Insulation ceiling foam

Polyurethane foam has many useful properties and qualities. One of the most important is an insulation, which is much higher than that of extruded polystyrene. It is not surprising that PRPS are used when you want to carry out insulation of the attic or roof.

The benefits of insulation slabs PUF ↑

Insulation ceiling foam

Insulation slabs of polyurethane foam gives good firming results. The material properties make the design stronger and protect from the negative influence of aggressive media. Also it is impossible to ignore good sound insulation.

Another important advantage of the foam as insulation for floors is cost minimization. It all starts with the fact that transportation costs several times cheaper. Dealing in liquid substances that when mixed and exposed to a gas to form a foam. It instantly hardens and forms a protective layer.

To handle 400 square feet will need about 20 cubes extruded polystyrene. By comparison, polyurethane foam need no more than 16. The savings is about 20 percent.

Moreover, to hold the insulation slabs tiles is not very convenient. In addition, the reliability of such protection raises serious questions. The fact that the roof in most cases is a complicated structure with many projections, therefore, hold that the Board is not always convenient.

It is quite another thing foam. It can be used to hold the insulation of ceilings of any complexity. Substance easily penetrates even the most inaccessible areas and forms a strong protection that can last about 50 years.

Insulation ceiling foam

Another important property of polyurethane foam to insulate the roof is the thermal inertia. The fact that many materials to make her stay impossible. Due to the fact that the heat inside is hot and winter — cold. Polyurethane foam has excellent ability in summer to keep cool inside and cold — warm. Therefore, it enjoys high popularity among builders.

Attention! You also cannot ignore the fact that the polyurethane foam for insulating ceilings creates an additional layer of waterproofing. This protects the room from humidity.

The use of foam prevents mold and rot in wood floors. All in an incredibly low coefficient of water absorption. Polyurethane foam, even while in the water, during the day, absorbs no more than three percent moisture.

In addition to convenience, polyurethane foam for insulation of roof allows all work incredibly fast pace. The atomizer gives you the opportunity to apply a layer on the roof in the amount which is necessary for a specific area.

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Insulation ceiling foam

First we need to make one important clarification: under the overlaps involve not only the attics and roof, and slabs that separate the floors. Simply put, the floor can also be insulated with polyurethane foam.

How to insulate the floor of the first floor ↑

This overlap is one of the most important in the house. Spraying is carried out from the underground. Your task is to fill the cellar with polyurethane foam. It is necessary to carefully handle the lag. This will increase the life of wooden floor.

Attention! Spraying foam on the ceiling for insulation will not allow moisture to rise upwards.

When you create a layer of insulation ceiling foam only between the joists — the temperature at the top will be more than 20 degrees, and below about 5. This will form condensation and rot. So you need a filler with polyurethane foam, the whole cellar. This will significantly extend the life of your structure.

How to insulate an attic ↑

Insulation ceiling foam

Polyurethane foam insulation of the attic allows you to provide a normal temperature throughout the house. But to achieve a truly quality result it is necessary to observe certain rules:

  1. With the help of the regulator on the gun set the desired power flow of the substance.
  2. Apply the foam from the top down. In the end, you should get a monolithic carpet in the attic.
  3. Carefully fill the space between the joists. The joists also need to cover the foam. Not so much for insulating floors, how to protect it.

When you follow these three simple steps, you will get a layer of foam, which will act as vapor barrier and thermal insulation function. A layer of insulation will protect the slab from freezing during the winter. Also this will prevent the accumulation of moisture.

How to insulate concrete floors ↑

Insulation ceiling foam

Designs of this type are found in construction very often. It is therefore very important to know how to correctly carry out the insulation of ceilings of this type with polyurethane foam. Spraying can be done from both the top and bottom. The fact that such engineering structures is almost free from the influence of moisture. As a result, some precautionary measures can be waived.

When is the insulation of reinforced concrete structures by means of polyurethane foam it is necessary to close the circuits of insulation. It is important to know how they made the insulation around the perimeter of the house.

It is best to use a substance whose density is 30 kg per cubic meter and above. In this case, the insulation slabs can withstand a load of 20 tons. This is more than enough for domestic needs. If the construction work is done at the production facility, it is better to make a foam with higher density.

In order to realize high-quality insulation of the floor by means of the foam at the production facility it is best to use a polyurethane foam whose density is not less than 60 t/mTwo. In this case, the coating can withstand 60 tons per square meter.

If you use polyurethane foam for insulation, concrete slab, you can not do any further waterproofing. Properties of matter will be more than enough to ensure quality protection.

Attention! To comparison, if you use mineral wool, then it will have to do waterproofing.

Insulation ceiling foam

Due to the high adhesion properties of polyurethane foam used for insulation of floors, it is possible to achieve a strong relationship with the screed. Due to this and many other qualities of the polyurethane foam is selected more often when necessary to carry out thermal insulation work on concrete.

The main problem with insulation concrete slab foam is the reduction of heat loss. The fact that through the ceiling takes most of the heat. As a result of the efficiency of the heating system decreases. But processing of the intermediate floor slabs allows to significantly save on heating.

The Council! With PPU, you can also hide the utilities in the form of cables and pipes that run along the floor.

The General algorithm of warming ↑

Insulation ceiling foam

When you carry out insulation slabs of foam, you must first take into account the characteristics of the room. For example, if we are talking about the attic or the roof of an industrial building, it most likely will be of a large size, and to get to certain places you will need special equipment like extension or scaffolding.

When you conduct spray foam on floors, there’s no seams or chips. Moreover, filled with small cracks. This enhances structural strength and eliminates the possibility of heat loss. But to achieve results, you must follow the given algorithm:

  1. Make the crate.
  2. Install the regulator on the gun is minimal power. Carefully napisa stuff on the ceiling, install the necessary power supply.
  3. After the first layer is applied — rate quality work. In order to ensure quality insulation of overlappings it is better to apply two coats.
  4. As soon as the foam hardens — guide alignment. To do this, simply cut strongly protruding elements.
  5. Complete mounting material for installation.

Typically, builders placed on top cement mortar and make a rod. Placed on top of laminate or tile. A full installation of parquet are also possible. If we are talking about the attic, many do not carry out any additional work.

The results ↑

PUF insulation slabs allows considerably to reduce thermal losses. As a result of the reduced costs required for space heating. Moreover, the foam increases the strength of the roof and extends its lifetime.

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