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Wall shelves for the equipment

Wall shelves for the equipment you may need at any time, for example, to hang a TV or a telephone receiver or other device. Wall shelf for the equipment allows you to hang equipment without shtrobleniya walls or additional wiring. Such shelves are fixed next to the equipment, if necessary mount for it you can use multiple brackets. And there are designs that include multiple shelves for equipment.

Wall shelves for the equipment

General characteristics wall of shelves ↑

Wall shelf for equipment is a cantilever design that allows you to save useful space in the living room. These products are equipped with special fixtures, therefore, have a modern and organic look. As a rule, each such design has the cable channel, which is required to perform several functions in a constructive and aesthetic character. It can be used not only to fix on the wall shelves but also hide all patch cords.

Wall shelf for equipment is a simple but at the same time a necessary and important element of the interior. No shelves in everyday life can not do, they help save valuable space for other furnishings. Due to the fact that the product is placed directly on the wall, it doesn’t take up much space.

Wall shelves for the equipment

Wall shelf ↑

Wall shelves – this is a popular design manufacturers are creating special sets for secure mounting on wall TV, home theatre or radio, speakers or amplifiers, multi-channel receivers and other media players.

For the production of the designs use a variety of high quality materials, such as plastic or wood, aesthetically pleasing look glass shelves. It all depends on the style of execution of the design. To create a load-bearing frame of the product uses the aluminium alloy high strength, and the canvas itself is made of tempered glass. Most of the shelves for equipment are equipped with a cable channel, which you can use to connect equipment and not to spoil the appearance of the entire installation.

In some cases, wall shelving with special brackets, they provide for remote console and a special clamp to protect equipment from falling. Shelves and brackets for the equipment is comfortable, functional and beautiful, perfect to hang on the wall, any technique the necessary size in a proper position.

Wall shelves for the equipment

A variety of wall shelves ↑

Such designs today are very popular, they are very comfortable and ergonomic, save space and takes up minimal floor space, but can accommodate a lot of things. Modern wall shelves for equipment often found in homes, is not only a functional piece, it is also an integral part of the interior space.

Wall shelves for the equipment

Shelves on the wall for the equipment fit any space, they have a special attachment, this is a great option when you do not want to clutter the room with large tables for equipment, and to install the device must. For the production of such shelves using durable material, its thickness is 15 mm, it is able to withstand up to 15 kg. In a glass version this may be the classic, dark or matte surface.

Wall shelves for the equipment

Wall shelf under the TV ↑

Manufacturers offer both narrow and wide products, for fixing which use special plugs or other elements to hold the TV screen. The width of the shelves will depend on the thickness of the device, for example, old models fit deep products, for a more contemporary and plasma TVs fit design with a width of 15 cm There are two types of wall shelves for equipment, simple that you can do yourself, they perform only a support function. For such a variant is suitable for plasterboard.

Wall shelves for the equipment

The second type of shelves – this rotary products that provide a specific mechanism, it allows you to turn the TV in different directions for convenience. Often turning products installed in the kitchen, thanks to them, the hostess can sit at the table, wash dishes, cook at the stove.

Wall shelves for the equipment

The material for making shelves ↑

The very first technique that has just appeared, weighed too much, so to install needed a reliable and sturdy cabinets. In those days, not even dreamed about how to hang a TV on the wall. Today the thickness of modern models is so small that they can not only put on the outdoor table, but a wall shelf.

No need to strain your eyes or neck, hinged shelf can be placed in a convenient location. Modern manufacturers use a variety of materials for the production of such products, but the most popular is glass, drywall and wood.

Wooden shelf on the wall ↑

Wall shelves for the equipment

Now rare, where a large wall with special niches for technology, modern man strives for minimalism, so try not to close the extra space with pieces of furniture. They are crushed more on human consciousness than function, a long wooden shelf will look better than a huge box. The advantages wood will not hide, it is a material that is easily processed, it is available in the price range. Moreover, to make the shelf by yourself from wood, a great mind is not necessary, but save the family budget it is possible.

Glass wall shelf ↑

Wall shelves for the equipment

In the modern interior increasingly common tempered glass, which is made of various desks, tables and stands, even now, and shelves. This kind of material can easily withstand electric equipment and accessories, for example, tuner, receiver, TV or phone. The most popular are the straight wall or corner shelf under the TV.

In the interior space, this design looks light and weightless, it’s even possible not to notice compared to other items. Glass shelf under the TV looks beautiful in the kitchen and in another room, the surface can be transparent, dark or colored.

Wall shelf from drywall ↑

Wall shelves for the equipment

Products gypsum Board has many advantages compared with wooden niches or cabinets for household appliances. Creating a shelf of this material, the owner can plan its size, to consider how to hide the wiring and the rest of the communication. And can this shelf to complement an led device and make the original illumination.

As for the color, then everything is simple, you can choose any color and paint the product, or to paste Wallpaper. The cost of finished goods low, considering only the purchased material, every person, if you wish, you may use the drywall and handy tools to create a shelf on the wall.

Gypsum regiment worthy of attention, because for the TV it is sturdy and durable product that withstands the various loads. Around it can be further to make more shelves for books or ornaments, Souvenirs, or other equipment, thus, you get a standard wall, which will be manufactured by the own project.

Wall shelf equipment with their own hands ↑

Wall shelves for the equipment

Such designs can be done independently, using the means, which, for example, remained after repair. The first step is to prepare a sketch to think through the product to the smallest detail, to consider the size of equipment to make the shelves.

Wall shelves for the equipment

It is possible to use any materials, for example, a bearing part to use plastic to cover the metal parts will fit the wood. Additionally, you can embed the socket. Such designs save, when many appliances and little space.

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