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A selection of 4 interesting ideas on arrangement of the pool Lounges

A selection of 4 interesting ideas on arrangement of the pool Lounges

Small pond, overgrown with lush greenery water,beautiful modern swimming pool, a babbling brook meandering - any body of water in the country is not only an excellent example of a country of design, but also a wonderful holiday destination, especially in summer. What are the options for everything the surrounding area are the most popular and accessible? Let us consider some interesting ideas, most of which are suitable for ponds on a small summer cottage, and for lakes and pools large country estates.


Idea # 1 - a cozy gazebo by the pond or pool

A full place for family gatherings and tea parties can be considered a gazebo - a small semi-open space with a roof, which usually set the table and seating.

A wooden or stone structure near the pondanimates the big picture and even neglected corner of the garden turns into a favorite vacation spot. Drink tea or a beer after a hard day on the outdoor terrace overlooking the pond - is not this a dream summer resident tired?

Wooden garden furniture

A perfect example of the gazebo with bridges located directly above a shallow pond. This wooden structure on the shoulder to anyone who is friends with a saw and a plane

The choice of material for the construction of

What will your garden furniture, depends largely on thesurrounding buildings and decoration of the reservoir. If all the buildings at their summer cottage made of wood, it is logical to assume that the next creation will be wooden. Assume that the old pond shore lined with natural stone, as well as the villa fence supports, therefore, the structure of the foundation can also decorate the stone inlay. Brick as a stone, perfectly combined with any materials, including artificial.

Gazebo near a pond

Almost all natural building materials- Stone, brick, wood - in harmony with the surrounding greenery, so you can use the material that was left after building the house

Examples dachas near the water

The hardest thing to build a gazebo in the middlepond, when the foundations on stilts hidden under the water surface. This idea is easily achievable if the pond, for example, an artificial pond is not yet filled with water. It is enough to make a solid foundation on metal pipes, and on a platform at the top of the building to install.

Gazebo on the water

All wooden parts are under water, must be treated with a special compound that protects the wood structure from rapid decay and destruction

It is much easier to start building right on the banks of the finished reservoir. The only thing that is required - flat ground close to the water.

Gazebo on the coast

The design of the arbor on the bank could be different from the compact house with windows and a door to the fully open openwork structure, protected from the rain reliable roof

Another interesting option - a composition ofshallow body of water, plants and stones, located around the building. It is better to realize if the gazebo has been built, and the creation of a pond is in the plans.

Gazebo at pond

When making the water area around the gazebo can use moisture-loving plants, especially with bright buds, stone, and sand mounds, statues, fountains, bridges, small waterfalls

Always appreciated the originality, so it's bestjust come up with your own project. For example, the water surface to break the stone embankment, and on an island in the middle of lakes, a gazebo or something similar to it.

Gazebo with track

Braided canopy in the form of a hemisphere hardly a gazebo, however, it is convenient to relax, if you set a bench and a table under it, and perhaps a rocking chair

Self-construction of a gazebo

Consider how you can quickly and easily builda small room to rest, which is more like a summer house. If the project does not bring to an end, and instead of window and door openings are left empty, you get a great gazebo. In any case, the structure will look great on the waterfront, and from its windows - offers a good view over the water.

It is worth paying attention to the installation of foundations - wooden frame rests on the tires, filled with concrete. This option allows you to lift the structure off the ground.

The foundation of the gazebo

For strength and economy of concrete can be half-filled tires are old or broken brick rubble thus leave tire 8 by 8 bags of sand and gravel and cement bag 2

The frame built from three-meter boards, floorwas covered with boards, then cover the roof. On top of crates can be laid slate, bitumen roof shingles or treated by impregnating the board. For wall cladding use battens.

gazebo frame

To secure the doors and windows must be installed bearing, fixed by means of bars: for windows - horizontal, for doors - vertical

Finishing stage - wood preservative coating and painting in a contrasting color. Wood processing is required, since the pond is always near the high humidity.

Finished gazebo

Beautiful gazebo by the pond is convenient and functional point of view: it can be used as a games room, a place for a family dinner and even as a guest house

Idea # 2 - a summer kitchen right on the beach

When the summer kitchen and a pond located nearby,You can be compositionally combine these two objects. cooking place is often the dining room: along one wall equipped with a stove or a grill, a free space is set the table and a few chairs. Pond next to the dining room - a great opportunity at lunchtime to get aesthetic pleasure from the stretched right at the door of the water surface with water lilies, tall grass and sparkling streams of mini fountain.

Summer cuisine

Coastline can be arranged at your discretion: to plant aquatic plants, decorate the stones, take the form of a gentle descent or simply equipped with wooden walkways

The summer kitchen with a terrace and views of the pond easilywill be a favorite place for recreation for children and adults on the terrace can be equipped with a children's area or install a large table with sofas. The best place to shelter from the sun in the heat and do not come up, and in the pond or swimming pool, you can always take a dip.

Summer kitchen near the pond

Summer kitchen or dining room can take the form of an open verandah with a large table that easily will fit not only households, but also the guests

Idea # 3 - a patio surrounded by water

A small courtyard adjacent to the main building,It called patio. As a rule, this flat area of ​​stone or wood flooring on which the table for receiving guests. If the site a little separated from the house and complete the picturesque body of water, you get a great place to relax in nature.

Patio pond

Central place on the court usually takes the composition of a table and chairs, but the table, however it was not convenient, it can be replaced by a campfire or a flower bed

Wooden flooring

Even a small pond can refine by arranging around the composition of a wooden deck with lounge chairs and the same bridge

Green fence

Relax really is possible only in a relatively isolated place, which is easy to create with the help of a high hedge of bushes

When the pond is located in a remote corner of the garden oron the opposite side of the house, do not necessarily equip a special area with a table. Enough to put a comfortable chair or bench, sitting on which you can read, draw, or simply enjoy the surrounding views.

Armchair near the pond

Soft comfortable armchair with ottoman legmurmuring stream small waterfall, warm flames - in such conditions can completely escape from everyday problems and fully relax your body and soul

Bench at the pond

To wooden bench did not look lonely and lost, can be placed next to the object of the same material - a fence or a small bridge

Idea # 4 - flower in pond

For gardeners, do not accept the passive recreation ineasy chair, there is a great opportunity to occupy yourself interesting work in their spare time - namely, the care of flowers around the pond. It's enough to land along the banks of aquatic plants, and on land - moisture-loving flowers. A pond surrounded by a lush flower garden - the perfect holiday destination for lovers of natural beauty.

Flower pond

Unpretentious famous for moisture-loving lily, with which you can turn the pond into a heavenly garden. This contributes to the rich colors of plants

When decorating the shores, you can useany flowers for the flower beds - irises, dahlias, peonies, carnations, asters. But it is better to select unpretentious plants, flowering throughout the summer and different bright colors, such as:

  • bright blue Salvia nemorosa;
  • pale pink Armeria maritima;
  • yellow cinquefoil shrub;
  • purple loosestrife purple loosestrife;
  • Red Linum grandiflorum;
  • white and purple clematis;
  • peach, yellow, red English rose.

Bolotnik, waterweed and hornwort create greenFraming the coastline by the pond, but really nicely done pool floating on the surface of flowers - eyhorniya, vodokras, water hyacinth, telorez, Potbelly, lily, nimfeynik.

Plants in the pond

At the device of a flower bed it is important to remember one rule: plant, however they were not lush, should not overshadow its inflorescences surface of the pond

The bridge across the pond

To be able to better see floating on the surface of the water plant, across the pond, you can bridge the gap, which is also the kind of place for rest and walks

Arranging a comfortable resting place of the pool, you will create a cozy, isolated from the rest of the world space in which to turn away from the daily bustle and fully merge with nature.

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