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Wooden platform deck for a country house: Equips floor on a plot

Wooden platform deck for a country house: Equips floor on a plot

The owners of suburban areas, characterizedcomplex-shaped relief, seeking the most comfortable friendly environment, often choose wooden platform deck. Raised above the ground, wooden planks are not only able to expand the space in front of the house, but also to help "master" site that is unsuitable, at first glance, to use. Where hilly ground after the rain turns into a slippery surface, wooden Dec - perfect.


Deck in landscape design

The basis of the platform up laid on thickbeam or directly on the ground wood strips. Such platforms are relevant to the uneven terrain areas. With their help, you can achieve several goals:

  • use rolling surface, turning it into a comfortable area to relax;
  • reinforce the hill slopes, keeping the soil from slipping under the influence of rainfall.

Wooden flooring - a great elementlandscape design, which can be equipped with sitting area, or used in place of the open veranda. Some owners construct platforms not only on the ground, but even on the upper floors of the country cottage.

Design features deck

December is a versatile design that can be a viable alternative to the traditional terrace on the ground floor

December does not necessarily have to perform part of the house. The platform can enclose the outdoor pool, or arrange a decorative pond recreation area near the garden.

On such a platform is always comfortably,put on a flat surface of garden furniture. It can help you to refine any place in the area, employing even the "islets" unfit at first glance, to be used.

The platform in front porch

The platform, built before the porch, can move seamlessly into the hidden from view patio, connecting them with a succession of steps

Wooden flooring can be safely used inequipping the patio. Constructed platform creates the effect of terracing a hilly area. Only in this case, the terraces are not excavation sites, and wooden platforms, interconnected steps.

But it is necessary to take into account that the wooden deck capablefit is not in all areas of landscape design. Most pertinently, they will look at the background of the wooden country house style. Good fit wood flooring and "wild garden".

Possible arrangement of daises

To construct platforms of planed boards, whichplaced on the longitudinal and transverse beams attached to the piles. The role of the piles, the platform is lifted from the ground, can perform brick columns and wooden beams.

Figure flooring is largely determined by the sizeboards, method of laying strips and dimensions built by design. At arrangement of the deck more often strips placed parallel to the lateral sides of the base.

Figure flooring diagonally

To create the illusion of space expansion, the board is better to lay on a diagonal: in this case, attention will not focus on details of design and drawings on tracing

More complex compositions of the type "checkerboard" or "herringbone" look advantageously in combination with others textures formed in the same style.

Cases when conceived figure does notdesired effect. For example, when the platform is between the house, the facade of which is made with wooden shingles, and sidewalks, paved with tiles decorated. In such a situation it is better to choose flooring with a simple pattern, when the boards are laid out parallel to the sides of the platform base.

To avoid disappointment when choosing a figure,designers recommend in addition to a drawing of the floor to make a drawing on tracing paper and sketch. For better visualization of the author's ideas and sketch drawing should be done on the same scale.

Options dais pictures

The sophisticated pattern being built platform, the more complex design will be the foundation being built for his arrangement of the platform

For example, in the preparation of the diagonal patternIt requires frequent installation of lag. To create more complex types need have dual lag of solid timber, the intervals between which allow to place the bar end.

The form can be any platform:

  • Easy - in the form of a rectangle or square.
  • complex configuration, when a multi-level design creates a unique cascade of open terraces.

Deck rectangular shape most advantageous to look along the wall of the house and the square platforms are successful in the angular arrangement between the adjacent walls.

Railing - a key element of the platform, which gives him the security and reliability. This is especially true if December is being built on the waterfront.

Fences platform

Low partitions, openwork trellis to help shelter from the wind in inclement weather and privacy from prying eyes for rest and relaxation

Sticking close to the wooden fences, floor vases with flowers, you can easily transform the area to relax in a blooming oasis of green.

Construction of the deck with their hands

Ways buildings wooden platform set. Most of them are under the power of even the masters who possess only basic carpentry skills.

Step # 1 - Select timber

Rolling platforms constructed of standard board sizes: 50h75 mm, 50x100 mm, and 50h150 mm. A good effect is achieved as using stripes of the same width and by alternating boards with different widths.

Wizards are not recommended for this purposeuse boards in width of 200 mm. They do not disperse water and linger on the surface moisture often leads to warping of the wood. Not suitable for twin deck arrangement and bars 50x50 mm. They are also easy to twist and deform.

The flooring of solid boards

Most solid decking boards are obtained from the size of 50x100 mm and 50h150 mm stacked parallel sidewalls of the base platform

For the arrangement of the platform using different types of wood:

  • conifers - pine, Smereka, spruce;
  • deciduous - aspen, alder, modrina.

Boards obustroytva flooring mustbe debarked. For the manufacture of the lag is better to choose not milled planks of the 2nd or 3rd grade, moisture indicator which is 10-12%. The reference beam is best made from pieces of square timber with a side of 75 mm.

Regardless of the choice of wood used to extend the life of flooring, the surface is treated with antiseptics and moisture repellent compositions.

Unusual colors daises surfaces

The use of glazes on the market in a wide color palette, makes it impossible to implement any design exterior solutions

Fire wooden platform is achieved by additional processing flame retardant surface.

Step # 2 - design layout

The size and dimensions of the platform depends on the location whereDecember will be located, and its purpose. It is not necessary to place the platform in full shade created by the house wall. Dampness and shading - a fertile environment for the development of the fungus.

The platform for the arrangement of the dining area

If in December will serve as a dining area, a space of sufficient size for the installation of furniture, highlighting the area for easy access

It plans to use the platform for sunbathing and relaxation procedures in the family - calculate the area for the installation of deck chairs.

To visualize what territoryDecember cover, and how it will look from the windows of the upper floors, draw a plan of the building. site plan is better to draw on graph paper, maintaining a uniform scale of buildings. If the platform is built on a sloping site, to designate draw bias view of the structure from the side. Properly drawn up a drawing to simplify the task of determining the height of the supporting pillars to create a perfectly flat surface.

In a place determined by the site, which will be dugsupporting columns. When choosing a location for the installation of the piles do not forget to take into account padded to the house in the ground communication pipe. Your task - to provide the necessary access to the inspection hatches to carry out maintenance and repair work if necessary.

For the construction of the platform tools needed:

  • roulette;
  • square;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • sandpaper.

Size tying the future of flooring depends on the widthboards used. For example: for stacking the deck with a simple pattern consisting of 21 boards need to build a harness, which will correspond to the total width of 21 boards, plus 10 cm, which will go to the 20 gaps between them.

Laying strips with gaps

Regardless of the selected pattern plank flooring on the platform with a clearance of 5 mm is necessary in order to prevent stagnation of rain water

Step # 3 - Set the supporting pillars

When installing the deck to "plyvuchih" soils to improve durability and reliability built wooden not bury in the ground, and put on a concrete slab fitted with rectangular slots.

Each base plate thickness of 15 mm has a square shape with a side of 400 mm. They are placed equidistant at a distance of 1.4 meters. The distance is not measured by the plate edges and the center.

Determine where to install the plates and pillars inidentified areas of fertile soil layer is removed and poured a layer of gravel. Plates are placed on compacted gravel, poured concrete solution and level by level.

Location struts

It is important to make sure that the slab nests were located on the same line and form a right angle with respect to the nearest wall construction

Remains unused soil surfacelining cutting agrovoloknom. The opaque material will hinder the growth of grass. For fixing a nonwoven fabric and fixing effect of the entire surface to sleep fine gravel.

The supporting columns are blank,made of solid timber or glued together from boards with the base 7.5-inch spike. Columns are inserted into the slots spikes and plates bolted to the plates with bolts. You can always adjust if necessary the support legs in height, sawed off the excess.


To prolong the life of flooring wood surfaces treated with antiseptic pillars and moisture repellent composition

When installing the poles it is important to ensure thatlocated at the lowest point of support are not under the planned height of the platform. The smoothness of the surface each time check, focusing on the building level.

Step # 4 - manufacturing trim

Having established supporting columns, proceed tomanufacture of strapping. First spread the outer beams, fixing them on the corners of the ends of the butt. Installed parallel to the wall at home intermediate lower beams placed on shorter poles.

strapping Manufacturing

The beams that will be installed on the perimeter of the deck, laid horizontally and nailed around the supporting pillars

To this end, each beam holding alternatelyaround the supporting pillars, align it horizontally with the spirit level. Fix beams with galvanized screws or 10-centimeter nails. At arrangement of tiered dais, separately nailed the crossbar first lower and then the upper level. All beams are connected to the butt ends of the outer corners.

On collected frame and supporting columns are placed intermediate beams. It is important to ensure that sections of the intermediate beams are flush with the upper boundary of the outer frame.

Step # 5 - laying the flooring

platform stacking technology is not much different from the usual process of flooring floors. Sawed planks of length equal to the distance from one outer beam to another, spread them across the border.

If the platform is adjacent to the wall of a house, the first laid board, placing it at a distance of 10-15 mm from the vertical surface.

Creating decking

In the future, when several strips for ventilation and natural expansion of wood between the boards can withstand a distance of 5 mm

To facilitate the task of compliance with the required distance between adjacent strips of flooring will use calibrated wooden pads.

Flooring is attached to the platform with screws, nails orspecial clamps. To enhance the fixing screws in addition to the master recommended to also use construction adhesive. It is applied to the ends of the platform with a pistol. But this method of installation is fraught with the fact that after curing glue board can not be moved. This will complicate the repair in case of damage to the flooring.

On the crest of the first set and fixedboard skewer second strip. To make the most densely dock items, comb gently rattle hammer. In the inner corner of the ridge against each logs, maintaining an angle of 45 °, hammer in nails.

To fix should take the nails, the length of which in2 times larger than the thickness of the boards. Hammering nails, it is important to maximize deep utaplivat hats that they subsequently do not interfere with the normal landing adjacent boards. If when driving boards split, should blunt the tips of the nails, pristuknuv them with a hammer. When driving in the nail itself is better positioned at a slight slant to the middle of the board.

boards stacking technology

Boards stacked full length of the deck, placingthem so that the convex side of the annual rings looked up: it will minimize the lateral buckling and to prevent cracking of wood

Nailing strip, it is important to periodicallyunlined control the size of the platform. To get the full last board width when necessary during the operation, adjust the width of the gap. the last board being cut along only as a last resort to fit the dimensions of the deck.

The laid and fixed trimmed boards. To this end, along the sides of the platform is carried out with chalk line, which saw off the protruding ends of the boards. To get the most equal sections, using the guide rail.

Ready scrape the pavement, sanded and coated with several layers of semi-mat or glossy lacquer. If December raised higher than 50 cm from the ground level, it enclose a handrail.

Set side railing

Cycling corner support pillars around the perimeter of the deck constructing a side railing, placed horizontally at a height of 45 cm bars mm size 7,5h5

From bars in cross-section of 3.8 cm make blanks for the intermediate thin balusters. They nailed a railing, located at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other.

Make December a part of nature

If the boundaries of the proposed platform is growing beautiful tree - do not rush to get rid of it. Natural elements can always be included in the deck design.

frame manufacturing scheme under a tree in the platform

Planning to enter the tree in the platform, in the construction of the structure have to do around obstacles inside the frame

The opening in the floor can be left open, or elsedecorate it with boards so that they skirted the plant. Surrounding the wood flooring, keep in mind that as you grow, it will increase the size of not only up, but also in breadth.

December under the crown of a large tree

At the stage of determining the size of the drawing and the drawing up of the future of the construction it is important to provide sufficient space for the tree of living space

Flooring can not be fastened to the trunk of the tree. It's bad for both of green spaces, as well as for facilities. Reeling under the wind gusts trunk can compromise the integrity of the platform.

Difficulties in caring for special DEKOM not. It is only necessary every year to inspect the surface for cracks, which may be formed in the process of drying wood. To save a presentable and extend the performance of the platform layers of paint should be updated regularly.

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