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Planning suburban area: the analysis of areas of design rules of different shapes

Planning suburban area: the analysis of areas of design rules of different shapes

Happy owners of suburban areas andowners only come into their rights to use land, faced with a lot of nuances: from the location of the home, buildings and completing elementary planting fruit trees. Careful planning of suburban area will prevent errors in making hasty decisions, and to ensure effective use throughout the site.


The basic principles of site plan

Plot Layout country house independentprimarily on the nature of topography, land form cutting, neighboring buildings and other terrain features. Important factor is the feature section of accommodation: upland or lowland, the availability of water sources, the location on the site of the former forest or steppe.

Plan suburban area

Properly budgeted space allowsaccommodate even a small portion of all the ideas owner: cozy house, construction of swimming pools or baths, a quiet sitting area, gorgeous garden with fruit crops

Planning a garden plot, which will beplease owners violent flowering crops and active fruiting requires to take into account the level of the ground, which may in the future affect the direction of the runoff of rain and meltwater.

For everything suburban area may require the removal of the local or the bedding soil, construction blind areas near the walls of buildings, Organization of drains.

Design elements for the strengthening slopes

In order to strengthen the slopes, you can use special facilities: terraces and slopes, retaining walls and stairs

Vertical layout of the site will maximize relief available to accommodate for the growth of crops, as well as to protect the foundations of buildings from rain and flood waters.

The key to successful planning area is alsoAccounting horizon sides. This will efficiently accommodate all the plantation and construction taking into account the solar irradiance at different times of day and year. Outbuildings and large trees, preferably placed on the north side so that the shadow does not fall on the green spaces from them. In addition, the facade of the house, located on the north side of the site, will be looking to the south. Such an arrangement would lead to natural sunlight rooms throughout the daylight hours.

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The front garden behind the fence on the street

If you allow the area, between the street and the facade of the house, it is desirable to equip the garden, which will make a decorative barrier against dust and noise of the street

The best option is considered conditional division section into functional parts - zones that are presented:

  • living area;
  • a sitting area;
  • area of ​​farm buildings;
  • backyard and garden area.

Rational zoning allows competentlydistribute villa accommodation facilities structure. Under the living area are mainly given to a tenth of the whole territory, about 15% of the entire area is in the arrangement of outbuildings area, the largest area assigned to the garden area - 50-75%. Designated areas for the resettlement of recreation areas can be carried out by reducing the area under horticultural crops or farm buildings.

The nuances of the basic elements of landscape planning

House - the paramount object of any building site

Planning infield begins with determining the location of the main buildings. The subsequent breakdown of the territory depends on the placement of the house.

House of the garden

If the main focus area is on the regeneration of the garden area, the more preferred accommodation house close to the fence

This will expand the area under cultivation provided for sun-loving crops, some of which delight lush blooms, and other rich harvest.

If the site is intended primarily to implement the decisions and landscaped relaxation from the city bustle, the placement of the house must also be harmonious complement design ideas.

Accommodation outbuildings

Generally, the first layout and designsuburban area are intended to make the most efficient use of every corner of the territory, hiding little priglyadnye landscape elements. Place in the outbuildings in the area is given depth. Buildings desirable to have so that they are not shaded green spaces, but at the same time protect the area from winds.

Hedges for decorating buildings

For lack of capacity for this zone away from home or recreational areas is always possible to resort to planting greenery picturesque thickets where it successfully zadekoriruyut

The best option for the planning of this area is the arrangement of the buildings on the north-western side of the site.

Designated areas under the seating area

Common rules for placement on a site rest areasdoes not exist. Its elements may occur as several corners plot area, and collected in a single composition in the space provided. A striking decoration area can act twined beautiful clematis climbing plants or other garden furniture. In a cozy building of a good time, hiding from the scorching sun or pouring rain.

Construction of recreational areas

Effective addition recreation areas will be flower gardens, a miniature pond, framed by moisture-loving plants, neatly lined winding path

Closer to the border area can accommodate a bath or pool. The layout and content of the site depends only on the wishes and possibilities of its owners.

Sunny plot for the garden area

Under the arrangement of the garden and the garden is given the mostbright and open space at their summer cottage. For maximum yield, it is desirable to think so planting of vegetable and horticultural crops, so they do not shade the buildings garden. Choosing vegetable and horticultural crops for cultivation in the area should take into account the conditions of their cultivation.

Plants for arrangement of garden areas

Some of them prefer to moisture, while others - quietly tolerate drought, as well as sun-loving representatives of the plant world, and one can often find shade-tolerant specimens

Knowing these features, easy to take a worthy place each plant in the garden or in the garden, where they will feel comfortable surrounded by a pleasant neighborhood, delighting host abundant harvest.

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Examples breakdown areas of various shapes

The rectangular shape of the lot

Standard rectangular area - the preferred option, which allows the host to implement any ideas without resorting to special tricks.

The rectangular shape of the lot

This layout area can be applied to any rectangular area

Plot L-shaped

The main advantage of non-standard configurationshaped area - isolation of the protruding portion, which can be used as a niche, equipped for a cozy corner recreation area, hidden behind a hedge against prying eyes.

Plot L-shaped

The site, bounded on three sides and is conducive to proper rest away from the bustle of the city

The triangular shape of the lot

The plot of triangular shape offers great opportunities for asymmetric arrangement of the garden, decorated with rounded elements: pergolas, lawns and ponds.

The triangular shape of the lot

Corners area could serve to accommodate outbuildings or arrangement barbecue

The suburban area planning nothingcomplex. The main approach to this issue wisely, combining practicality with beauty in order to continue to enjoy their stay in the open air for many years.

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