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Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Wall shelves in the interior can perform different functions. For example, they can be unusually free to decorate the walls in the living room or kitchen.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Design options with wall shelves ↑

Using shelves is faster and easier to make a beautiful composition of photographs of different sizes, and in any moment you can move the from one place to another. If desired, you can use the wall shelves in the bathroom, spreading them hygiene products, cosmetics.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

For decorating the space above the soft furnishings on the wall attached shelves, fill them with paintings and drawings.

Sometimes the wall construction there may be decorative elements of interior design if they have an unusual shape and contrasting color.

Narrow shelves located on the elements you can find in each room: living room, kitchen, nursery, bath.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

The Council! Need to buy shelves, it is possible to create them with my hands, if patience and creative imagination.

Many believe that they are «everyday» element of the interior, and not even think about any design originality, and in vain. With the right approach, the usual hinged design for equipment, books, photographs, Souvenirs overseas, transformed into real masterpieces.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Ideas for interior design ↑

At the entrance to any house or apartment before your eyes will appear a regiment. It is used for keys, bags, combs. It is impossible to imagine without such wall designs and bathroom.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Wall shelf became mandatory and practical thing. Analyze the functionality of using them in different rooms. In the living room they are mostly used for the space between chairs or a sofa and empty wall. In addition to decorative functions, the shelf will be mounted to perform a decorative function.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

The Council! If the lobby is small in size, pick the open design. They don’t just fit into the interior, but also visually expand the room.

Practical option for designers to consider the use of shelves as a rack for books and magazines. In addition, it is possible to arrange in such structures and family albums.

For turning the usual shelf above the sofa in an original decor element, it is possible to arrange the awards, collectibles, Souvenirs, a variety of figurines.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

For lounge suit tiered design, made from a combination of wood and metal, glass and metal. Not only are they ideal for placement of magazines, CDs, e-books, you can also put electrical.

Among the fashion brands of residential design shelf «Yin – Yang». The design is executed in black and white, perfect for lovers of Oriental style. The room, decorated with a similar design should be designed in strict style.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Attention! When choosing black and white modular system for storage, it is important to strike a balance, otherwise the room will cease to be cozy and comfortable.

Open shelf for books, with special cutouts in the room creates the illusion of chaos, which is ideal for lovers of style «modern».

Shelves in living room ↑

A special place in the house belongs to the living room. In this room there are also numerous shelves. For example, in the large living room there is a shelf under the TV. With the right selection, it will be a real decoration of the interior. Depending on your style choice for the living room, shelves can be selected from natural precious wood, tempered embossed glass and metal. In the interior is hi-tech is «fit» shelves in the wall of the living room, located in cascades. In the center of this design you can fit a large TV the other elements to fill decorative vases and Souvenirs. Looks original TV and numerous wall shelves. Made of plastic or wood, they can move away from the TV in a circle, diagonally, or in a square.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Decorating rooms ↑

If the room is selected a light beige color, shelves can be chosen in dark-brown shades. In the end, you will get a calm and harmonious atmosphere. This combination of colors suitable for the bedroom, which should be relaxed and comfortable.

Option shelf-picture perfect for the style «modern». The emphasis may be placed on the mounted TV in the center of the building. Around can be mounted small speakers, pictures, decorative items.

The Council! Color shelf-painting should be lighter than the tone you selected for the wall design.

Modern designers have a particular interest in wall-mounted designs. Among the latest fashion trends is the use of bright overhead shelves with unusual shapes. For example, if the kitchen has a balcony or loggia, the output can be horizontally set glass shelves transparent. You will be able to place potted plants, decorative porcelain figurines to transform your kitchen into a real garden of Eden.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

For fans of the new fashion trends in interior design, we offer the option of the shelves in the form of a heart cardiogram. These unusual structures can be made of plastic or metal, choose any color.

In the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the hallway, open shelves can be mounted above the mirror. Open shelves in this case will be a convenient and multifunction.

Shelf in the style «country» ↑

The style is rustic, even stained glass, not modern. He suggests a homemade wooden furniture, but because hanging shelves from natural wood will be in a similar situation a great addition. Example, if you chose «country» for the kitchen, it can be safely mounted wall shelves. The designers that design the kitchen in the style of «country» and «Provence» clean kitchen top, change on the open shelves. There can be kitchen accessories, gifts, and even photos. Shelf in the style «country» fit perfectly in living rooms, bedrooms. The material for these curtain designs will be painted wood. Can complement their delicate wrought-iron items, making in unusual furniture accessory.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

Bedroom wall shelves is better to have beside the bed. They put decorative candles, lamps, magazines, books, cosmetics.

The design of the window ↑

Sometimes you want to decorate the window, but without the use of heavy curtains in order not to deprive the room, the source of natural light. Designers recommend to deal with the problem by using hinged shelves. They are installed in the window opening and across the width. For such purposes it is best to use glass shelves, then the room will receive enough sunlight. Such designs need to decorate ornamental plants in small pots. In addition to flowers on the shelves will look great variety of decorative Souvenirs. If you choose colored glass to shelving, you get the effect of stained glass unusual.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

If the room or hallway there is a ready niche, you can use them as closet, pantries, or to create open shelving. We consider an open shelving design based on the niche. Pick up the material for the shelves, inside the niche make a frame, it will secure the shelf. To the resulting rack was full of decorative element that you create, interior, set within a niche spotlights or hang the led strip.

Conclusion ↑

Wall shelves – good option for decoration of empty walls. With proper selection of their colors, shapes, sizes, not only to accentuate the design of the room, but also to rationally organize the space. For children’s rooms is better to choose such designs that have a rounded shape. In this case, there is no danger to life and health of young homeowners. Numerous shelves and shelves, open and closed, which will be placed decorative objects, appropriate for any style décor.

Wall shelves in the interior of the apartment

When choosing wall designs, always remember that wall shelf should not interfere with free movement around the apartment. It should complement with the chosen design style, not stand out from it.

Examples of shelves for walls are presented in the video

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