Bathroom and toilet

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Until recently, the bathroom decorationtiles on the walls of the standard started from the bottom up. Before that, the floor was already decorated with tile or granite. This allowed the first row of resting securely on the finished ground, each following the previous one.

Currently, manufacturers of adhesive mixturesgreatly eased the task of finishers. In commercially available dry mixtures with extended viability of the solution, adjusting the time. In this case, the decorative elements of granite, tiles can now be mounted on the wall from top to bottom.

Traditional crosses, without which it is impossiblesustain a single size of horizontal, vertical seam, evolved into SAP systems consisting of multiple wedges used, disposable clamps. Now medium, large format tiles on the walls, granite tiles on the floor can put handyman, far from finishing, construction works in the presence of a level string, trowel / trowel, notched trowel, free time.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

The advantage of the specialists of companies providingServices of decorating tiles premises traditionally remains solid experience, practice and knowledge of modern materials of the construction market, high speed, the quality of work. They have no equal when facing walls of complicated configuration, abundance on vertical and horizontal surfaces, communication systems, which is necessary to get around tiles preserving the artistic value of the interior.

Selecting stacking technology ↑

Decorating the bathroom tile in the photo is the existing options of decor elements positioned relative to the horizontal, vertical, each other.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

laying schemes have advantages and disadvantages:

  • diagonal - material overruns due to numerous cutting waste, however, the technology allows you to hide defects in construction (littered with angles of divergence of the walls at the floor wall)
  • ligation - similar masonry with horizontal displacement of the elements in adjacent rows, the technology is more commonly used for medium-format tiles
  • without bias - horizontal, vertical joints are the same in all the rows, the method is excellent when inserting decorative elements of several tiles with the general pattern

Original tile bath decoration in the photo is made using elements of different formats.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

In addition to traditional borders designers usefilling planes large format wall elements in a frame of small tiles. Borders in bathrooms are usually mounted at the level of the bath rim bowls or in the upper third of the walls.

Finishing bath tiles can combine severaltechnologies on different surfaces. To increase the resource tiles on the exterior, in the inner corners often use PVC corner. Bottom plinth, top fillet from PVC, ceramics, polystyrene give a complete view of the mating surfaces of walls, ceilings and floors.

Select the format, color tiles ↑

Finishes bathroom tiles room should take into account the configuration, size of rooms, the number of plumbing fixtures. When you select a tile to perform quite a few recommendations of experts:

  • the choice of a foreign manufacturer - guaranteed to eliminate the elements of trapezoidal shape, the size of tile differences from one pack
  • type of finish of the outer surface - walls for the best option is gloss, floor mat
  • a standard set of colors in one collection - one dark, light, decor, floor tiles
  • color - floor should be darker than the bottom of the walls, the upper layer is usually made lighter bottom
Attention: The cost of finishing the bathroom tiles room atproduct selection of a foreign producer increases. However, it is guaranteed no inconsistencies colors, formats, and other defects. Seams are obtained ideal, grout used for its intended purpose, and not to mask errors.

Selection cladding clearly shown on the video

Examples of finishing bathroom tile on the bottom of the roomcollage does not contain vertical decorating color. This is true for 90% of modern apartments with small bathrooms, toilets, where the vertical inlay is visible only at the design stage, in practice, is forced, halts furniture, bath accessories.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Required tools ↑

Decorating the bathroom tile in the video allows you to prepare the necessary tools.

To work required:

  • Tile - for straight cuts, holes for pipes manufacture, the socket used hand tools, shaped cut produce electrical modifications
  • trowel or trowel - for mixing solution
  • electric, mixer - kneading solution
  • spatula - more commonly used "comb" with different size teeth
  • level - the professionals use laser models, handyman work with bubble, hydraulic counterparts
  • cable - extends beacons, providing control over the length of seams lined surface
  • SVP system - modified analogue crosses for the high quality of work
  • rubber spatula - used for grouting

Samples of finishing bathroom tileare present in the portfolio of professional designers, on the Internet. Most tile manufacturers, porcelain inserted into their resources page calculators to calculate the amount of material that facilitates the planning of repair budget.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Before we know how much is the bathroom decorationtiles, you must either call gager, or make a sketch of the room on their own. The most expensive is a mosaic, granite cladding, decorating the surfaces of complex configuration, places the passage of systems engineering.

Attention: Increase the artistic value of the premisesthrough covert wiring pipes, camouflage communication systems GCR leaving access to the meters, valves costing 1/3 - 1/2 of the entire repair budget.

Facing the bathroom floor granite ↑

Decorating the bathroom tile in the video is a sequence of works, layout secrets choice.

And, in that order. facing technology consists of the following steps:

  • layout without mortar tiles to determine the number of entire series
  • incomplete removal of a number, the displacement of the central tile in the center
  • mounting it on the solution, setting arbitrary lighthouses in the corners
  • stretch cord or the installation of laser levels for horizontal spacing
  • applying a "comb" of the solution on the basis of sex in the area of ​​reach of the master
  • laying granite ledge or poryadno
  • dismantling lighthouses, laying all integral elements
  • Partial cut elements after the final solidification of the solution (a day or a few hours)
  • install them on the perimeter of the solution
  • grouting required color scheme (recommended by 2 shades lighter tiles)
Attention: Installation of plumbing is best done after lining the walls, as in a small space bathrooms it will interfere with the work.

Decorating the walls in the bathroom tiles can be madeAfter curing of the adhesive composition. Decorating a small bathroom tile in the image allows us to estimate the increase in visual space, a real improvement in the functionality of the room.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Walls tiled bathrooms ↑

Finishes bathroom tiles are different variety, however, the general principles remain the same.

Attention: Horizontal stripes in different shades muchprofitable vertical ornaments, decorative inserts to be placed in the middle of space. To avoid visual conflict is possible by giving up curbs, which are small rooms will inevitably be near the independent design elements - mixer, bath bowl, screen, toilet, bidet.

Decorating the bathroom tiles and panels usedless, since the framework necessary for fixing the PVC strips, MDF takes a workspace in a small room. Panels usually decorate the ceilings of bathrooms, building in them spotlights, providing high hygiene, extra light due to the reflection of light from the glossy veneer.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Finishing a ceramic tile bathroom occurs on a similar technology from the middle to the corners of the walls. However, there are some nuances:

  • classic layout of the center is not alwaysis possible because, in the inspection hatches providing access to communications, mounted integral elements of a mandatory, narrow band at the same time can be shifted into a corner
  • in the manufacture of partitions, boxes necessary to consider the layout of granite floor, slightly increasing their necessary dimensions

Instead of leveling plaster littered the corners often used bonding plasterboard layer. Large format tiles on the walls can be overwritten dark grout to separate each item.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Secrets cladding mosaic ↑

The design of the bathroom tile trim enhances the artistic value in choosing melkoformatnoy mosaic. Self lining to this element of decor is extremely difficult:

  • wall defects can not be corrected with a thick layer of solution
  • Mosaic uses special adhesives
  • There are glass, ceramic modification work that requires professional skills

Decorating the bathroom with mosaic tiles occursslightly modified technology. For convenience, the master elements are assembled glue point connections on the substrate. After fixing the mosaic quality of the seams is monitored for a solution, the material is left to dry glutinous mixture. The mesh or other substrate material is removed after final curing.

Decorating the bathroom tiles (photo)

Finishing the toilet and bathroom tiles providescolorful design, high hygienic surface areas, high-quality power protection for the building frame. Subject to the recommendations of experts work readily available to fans.

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