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Requirements on the distance from the fence to the buildings: a complete overview of the rules and regulations

Requirements on the distance from the fence to the buildings: a complete overview of the rules and regulations

When planning to build a fence, any owner ofsuburban area, not only tries to identify the material boundaries of its territory, but also to protect the ownership of idle interest of passers-by and attempted to property uninvited guests. Therefore, at the stage of planning the site one of the key aspects to the solution of which must be approached with the responsibility, is the distance between the fence and the building. At what distance from the fence, you can build a house, do not contradict existing legislation, how to interpret the rules, adapting them to the conditions of allotments, take a closer look.


Building codes in planning fences

Many owners of country houses setfence around his property, focusing only on their own opinions. But such a careless approach can lead to all sorts of trouble, which at times have to solve only in the court.

Distances between objects in a private building are governed by two basic documents:

  • SNIP - building codes. They determine how the planning and describe the procedure for the preparation of project documentation for the private building.
  • Legislation with respect to buildings.

It should be understood that the legislativedocuments regulating the installation of fences, calling first of all common sense. These parameters in the norms and requirements conditioned by specific factors.

Determination of the distance between objects

To prevent the likelihood of conflict, in the design of buildings on the site and determining at what distance from the fence they should be, should be guided by the generally accepted rules

Calm family especially

Adhering to the existing rules in planning the placement of objects on the site, you will provide yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and comfort

Focusing in the construction of buildings on the existing rules, you will protect yourself from many problems:

  • reducing the likelihood of possible fires;
  • eliminating the occurrence of "Land" of conflicts with its neighbors;
  • warning penalties and technical supervision Gospozharnadzora.


Prerequisites for the procedure to be followed when designing the site:

  1. The distance between the dwelling house and the fence must be 3 meters.
  2. Any outbuildings, such as a shed for garden tools sbereganiya or garage can be installed closer to the fence, keeping a distance of 1 meter.
  3. If the site has a poultry houses and farmbuildings intended for cattle, it should be up to them to maintain a distance of at least 4 meters. The same distance is maintained at equipping greenhouses particularly if the plan regularly to feed organic fertilizers culture.
  4. Structures characterized by increased fire hazard, such as a bath, sauna or mini-boiler, should be placed in 5 meters from the fence.

There are restrictions on the availability andplot trees with spreading crowns. The temptation to save a few square meters, placing green areas close to the border, warn all those same regulations. The distance from the outer fence to the tall trees should be at least 4 meters.

Accommodation landscaping elements

Planning to plant fruit trees in the area are medium in size, they should be placed at a distance of 2 meters from the outer fence and shrubs planted a meter away from her

Keep in mind that, in determining the distance to the edgePlot the distance is calculated from the shaft center. Therefore, claims by neighbors regarding shading their territory too overgrown tree crowns worth taking into account only on condition that the plant be planted closer than permitted by the existing SNIP.

SP 30-102-99

Summary of Building Regulations SP 30-102-99, as well as the SNIP 2.30.97 relative distances from buildings to the fence (click image to zoom)

It is strictly forbidden to move closer to constructionborder, to thereby increase the area of ​​the yard or plot sowing. Failure to comply with the rules may result in penalties of an administrative plan in the form of fines and forced the dismantling of barriers erected.

fire protection norm

If we consider the requirements fordistance to the fence facing the street, in addition to the above provisions should take into account a number of limitations related to fire safety.

Minimum distance fire

Any capital construction on site depending on the type of construction material used in their construction, are divided into three categories

Buildings full of noncombustible materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone have I-II degree of fire resistance. They should be placed on the fence, keeping a distance of 6-8 meters.

Frame construction with beams,made of non-combustible materials such as metal or corrugated, III have a degree of fire resistance. When their construction is necessary to maintain the distance to the fence in 10-12 meters.

Wooden buildings and on the basis of the buildingwooden frame are most vulnerable and have the IV degree of fire resistance. Therefore, even if the fire-retardant impregnating wood elements, which are present in the composition flame retardants, distance to the enclosure should be at least 12 meters.

The distance from the apartment building to the fence can bereduced only after receiving permission from the special services, as well as mutual and documented agreement with the owners of neighboring parcels.

Sanitary recommendations

In determining the distance from the construction of the fence is not necessary to dismiss as sanitary and domestic standards.

As for buildings with increasedfire hazard, arrangement which involves summing up the necessary communications, distance to the fence should be 5 meters. At the same distance to a neighbor's apartment building should be at least 8 meters. To create the conditions under which it is possible to reduce the distance from the outside of the fence to the same bath, experts strongly advise to equip the wastewater sewerage system.

No one will be pleasing to the proximity to the house of a neighborrestroom. And walking enclosures for livestock or poultry houses can deliver a lot of worries associated with sewage runoff into the soil. Therefore, even with the required standards of the distance to the intake of this type of construction should be placed at a distance of 12 meters from the house next door.

Requirements for distances between buildings

Street closet on the site, as well as the sheds for keeping livestock, can be installed in four meters from the fence, but at the same time maintaining a distance from the neighboring house

Attached to the house outbuildingsaccording to fire protection regulations a separate entrance must be provided. But then when determining the optimal distance is necessary to take the highest value projecting architectural elements: canopy, roof, porch. Also in the regeneration of the roof slope even if indent it by 1 m from the boundary lines, it should be directed in the direction of his court. These rules apply equally to the buildings located on both adjacent areas.

Since the sampling itself can be cumbersome construction, the distance should be measured from the edge to the cap at home.

An important point: If the fence is no higher than 10 cm, it can be safely placed in the middle of a landmark features. If you erect a heavy and bulky walling, the fence must be moved to the side of your possession. With the neighboring territory may be "capture" only 5 cm of the total thickness of the fence is being built.

On the question of compliance with health, many indentsowners of suburban areas are more loyal. Nevertheless, they should be taken into account, since the change of the form of ownership or sale of the site may be unforeseen problems.

Relations with neighbors

Conflicts between neighbors regarding borderstheir areas and improper disposal at these buildings - is already not so rare. Often domestic conflicts are the basis for later trials.

Among the most common causes of such conflicts is to provide:

  • the fence is too high or deaf;
  • fence far comes to a neighbor's territory;
  • in the construction of the fence is not considered to comply with the norms of lighting area, so that adjacent land became obscured.

According to the rules for land usedelimitation of adjacent gardens quite a common fence. Two separate enclosures set when between these sections is a road. In this case it is allowed to build a solid fence between neighbors.

Accommodation neighboring houses in a close building

The widespread movement to erect two-storey cottages on small plots of 6-7 acres in area, often speaks about the conflict between neighbors because of the shading area

The structure, erected near the boundaries betweenareas, can have an impact on the territory of the neighboring estates. And not many owners of neighboring areas such influence is considered acceptable. Therefore, before the erection of buildings is better to enlist not only the written permission of the organizations concerned, but also the consent of the neighbors.

From this it is worth noting that if your neighbor is building a building finished before you, in the good before you build your house, you need to step back, to endure the normalized distance.

Requirements for the height of the fence

Many people mistakenly believe that the external fence canand do not erect a formal convention. In fact, relative to the dimensions of walling construction rules mostly are advisory in nature.

The material used in the manufacture of the outer fence, building codes are not regulated. Also, it does not strictly regulated and the distance between the support pillars fence.

Fence with supporting pillars of brick

The gap between the supporting pillars fence is determined based on the design and construction technology of predetermined strength parameters

Protections are divided into two types:

  • fences between adjacent plots of earth;
  • fence, separating the allotment of common areas.

The height of the fence, "looking" into the street, and the heightfences, delineating the adjacent areas - different things. In the first case you can easily build a fence of any height. The main thing that the fence had an aesthetic appearance on both sides and harmoniously fit into the architectural ensemble of the street.

Restrictions are imposed only on the use of elements that can be dangerous to humans. To those include the barbed wire. It should be hung at a height of 1.9 meters.

When it comes to the fence betweenneighboring areas, the building codes are more accurate in this matter: the height of the fence should be within one meter. Yes, and to indicate the boundaries of the fences can be installed without creating shade and do not interfere with air exchange above the soil surface. This means that the lower part of the enclosure must be well ventilated. The best option - fence, trellis or fence fence of chain link, but not the fence of solid fabric type shield the fence or stockade.

Hedge their bonsai

It is also possible to indicate the boundaries between neighboring areas to equip fences, hedges, complemented by mesh and forged elements

But there are a number of circumstances in which to erect a permanent fence will have to get permission. Approval is required in case of:

  • if the site is bordered by a public area and a protected area with monuments;
  • if necessary, the construction of the fence on a retaining wall, which reaches a height of 2.5 meters.

Do not rush to erect a permanent fence, if the boundaries of your site is not yet included in the cadastral plan.

Of course, there are situations where landIt is so small that their area simply does not allow to observe all the rules of mutual accommodation buildings. In this case the problem can be solved by using the services of BTI experts who know all the subtleties and nuances. Otherwise, in the event of conflict issues have to involve lawyers.

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