due to the high material cost. However it is worth saying that the use for painting the kitchen walls, these types of coatings will help to ensure their long life, although the repair is typically performed more often than comes the deterioration of paint. So it is better to use cheaper options.

How best to paint the walls in the kitchen ↑

When painting the walls of the kitchen you have the composition should be applied in three layers. The first layer should be applied horizontally with the paint roller, and two vertically. Each layer should be applied only after the previous has dried. Different types of paint drying time can be 4-24 hours.

What paint for kitchen is better to choose

Alkyd paint materials are not so demanding in terms of application. The first layer of paint is applied from one Central point in all directions, covering the entire wall. When painting the walls in two coats, the second applied with a roller upward vertically. In the case of three-layer painting, second layer applied horizontally and finish vertically. Unlike latex paint the next layer alkyd coating can be applied to drying of the previous. You must keep on the wall during the painting was not formed stains, and should not be too hard to wet the roller with paint.

Choosing the right type of paint and color, you can easily transform «refresh» the appearance of your kitchen. Paint the walls in the kitchen quite simple and easy, especially if you use only quality materials and follow the simple instructions on the packaging of paint. These simple recommendations will help you paint the walls in the kitchen and make the room in which constantly the whole family is going to be the most beautiful in the house.

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