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Examples of planning sites on 6-20 acres + outline zoning

Examples of planning sites on 6-20 acres + outline zoning

Received at the disposal of land, eachthe owner wants as quickly as possible to start developing new estates and the realization of their ambitious plans. Planning area of ​​10 acres or other land area depends on a number of natural factors, the knowledge of which will transform an ordinary piece of land in a cozy corner for the whole family. We invite you to consider some examples of planning and zoning areas especially.


What are the characteristics of the site to take into account when planning?

Thinking layout of the site is 6 acres and more, we must first take into account:

  • topographyWhich can be both smooth andthe nearby ravines, hills and even mountains. From the terrain will depend not only the location of the houses and buildings, but also the construction of engineering systems.
  • Form plotRanging from close to the traditional rectangle and completing the triangle, L-shaped and rounded corners.
  • Type of soilWhich may be either sand, lightweight, andfertile, and the heavy clayey or medium loamy. In the "poor" soils, not all plants are able to show itself in all its glory, delighting gorgeous blooms and rich harvest. In such cases, it is desirable to further deliver on the land fertile soil.
  • Natural water bodies and groundwater levels, Which requires the presence of a drainage system arrangement.
  • Orientation.
Beat section shape

From the shape will depend primarily on the planning style that will emphasize the dignity of the site, veiled shortcomings

Greening given area illumination

Knowledge of illumination zones allow correctly pick plants for landscaping and properly orient the location of residential buildings for

Which area is to provide?

Disposition of the suburban area of ​​10 acres, or any other area must include the following areas:

  • Living sector. terraced house and the attached garage can be located in this zone.
  • Rest zone. Place in the recreation area are often withdrawn in the depths of the site away from prying eyes.
  • Vegetable garden, garden area. A well-designed site will enable compact layout to place the beds to grow vegetables, fruit trees and berry bushes so that each crop lacked sufficient space.
  • Economic Zone. Land for economic zone, which are placed for the construction of the content of domestic animals, assigned to the opposite side of the rest area.
Features of arrangement of recreational areas

Equip gazebo sitting area, child orplayground, barbecue area. Often this place is the decoration of the artificial pond, the original flower beds and other elements of landscape design

Regardless of the size of the designated area, the choice of the site plan is based on the actual characteristics and the wishes of the owner, such as:

Variations and examples sections of plan

Country estate on 6 acres

Planning suburban area 6 acres - one of thechallenging tasks, because a relatively small area want to successfully accommodate not only the house and garden, but to arrange seating area, decorated with a miniature pond, as well as take place in the outbuildings.

Geometric style in the design of the site

One of the most successful versions of a small portion of the planning can be considered as a geometric style, in which all the buildings and plants to form geometric shapes

This arrangement significantlyspace-saving, rational use of every corner. Town House is desirable to consider so that the building does not cast a shadow on the main part of the site that dedicated to the garden area.

Placing fruit trees in several rows on the equidistant spaced at least 3 m away from the north to the south will provide the best coverage.

Ideally, if the house will be placed along the northern section of the border - it will be a reliable protection of green plantations from the winds.

Accommodation recreation area

relaxation zone is preferably positioned closer to the house. It can be fenced off by hedges of flowering plants or decorative fence

By placing the economic zone, it is desirabletake the north side of the site closer to the border fence. The north side would be the best place for the construction of greenhouses and their arrangement beds for growing vegetables.

An area of ​​10-15 acres

At such sites there, where carousing, because the owners of such land expanses get a decent foothold in order to implement their ideas.

Parcel layout in 10 hectare

Overall planning area of ​​10 acres or more will be little different from that in the lower area of ​​6 acres

Expanding area on a plot

But compared to 6 hundred square meters of this area can significantly extend the seating area, decorated with its gazebo, lawn and bath, overgrown with creepers

Planning area of ​​12 acres can include not only the improvement of the standard set of buildings, but also to provide for the placement of additional elements of landscape design.

The project is embodied in reality

Originally designed gardening area withcompactly placed the beds, conveniently located residential area, equipped with a covered canopy and decorated with artificial pond and spacious seating area with winding paths and gorgeous flower garden

Owners of plots of 15 acres in size and featuresthe opportunity to apply in the design of several styles. Mixed lay plot 15 acres is characterized by the absence of the strict geometric shapes in the design and placement of free plant.

Plot Making decorations

Mandatory elements of landscape design are the ponds, lawns, Flowering plants and ornamental trees and shrubs form

This solution allows you to conveniently divide the land into zones

This solution allows you to conveniently divide the land into zones, placing them at a sufficient distance from each other

The cozy nooks for relaxation on 20 acres

Planning area of ​​20 acres also provides the division of space into functional zones. In addition to the traditional set of landscape design elements on this site will be a place for the outdoor pool, water bowl, bath, various rock gardens and rockeries as well as a variety of decorative elements, tuning to a complete rest. The complex of farm buildings can include a barn, workshop, greenhouse, animal enclosures.

Example plot layout 20 acres

In the immediate vicinity of the house can beplan sitting area, equipped with its sports and children's playground, and a spacious gazebo in which all the family can take refuge on a hot afternoon or bad weather

Under the garden area allocated sunny sidesection. Several fruit trees and bushes planted in fertile soil each year will delight their owners environmentally friendly ripe fruits and berries.

Example plot layout in 20 hectare

A well thought out plan will enable efficient use of every corner in the area

Here is an example of how to carry out arrangement of the territory of all the rules:

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