Wall shelves for flowers

Flowers can be found in every home and it is not surprising, because with their help, creates a cosy atmosphere. They clean the air and just decorate the interior of the room. Breeding houseplants fun, first there is one flower. But after a short time, you can see how the room was transformed by a few plants. In the near future, there comes a moment when flowers are everywhere, on shelves, tables, windowsills, cabinets, complicated and care for them.

They require more space, and the flowers are on the windowsill blocking the light and it does not get into the room. Lighting becomes less, there comes a point of discomfort and inconvenience. To avoid this for flowers is better to prepare a special wall shelves that don’t take up much space, create a cozy atmosphere, and if there are imperfections on the walls, they will hide.

Wall shelves for flowers

Performance of hinged shelves floral ↑

For the manufacture of hinged floral shelves, you can use any material, given the interior where they will stay. It can be a tree of any breed or tempered glass with chrome elements. In a residential area often there are metal shelves on the wall.

The original solution would be a wall shelf, made in the form of artistic forging. A refined and expensive product, which complement the floral patterns. This design would look great with potted plants. Hanging shelves on a wall is good because the flowers on them would be neat and orderly, no one will interfere, and care for them is not as difficult as it seems.

Wall shelves for flowers

Hinged design can be combined with other interior elements, for example, to Supplement them with artificial light. If the plants are large, then the best option would be metal wall shelves for flowers, they have the necessary characteristics to withstand a lot of weight. And such plants as violets can be placed in stacked structures. Thanks to this original interior solution, care will be easy not only for flowers but also for shelves.

The most important advantage of floral wall shelves saves valuable space and use it to maximum effect. In addition, it is also beautiful and practical products, which help to create a comfortable environment for indoor plants.

Wall shelves for flowers

Wall shelves for flowers of the tree ↑

Traditional material for shelves is wood, it is durable and high quality material. It has a beautiful appearance, creates a sense of unity with nature. In addition, the wood harmonizes perfectly with green leaves of plants, and if you want, these shelves can be made independently.

To create a hinged shelf made of wood for the colors on their own, a lot of time will be required. But for a carved piece of furniture will need special tools, knowledge and experience. Before you begin, you need to choose the right thickness of shelves to stand the weight of the pot, soil and flower in the future is not deformed.

Wall shelves for flowers

We should not forget about the mounting system, otherwise it can hurt the tenants. Wooden wall mounted flower shelf, you can varnish or paint with latex paint to serve for a long period of time and looked like the first day.

Hanging shelves for flowers on the wall easy to combine with other similar elements, so you can create an original and unique interior. For example, to hang the shelf unevenly, at different levels and to deliver, will work very nicely. Hanging shelves are original and beautiful element of the interior, they can be used to fill the empty space. As well as to create a small island of nature in your house, these plant lovers think that it is an indispensable thing.

Wall shelves for flowers

Wall shelves for flowers, metal, ↑

Forged products have many advantages, including durability and sophistication. Special processing of the metal surface gives it the ability to withstand any atmospheric phenomena, so such products are often found on the street. In the hands of a true professional, the metal acquires a unique shape, but if you have, and connect it with the plant, you get an original composition.

Wall shelves for flowers

Glass wall shelf ↑

Glass has the ability to transform any room, in this case, it does not take useful space. For any modern interior glass wall shelf will be the main attribute. In addition, this material is durable and not whimsical care. If there are plans to create a shelf on the window, then you should pay attention to tempered glass. This material transmits light well, this is its main advantage.

Wall shelves for flowers

Plastic shelves for flowers ↑

Plastic refers to the budget category of materials, for those who want to decorate your house, but not much to spend. These products are manufactured in a wide color palette. In the summer they are able to withstand exposure to the environment, but have low weight, so not just a pot of flowers will be able to withstand.

To get a stylish and modern interior of the room to pick up a plastic wall shelves for flowers, considering the pieces of furniture, shape and color.

Wall shelves for flowers

Wall shelf for flowers independent forces ↑

If you have no experience, knowledge and time to make yourself a flower shelf, you can use the simple tips. There are plenty of ideas on how to make a simple wall shelf for flowers.

Wall shelves for flowers

Option 1 ↑

Take a wide Board, some leather straps, which lie idle, and fixtures. The straps can replace the leather handles of the bag, twine or other decorative elements. The Board can take wood or plywood, the wider it is, the more stable will design. After cutting may form rough edges that should be smoothed with sandpaper. Then Board cover stain, tinted with a waterproof varnish, stain and paint, the shade should be selected so that it is combined with the interior room.

Until the Board is dry, prepare the decorative attachment of the strap, cut two blanks with width more than 60 cm., Each strip folded, stepping back 4 cm from the edge to make holes using a nail or drill.

Given the parameters of the shelves, on the wall doing the layout, drilled holes and installed dowels. Of the belt it is necessary to make loops to attach and screw in the screws, it only remains to fix the Board. To create harmony, it is possible for one wall to make two identical shelves.

The Council! You need to check the reliability of the received shelves for flowers, so design is not misaligned from the load of the pot. If this wall racks, then you should check the quality of the fixtures.

Wall shelves for flowers

Option 2 ↑

Shelf for indoor plants can be done from the ready-made material, which is sold in ordinary hardware store. Fit Board particle Board covered with foil or glass, but it is necessary to purchase an additional bracket for mounting. The simplest design to the wall colors reminiscent of the bars.

  1. On the wall it should be noted 2 points, the distance between them should equal the length of the Board can edge retreat 5 cm.
  2. Using screws and the obtained measurement data, prepare mounts for shelves.
  3. Top fit Board and shelf ready.

Wall shelves for flowers

Option 3 ↑

To create a floral wall shelves use a variety of items, like boxes from furniture or products, they are made of slats. With the help of emery paper the surface is well cleaned then they paint and varnish. Such products, made independently, will fit perfectly into any interior space. To the room design in minimalist style will fit the glass. In some cases, you can use an additional natural material such as tree branches or saw cut.

Wall shelves for flowers

Additional videos will show how to make a shelf out of wood for your beloved room

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