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Garden Art Nouveau: dismantle the main stylistic features

Garden Art Nouveau: dismantle the main stylistic features

The natural beauty of nature always beckonshuman. It is not surprising that in the field of landscape design style such as Art Nouveau became widespread. Architectural structures on the background of open space, decorated sinuous lines of floral ornament - in a garden can not only enjoy the enchanting beauty of the landscape, but also to productively take a break from the bustle. Garden Art Nouveau, which enjoys great popularity among connoisseurs of beauty and elegance since the nineteenth and twentieth century, characterized by brevity elements and details in combination with the small set of plants.


Characteristic features of the garden in the Art Nouveau style

Landscape in Art Nouveau style combineshome decoration in harmony with the surrounding area: vegetable compositions are utilized in the construction of the decoration, while, as the facade of the building lines are repeated in the garden.

harmonious composition

The interior living spaces, the appearance of the house and garden style, complementing each other, creating a complete harmony

All space related ornamental rhythm and is subject to a single symbolic plan.

Often, when planning a garden plot in the stylemodernist designers adhere centric composition, the starting point of which is precisely the building structure. From the house, like the sun, divergent spiral or bow-shaped beams of open space, discreetly separated by hedges, stone tiled paths and soft lawn.

Each landscape creations embodied in thisstyle, traces the prevalence of smooth bends that "zoning" the space, do not create the cutting angles and straight lines. arc bends guessed in decor elements, the design of the pond and flower plantations.

The curved line in landscape design

Nice eyes visual landscape created with the curved banks of reservoirs, frames lawns, winding paths

Repeatability motives - another characteristicfeature of this style. The selected item can be repeated many times and beat in a variety of variations: curved trunk lines of climbing plant found in curlicue wrought iron railing.

Floral pattern in the mosaic

Some floral pattern can be embodied not only in the compositions of street flower beds, but also in a colorful mosaic interior

Another feature of the garden in the Art Nouveau style -the contrast, which is shown in the color combinations, the interaction of light and shadow. Successfully used in the creation of the original garden design welcome contrast of verticals and horizontals, as well as combinations of fluffy lawn with rough paving.

Modern motifs in the design of the garden

As used for garden decorationthe minimum number of plants that their choice should be approached with great forethought. Interestingly, the plants most often used to create a modernist garden, valued for the exotic stem tortuosity, the original form of the crown and flower clusters, as well as "architectural".

Unusual Plants for Garden Decoration

Preference is given to the models stand out against the background of other interesting foliage and pattern of branches as well as having a unique color of leaves

In the design, you can use the traditionalbreeds such as ash, oak, birch, maple, willow, planted singly or in small groups. When you create a garden made in this style, you can safely use unconventional floral combination. So on pine background with fancy twists trunk and branches original look dwarf forms of fruit trees.

Unusual decoration landscape can actgraceful birch, willow and rowan, with zontikoobraznuyu or weeping crown. Trees with this form of the crown will help to give a remote corner intended for contemplation garden special mood of peace and tranquility. King garden flowers in the garden is an elegant Art Nouveau Iris.

Beauty Iris - Garden King

Unusual and very beautiful iris flowers can be a variety of colors ranging from off-white and pale peach and ending with rich blue and even black

Bright and unusual color palette of the garden-styleArt allows you to create sophisticated compositions that include both sweet fragrant flowers in pastel shades and bright plant specimens with lush flowering.

To create mixborders, bizarre envelopesgazebo, ponds and creeping along the tracks, ideally suited motley composition of daffodils, phlox, lavender, Chernobrivtsev, miniature carnations, lilies and daylilies. Vines used to frame the architectural forms, will create the smooth lines, favorite modernity.

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