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Crafts for children's playgrounds: Equips the area children's area homemade products

Crafts for children's playgrounds: Equips the area children's area homemade products

If a family has young children, for them simplyyou need to build a playground in the country. There they will play in the open air, allowing parents to relax or do their business. And when you are free - you can always join them. Game Area in the garden will be much more positive, brighter and more interesting, if you use the crafts for the children's playground. There are many ways to do it yourself, as we describe in this article.


To decorate the playground is notbe sure to buy an expensive garden decor. diy do it yourself will allow the site to look very original. This will be a unique children's play area, which is only for you and your children.

independently manufactured crafts in niceall respects - materials for such creativity available in abundance, and for free, to use imagination enough imagination, and soon you will be able to please their kids. The work must begin with selecting the place where the playground is located. Suitable spacious place not far from the house, where there are both sun and shade.

Good coverage for the site, which will beplaced crafts - sand mound or lawn. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the lawn that the grass was not glass, sharp stones and sticks, the children were able to play barefoot, as well as non-edible berries. As you know, as a child we want to taste everything, especially what looks bright and attractive.

What can be used as a raw material?

Second life for old tires

First of all - this is the old tires. Currently used tires literally given new life - have made beds, swings and a variety of crafts on the playground.


Tires are good because they can make sports equipment. For example, a tunnel, do swing, dig in the ground at a distance so that they can be used to jump and walk

A car

Today, not only boys, but girls are delighted with the machines. This elegant car can be made from tires and plastic chairs. Option easier - to dig into the ground 4 tires and make wooden seat

Crafts from tires

Because tires can create amazing crafts -funny bears (use different size tires, cardboard, old pelvis), bright tropical parrots. When coloring if they come to life and turn into a corner of the playground of fun and positive

Casings before starting the creative process is necessarywash and dry. By standing scales pillars dug tires can walk and jump on top can be attached boards, paint them, and to make such "climbing frame" is even more interesting. The large tires can make a sandbox, but what options create different figures simply do not count.

Palms of the bottles and plastic zoo

Plastic bottle - is also very common material for handicrafts. A variety of shapes and sizes you can create some very interesting things - trees, flowers, insects, and animals figures.


Exotic palm trees liven up any landscape andmake them is not difficult. A material such as a bottle, always enough. You do not have to adhere to strict instructions, experiment, producing at a tropical area


Make this pig is very simple - use the five-liter bottle for the body, two-liter - for feet. Ears of the tail is also cut from plastic

Flower Bottle

This flower does not wither during the summer. Flowers - the necks of bottles, carved in the shape of lilies and bells, leaves - without the bottle base, cut into 4-6 pieces. Paint them with paint from the remote and set in the right place

These crafts are practical - they do notafraid of no rain or scorching sun. To make a palm tree, cut the bottle at the bottom, and strung them on each other, inside the insert metal rod - is the foundation of a palm tree. To create a "crown" use one or more bottles and cut them from the base to the neck of a few bands - this will be the leaves. Then cut of the crop obliquely, so that they resemble the shape of hard palm leaves. Insert the neck of the bottle in the "trunk". To create the classic palm used brown bottles (barrel) and green (crown), but stick to the classic rules is not necessary.

Parade plywood figures

Plywood - excellent material for the manufacture offlat, brightly colored figures, which will cheer up anyone. On the plywood can portray anything - your favorite cartoon characters, movie characters and books, and then cut out the figures and put them in the garden. The composition may be made on a large piece of plywood, it can be used as a fence-delimiter for garden areas.

Figurines made of plywood

Figures in the form of your favorite characters is always pleasing. To create a Winnie the Pooh also used a five-liter bottle

Cat and mouse

Plywood cat and mouse surrounded by vases with flowers, placed on a soft lawn - a perfect place for relaxation and outdoor games for kids

Figures from foam

Polyurethane foam - not too familiar, but interesting material for handicrafts. Figures from it like a toy, look great and are very popular with children.

Bunny from foam

Figures from the foam looks like a ready-made. The site is a master class in their manufacture, if you are interested, they can master the technique of manufacturing

Hedgehogs and ladybugs of pebbles and boulders

Large pebbles - also suitable material. If paint rounded stones in bright colors, are obtained funny bugs, hedgehogs and other little animals, depending on what you tell a fantasy. Better to paint them with acrylic paint and then covered with varnish. Well look drawings with a precise contour. First, it is drawn with a pencil, and then - black or white paint. Between contour lines are color paints.

Painted pebbles

This family of ladybirds will add positive children's corner. Painted stones at easiest bugs - apply simple outline drawing, and then use bright, contrasting colors and varnish

Combinations of materials - for creativity

You can create interesting crafts made of logs,combining wood parts of different sizes and different lengths. Combinations of different materials - tires and logs, tires and plastic bottles and did not give bored, you can make a children's playground, which will envy those who have purchased for your garden ready.

You can create interesting lawns or flowerbeds inthe shape of animals and insects, using a bottle of the fence. Work with the children, they usually occur quite unusual interesting ideas.

Flowerbed crocodile

Funny bed crocodile - the appropriate decor for the playground, made of plastic bottles (contour) eye - plywood and plastic

House of the old stump

If the site was an old tree that youcut down, do not rush to get rid of the stump. From it we could have done such a great house with a door, roof and windows. He not only delight children, but will be a wonderful decoration for the site


Zebras made their logs and tires, mane - made of plastic. This sports equipment, and home-made garden decor at the same time


Bottles used for the creation of the sunplastic and old tires. The composition is very bright and positive, and make it easy. Corks from bottles nailed to the bus, and then screwed to the bottle - rays are ready

If you have not used afterhouse construction or arrangement of garden materials - do not rush to throw them out. For example, pieces of colorful ceramic tiles can be laid out paths, the space around the figures, or pieces of tile to use for uploading bat mosaic of images of different characters. Draw figures on the track circuit, and then turn it out tiles. If the spread on the ground or on sand, this mosaic will be short-lived, but putting some cement mixture will create an image for years. Powertrowel seams after drying, and the result will please you.

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