How to make a cover for a well: a review of 3 design options

How to make a cover for a well: a review of 3 design options

Well in the country - it is a source of coolof pure water, and a decorative element. If the style of the well is integral with the other buildings, the site looks more attractive. Knowingly placing a considerable number of summer residents in their area purely decorative wells - wood, decorated with carvings, with makeshift beds on the cover, etc. Cover their hands well it can be made of various materials - wood, metal, plywood, plastic. To dust, insects, small animals do not fall into the well, the cover must be firmly fixed, solid, provide air flow and, of course, be beautiful.


Wood is the most successful materialfor the manufacture of the well cap: it looks good, it is an environmentally friendly material, has excellent performance characteristics. Wooden cover by using decorative elements, and looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Well and lid made of wood

In this case, well trimmed with narrow beams, ofHe also made the bench and cover - get a nice practical design. For convenience, the lid made door hinges with handles - each time it does not recline fully

Option # 1 - simple wooden cover

Decorative cap on the well can be made of woodbe done independently, the manufacturing process it is quite simple. For the cover you need to find a solid wood - suitable elm, aspen. You can use pine, but this tree is softer wood. Size, shape of the product are determined according to the type and design of the well mouth.

Most simply make the cover of the hatch. You will need for the manufacture of nails, hinges, tools for measurement, dry boards with slots, handles, hinges, six bars (20-30 cm for one cover), a hacksaw, a tight rubber strap, screwdriver, hammer.

The wooden cover is better to do the double. This is to ensure that it does not freeze in winter. It can be hinged or removable lid - what exactly it will be determined at the time of drawing up the work plan.

The hinged lid

The hinged cover of the well on its hinges with a comfortable wooden handle - practical and simple to manufacture. Hinges and carved handle attached to a simple design decorative

The work starts with crates and devicesnecessary measurements. To hatch is firmly located in the neck, make sure to crate. It is done out of bars for the size of the neck. For skin structure can be used mec. To it are attached metal hinges. The hinges can be replaced by a rubber strap - one end is nailed on the lid, the other - to create.

The simplest cover

The simplest version of the well cap -crate lumber, wood planks. In cold winter conditions it is recommended to make two such covers and lay between them warmer, it will help the water stay warm

The main function of the second flap (if you choosethis version) - this is an additional and overlapping protection gaps, if any. For the strength of the cover in the center of the bottom reinforcing beam. Made a pair of identical covers - lower and upper. Lower installed at the bottom of the neck, top - in the top. Winter for thermal insulation between them is enclosed cushion of straw. If in your region in the winter the temperature drops to 20 degrees or more, double cover is required - otherwise the water will freeze.

The most simple wooden handle for the lid -filled with bars parallel to each other. But for convenience and aesthetics you can use ready-made wooden or metal handle. As for the castle - a matter of personal choice. Some use locking devices to ensure greater security of the well during the absence of hosts.

After making the cover, you can think about,how to decorate the well. Traditional two options: make a decorative house on poles or install the flat roof of a circular or rectangular shape. Gable roof can be in the form of a house, flat, round, inclined - at your discretion. It is possible to use different materials for her jewelry - life and shingles, metal roofing, creepers and vines, straw, boards, slate, carved decoration, etc.

Option # 2 - a cover of the PCB

for the well cover can be made fromPCB and metal parts. For its manufacturing you need PCB, sealant, pipe profile, cement, handles and hinges, tape, welding machine, bolts, screws, a Bulgarian, a screwdriver and a hammer.

The cover of the PCB

Textolite - durable laminate impregnated with resin. Treating it is easy, and can last for such a long time, cover

With roulette do measurements to create,cut into metal corners at an angle of 45 °. These four segments are welded in a quadrangle. For the strength and the frame corners are welded to the outer and inner side, weld traces are removed grinder.

Cut shaped tubes so that theirlength was shorter than the length of a centimeter over. The metal frame is inserted pieces of pipes around the base, and welds them to the ground, the seams are handled grinder.

Then, the PCB is done two plates,corresponding frame size. Between the plates is laid a layer of insulation, then they will need to fasten together with screws, the seam sealing process. To connect the frame and cover the resulting use loops that can be installed using screws or welding.

for the well cover of the PCB is ready. For installation on the well casing is made from boards, all cemented. After installing the framework is covered with a cover layer of cement. To cap it easier to use, it is screwed to the handle. You can leave the design as is, or you can paint it to give a more aesthetic appearance.

The cover made of plastic

Alternatively, you can make or buy a ready-made cover of plastic. It can be used as a temporary or permanently, if your area is not too cold winters

For the manufacture of the lid can also be used stainless steel, but this option is more suitable for the well of the w / w rings.

Option # 3 - pommel to the well in the form of house

The cover can be made in the form of woodhouse (gable roof). First, the frame is made using the same technology as the gable roof, but the corresponding sizes. To gain access to the water on the slope of the personal "lodge" is single-wing door. The frame is made of wood and can be painted or sheathe any roofing material - you will get a very aesthetic decorative cover on the well.

I finial in the form of house

The pommel to the well in the form of the house - not onlycover version, but also a great decorative element. In this case, the house is made of a smooth timber, roofing shingles is finished, the design with doors hinged bivalve and comfortable handles - reliable protection for water source

Wood cover for the well, made theirhands, not much inferior to the final - a practical design for the protection of water sources from weather and falling debris. By doing it yourself, you will save money and try yourself as a designer.

Options considered to give an idea of ​​how you can make a well cover for yourself. Its manufacturing will not take much of your time, and your well get protection.

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