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The garden in the style of fusion: the search for a harmonious combination in the incompatibility

The garden in the style of fusion: the search for a harmonious combination in the incompatibility

Sometimes the creative person when you make yourgarden plot is very difficult to give preference to any particular style. What if your taste elements of landscape design, belonging to different directions, and choose one thing over another does not want to? We offer you an easy way out. For those who like to destroy the established canons and ready to experiment, a creative fusion style, within which it is possible to weld the most disparate elements into a single and a colorful design.


The fusion is different from other styles?

This beautiful style is very young. In fact, it is one of the few positive manifestations of globalization. Not by chance the English term fusion, meaning "synthesis," "merge" or "blending" is a synonym for global (global).

Experts attribute this time of origindirections to the 90 th year. It was during this period of American decorators began to massively deploy elements of oriental style in landscapes and interiors, decorated in a classical spirit. Surprisingly, the details of which, apparently, did not have to be combined with each other, very organically looked together.


The mixture of styles - a sign of our times, when globalization facilitates the connection of cultures of different nations. The mutual enrichment of different directions creates amazing style - fusion

When to use this style?

If the tradition of historical or ethnic gardensyou want to introduce the current trends, we can only choose the design of the landscape in the fusion style. It can simultaneously connect and quite harmonious elements of high-tech and classic Japanese style, Mediterranean motifs and details inherent in the modern garden. It turns out some fragments of conceptual and formal landscape is quite compatible.

In the compound and mixing eras and trends mayIt is born of your own creative style. He will unite the ideas of the owner of that particular area and the embodiment of their designer. The result will be a manifestation of the individual qualities of quite a particular person who is not accustomed to close their needs within the framework of the established canons. Please note that all made without regard to external dictates, keeps indescribable warmth and comfort inherent habitable, living space created with love.

Country Music and Art

Country style, which is carefully reproduced on the entire site area, very effectively complements the metal panels, made in the technique of laser cutting

Do not think that to gather enoughraznosortnyh items in one place and it will be a fusion. This is not true. As in all other areas of design, without exception, should also be present in the artistic taste, allowing to see something in common in seemingly completely different elements. If harmony is found, and in the east the landscape can fit glass or plastic, and will be appropriate in the Baroque carved arbor of modern metal.

We are immersed in the creative process

There are many ways to achieve the desired effect, combining a variety of colors and textures. But it is necessary to consider in more detail the main features of the landscape style of fusion.

To create a unique alliance of modern andtraditional style, just enough to effectively combine natural materials with artificial. Just imagine how innovative materials will be able to revive the mossy tradition. There are completely new opportunities. You can, for example, to make a bright accent color, it is an incredible way to link different textures.

Panels of birches

Birches very organically look at the background of the metal panels, creating the illusion of perspective. All the elements are in harmony

All this will allow traditional architecturalforms to tune in a new way. Artificial materials are used for the decoration of modern gardens, set. Let's talk about those who are used more often than others.

Spectacular glass elements

Glass - a material that is appropriate at all times. That he will plot a special charm, making it an unusual and attractive. Of the original glass making:

  • feeders for butterflies;
  • stained-glass screens, partitions;
  • unusual garden lamps;
  • drinking bowls for birds;
  • ethereal colors;
  • magical sculptural groups;
  • glass beads that adorn the banks of the stream;
  • fountains.

You can also use ready-made glassforms. With the help of bottles, for example, decorate the retaining walls of concrete, fences for terraces, pavilions and other buildings. Glass sculpture garden can be gigantic, and very tiny, seemingly fragile. Large glass elements all look spectacular in combination with water.

Glass screen

It may well be that this site will end just two or three meters, but this amazing screen of glass makes it infinite

Long-lasting and durable concrete

If concrete is to be used asa decorative element, it is polished and stained. As such, this relatively coarse material is almost unrecognizable. However, concrete has other qualities which we should not forget. Among them, for example, durability, reliability and long service life.

Concrete, glass, water

Very unusual application of glass bottles, soldered into the concrete, found designer who invented and embodied in the reality of this spectacular waterfall

Not for nothing is concrete used for constructionretaining walls, during the construction of swimming pools, creating sculptures and fountains. Often carved garden benches on concrete supports, not to mention the various platforms, tracks and recreation areas. The use of concrete in the construction of the summer kitchen is a utility room makes really fundamental and extends its functions.

It is an indispensable metal

This metal is the most commonartificial material, which is used in garden plots, creating a fusion. What metal just do not! At the same time the course is the metal of different kinds: forged, cast, welded and sheet. On this basis, it provides:

  • small architectural forms;
  • amazing beauty of decorative partitions;
  • fully functional sundial;
  • original troughs for birds.

From metal obtained remarkable decorativefigures, which are mounted on trees, set at the entrance to the house. Often, they perform the function of the stand under flowerpots. With the power of the laser cutting of metal hardscape acquire a special delicacy and lightness. Using kortenovskoy steel allows to realize the most daring design fantasies into reality.

Metal garden furniture

New technologies enable us to take a fresh look at the prospects for the use of metal in the garden. Modern metal - subtle, but very strong lace

Plastic - You design refinements

Plastic is used in a transparent and colored versions. The style of fusion as if created for this versatile material. From plastic do:

  • bright decorative panels;
  • charming sculpture;
  • bird feeders;
  • flowerpots.

About how diverse plastic waste in the form of bottles, we have repeatedly told on our site may be used.


Coupled with backlit plastic elements on the surface of the pond and adjacent to create an evening tale that captivates, fascinates, gives miracles

Sculptural shapes of plants

The presence of garden sculptures, originalfurniture and giving a special sculptural forms of plants - all these effective methods are used to decorate the area in the spirit of fusion. Plants of some form can be placed around the garden, to embody the author's intent repeatedly.

Sculptures made of plants

Your garden should endow you and the people close to you with joy, good mood. For this purpose all means, including the creation of such sculptural groups - the most pleasant

Often a special form of trees and shrubsinfused with the help of their topiary. Hedges and topiary sculptures transform the site, giving it an original look. Decorated so the garden is of particular significance and enormity.

We arrange bright color accents

Bright colors are characteristic of fusion. They can be safely used if you want to emphasize a single item, select it, to make more visible, catchy. To create color accents can be using the items of garden furniture and even a colorful pillows scattered in a recreation area.

Bright accent

If what you have created on your site does not have an exact name, do not worry. Oh, this is what exactly fusion: you certainly trending

Color accents can create a pool lineror fountain, which attracts the attention of even the paving and roof pergola. Particular attention should be given and the selection of flowering plants in the flowerbeds. Clearly visible artificial parts allow you to associate the garden plants and other elements of its design into a single composition.

Color accent in the flowerbed

The flowers themselves are perceived as something bright and positive. It was then, and can be supplemented by artificial natural elements to correct accents

A variety of water bodies

Waterfalls and fountains, creating a cool orenveloping them space near water spray mist, are especially in demand. Thanks to them, the garden gets the necessary dynamics. Not for nothing is flowing water enters the list of sights to which you want to watch endlessly.

Special demand recently enjoyedfalls flat water jets. They may bleed out of the walls, fall directly from the roofs of all kinds of canopies, even flow of countertops. An element of fountains, pools and ponds can be sculptural groups.

Waterfall of the countertop

Unusual waterfall from the countertops - this design deal, which is able to decorate any garden, no matter what style it was originally created

Spectacular lighting design

Creation of light scenes - a key point of stylefusion. Illuminated water jet fountains and waterfalls look much more attractive. A well-lit vegetable sculptures take on a special mystique and mystery.

Original lights

Another element that will always be "to the court" - is light. It will decorate any design refinements, make them tune brighter, more positive

Unusually lit seating area will never beempty. The appearance of the evening garden can be transformed beyond recognition with the help of modern achievements. The most popular are programmable lighting, fiber optics. Special attention is paid to the design section of the combination of components that have different textures.

The use of all or some of the techniques above will make your garden is particularly expressive. Walking on it will bring you real pleasure.

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