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Planning a small area: the secret techniques to expand the space

Planning a small area: the secret techniques to expand the space

It often happens that our desire to go beyond thecapacity limits. And then it turns out that the idea of ​​creating a small area of ​​the house, garden and several outbuildings needed is facing objective difficulties: for all his plans simply do not have enough space. As in this case, to issue a modest space, to realize that, for what was started and all? After all, land was purchased in order to escape from the city and be closer to nature. So even if only small garden, but will.


The art of a small garden is thatspace increases, especially in the human mind, which is located therein. You can not make a little big, but make the viewer the impression that a lot of space, can and should be around him. This effect is achieved by different methods.

Equipped with a mini site

If you look carefully, you will find that this idyll with a pond and a gazebo does not take up as much space as it seems

We will not rest against the wall

The first step is to work with in thatphysically limited area allotted space - with a fence. Deaf and impenetrable fence creates a sense of closure, making a cozy patio in the box, which is about to close the lid. Therefore it is better to use the openwork fence or mesh-netting, decorated with its flowering creepers.

Transparent fence

Until then, until the plants will grow, the fence will look too permeable, so some still prefer a solid fence

But sometimes, due to the proximity of neighboring buildings,application of the "clear" the fence creates certain inconveniences. A possible way out of the situation in this case would be a fence with shutters. The space can be visually extended only when the site owner has the need or until such time as vines are not covered with foliage.

small garden design

The amazing optical effect "dragonfly eye" can not only expand the space visually, but also to acquire a reputation as a conflict-neighbor

Even the presence of a neighbor's garage wallwhich partially replaces the fence will not appear superfluous, if we accept it as a full participant in its game with optical effects. Attached to the wall of convex mirrors distort reflection garden. Formed in them the prospect of deeper than it actually is. Such "dragonfly eyes," posted on the wall color of chocolate, transforming the small lawn in a fairly spacious lawn.

The secret garden right track

Fiction writers like to use curved receptionspace, when a small object from the inside from the outside looks very different. We also try to bend space using curves garden paths. After all, if the track winds, and the journey it will last longer. Going think that his way is through a much larger area of ​​land.


Garden paths, running off into the distance, attracted the eye of the observer, expand your small space garden and look a bit mysterious

If where space is easily visibledistance, to make cross-track and let the longitudinal zigzag between the flowerpots and shrubs, there illusion of greater width portion. If the track runs along the narrow strip of garden, you can fence, in which it rests, to paint it in the colors and cover it with the upper part of hanging vines and flowers. It will seem that the stitch directly on the winding fence goes somewhere in the sky.

Another path

Accurate path runs beyond our sight, and the graceful arch, overgrown with abundant greenery, there was very helpful

Especially look fabulous paths leading "innowhere. " If the path takes a look into the thick foliage, growing close to the fence, then deluded vision of the observer he will form the impression that, at the point where the track ran away, and he continues to garden.

Mirror water smooth surface

So that walking was not possiblefix their attention on the contemplation of the area as a single object, you must offer him a new experience. The same principle is valid magician, making distracting passes hands. Spectacular small details and charm distracts from the fact that the territory in which all of this is extremely low.


The two most popular for small garden pond - a small fountain against the wall and pond in two levels with the bridge

Excellent red herring - it is a reflection. It has a fascinating effect. A small garden that can be used as a reflective surface? The water surface of a small pond neat! This body of water will not take up much space. It may even be a stream flowing along the side of the track. Another option - the pond in two levels with a slung over his bridge. Our own reflection in the water always attracts attention.

If the site is small, it is better not to useflowing water. The noise of falling water can be too intrusive. If all the same idea to arrange a fountain or waterfall captured you and does not let go, choose a place for him somewhere near the fence, be sure to coordinating their decision with their neighbors. After all, it is a constant sound of running water should not be too annoying.

A tiny fountain

One of three events for which a person is able to watch indefinitely, considered running water. This nook is designed to enjoy this spectacle of plenty

wood Size does not matter

Even the smallest garden can not do withouttrees. If you like big trees, the plot size does not dictate the rules of life. You want to put a big tree? Let it be! Just imagine what kind of entrancing coolness give you a hot summer day its luxury spreading crown. You can place the tree in the middle area, and a relaxation area directly under the plan.

A big tree

Who said that all of the plants in a small area should be a dwarf? This misconception can be easily dispel

If you use a circular layout, surroundingthemselves vegetation on all sides, even if it's just a fence entwined with greenery, is born an impression of your stay in the large garden. The garden center offers a great opportunity to review: you can perfectly plan out "rolled" the space around them.

Another big tree

That's the second accommodation option, in which a large tree, too, will not be superfluous. Recreation area in the shadow of his crown could be the most comfortable place in the whole garden

vertical gardening techniques

Of course, the one and only, although a large tree, the garden is not planted. Turn it into a lush flowering area will help not only the right choice of plants, but also a way to intelligently applied landing.

Especially important for the area of ​​modest sizeVertical gardening method. To make the walls of greenery, the course started up arches, garden grills, fences, pergolas, arbors, fences, facades. Screens and trellises are the most common decorative elements in the regeneration of small gardens. They are used both as stand-alone items, or in combination with flowerpots, flower beds and a variety of garden accessories. They are used to distinguish and separate the site areas.

Vertical gardening

Use vertical gardening is very important to carefully choose the plants for this purpose, because hops, for example, is able to captivate an entire site

As plants for vertical gardeningfit different varieties of wild grape, decorative beans, hops, sweet peas, clematis. To all this wealth liberally covered with greenery and flowers, when planting should take into account many factors: the state of the soil, the amount of precipitation, Shadowed, the prevailing wind direction and other features inherent in your area.

By the way, as the greens can not be usedonly the garden but also for garden plants. Very interesting vertical gardens are created using plastic bottles. To avoid monotony in the perception, correct use of different plants.

Bench in colors

Bench in colors - a popular design method of expansion of space, which has a lasting impression on the viewer, who will sit down on a bench

Put a fence normal bench and buildedJust above the high flowering arch, entwined with roses. Now, if we sit down on the bench, there a full sense of what is around you stretches a spacious garden in the back and you're in. Methods of creating a wild and slightly neglected garden is always effective in areas where space is limited.

Greenery around

The surrounding space of garden lush greenery and mats create the illusion that all sides of your land surrounded by the real jungle

Planting is best done by a cascadeprinciple, when the small plants in flower pots are put to the fore. plant size increases gradually. Tall flowers, bushes and stunted trees can be placed in pots or barrels. With the cascade design is easy to create the effect, when the eye of the observer slides up along the diagonal. A similar result can be achieved if you use the vertical gardens.

Vases with flowers

Vases with flowers can not only create amazing compositions, but also to change them as often as he wants the author

Why do we mention the pots? Because the placement of plants in them allows you to change the design of the site, simply rearranging them for even one season exactly the way we want at the moment.

Another unusual idea that we rarely whererealize: You can find a wonderful place for beautiful landscaping directly on the roof garden buildings. This method allows you to simultaneously solve two problems. First, it creates a new platform for planting, and, secondly, provides excellent additional insulation of the roof. Even in the heat will be kept cool indoors. Finally, it is simply beautiful!

The grass on the roof

This outbuilding with grass on the roof looks fabulous. Of course, it is not suitable for every style, but the idea is not bad

Designing a garden on different levels

It does not matter if the site is flat as a table, forsmall garden you can always equip a small podium or terrace. To plot on a hillside terrace - this is the most successful design method. If the same portion be regarded as a plane and in a zone located at different levels, the illusion of a more spacious garden will be present only in the second case.

Different levels of your garden

It seems that the garden, divided in different levels, really accommodates any further elements, becoming more volume

By the way, you can create different levels in the areaheight and in depth. It is not necessary for it to peck the ground. It suffices to apply 3D-illusion, using paving ground for the playing area materials of different colors. This method will never go unnoticed.

Visual recess

And this is all pure optical illusion that creates in the viewer a full sense of deepening in the center of the playground

Another welcome from the arsenal of the conjurer

Bright handkerchiefs in the hands of magician - it alsopart of the program. So do not forget about the commensurate portion of decor elements such as sculpture garden, dry creeks, lamps, bells, attractive garden furniture and other creative expression, which is so loved by all. Do not forget about the children - the flowers of life, if you have them, of course.

garden furniture

Openwork garden furniture combined with lace and flowers grace the arch, which is located nearby, creates a feeling of lightness, does not clutter the space

Speaking of colors. Nuance color choices for planting in small gardens is the renunciation of the use of plants of one species. Choose a variety of colors, when you look at who do not want to pick between a fence features. If the use of one type chosen dictates unity of style, choose the rhythmic planting plants with bright colors.

Rear patio

In this example, we would like to show how the house can not compete with the garden, reducing its area, and organically integrate into it, be part of it

If the space for a full lawn you do notenough, and particularly the shaded areas appear annoying bald spots, use moss. It remains green even in late autumn and during the autumn leaf fall will help you to deal with seasonal depression.

It remains only to look around the site criticallook. Do more opportunities for the manifestation of our creative imagination left? If the owners of even a tiny portion of a desire to make it a truly magical place, they will be able to achieve this. Check it, watch the video below.

A video # 1:

A video # 2:

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