Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Those who prefer the unusual interior, it can turn its attention to this material as a decorative plaster under concrete. The simplicity of the technology application excellent performance features make this material special «charm». It can be used to translate into reality the most daring ideas, to get the desired result.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Features and benefits ↑

Highlight the positive characteristics of this material as a decorative plaster under concrete:

  • The absence of pronounced relief;
  • Surface roughness due to patches of sand and pebbles;
  • Maintaining performance over a long period of time;

This plaster has a high resistance to the negative influence of rainfall. It is absolutely waterproof, durable.

The Council! When choosing its decor do not forget about its main characteristics.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Features material ↑

As this type of plaster is textured, you can apply the material in different layers. It helps to hide on the surface of the depression and bulge size up to 3 inches, creating an unusual effect.

After the material is deposited on the wall, he was for a long time period retains its plasticity, therefore it is possible to give the surface the desired volume and relief.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Attention! Despite the fact that this option is the finishing of the mixture is close to the style «minimalism», it is possible to perform screen drawing or artistic carving on the wall get.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Examples of unusual design decisions ↑

Decorative plaster under concrete is able to satisfy even the most refined taste of the owner of the apartment. Original and bold designs currently associated with the creation of original effects:

  • «rust»;
  • style «hi-tech»

In the direction «modern» well «fits» pseudomona wall unusual appearance, which presents simulated corrosion. In an exclusive option it is possible to imagine the use of heavy curtains, antique furniture, with walls made of concrete, in which are visible traces of rust.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

In style direction «hi-tech» the room should be a minimum variety of items. It is decorated «under the concrete» the walls are very look great in this modern design. Art-Beton is sure to be a subject of considerable interest, he will «chain» to the admiring glances of the guests. The unusual design of the walls, executed in a seeming carelessness and negligence, creates the impression that the house is home to an unusual artist, or billionaire, specifically left wall brand «naked».

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Unlike conventional concrete ↑

Decorative plaster looks like concrete has significant differences from the present material. It helps to create a sound barrier, holding inside the room is warm, protects the walls from mold, dust.

Lately the interior designers are showing increased interest in the application of plaster, which has metal inclusions.

The Council! This material is ideal for creating indoor intense rock atmosphere.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Such a finish is considered to be quite aggressive, so when using it be careful.

The ideal option would be a partial zoning of the room metallic design, when most of the walls and conventional concrete.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

The application ↑

It is possible to make your own hands a new wall, using decorative plaster under concrete, as the technology of its application is quite simple. It is important to first properly prepare the walls, remove the dust and grease stains. Upon detection of small cracks, be sure to do the priming. After completion of the preparatory stage, you can proceed to the direct application of the art of concrete. There is no difficulty in preparing the material, as he is offered to customers in a ready kind. When artistic processing of finished surface, try to leave on the wall some rough edges.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

The Council! Using spatula, brush, draw on the surface of the strip, circles, unusual geometric shapes.

To improve the operational characteristics of the obtained surface additionally apply the varnish or wax. No need to paint the wall, since the pseudo-concrete is the desired color. Fans «bright colors» we recommend acrylic paint. They will help in the pseudo-concrete «draw» the desired image. Interesting details on the use of plaster under concrete presented in the video snippet

This finish helps to create the most extraordinary interiors, to implement bold ideas. With a wide range of compounds to mimic the surface of natural concrete, the rooms turn out completely different external parameters.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Varieties of blends ↑

Manufacturers of finishing materials used for various components of the mixtures. You can buy a plaster composed of sand-cement base. In addition to the excellent aesthetic characteristics, the use of this plaster will help the owner of an apartment or house to save material resources on paying for space heating. The resulting surface has a unique sound insulation properties, suitable for decorating of facades, external walls of the building.

Thanks to unexpressed relief, on the surface you can get unique and interesting reliefs.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Disadvantages of plaster ↑

Decorative mix, gives a simulated concrete has certain disadvantages. First we note a rather long drying period applied to the surface of the composition. In addition, these mixes have a high cost.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Option for style «loft» ↑

For classical compositions, use gypsum or a mixture of cement and sand. The material perfectly protects from moisture, mildew, mold, walls, moreover, mimics the natural concrete walls. This unusual decision is right for the design direction «loft», which is based on one Central «naked» wall. In addition to the main components in mixtures there are a variety of additives, which gives the plaster its unique characteristics. For example, you can buy the plaster with increased sound parameters, resistance to negative radiation, good heat characteristics.

Imitation concrete decorative plaster

Conclusion ↑

A finishing material is effectively used when performing finishing walls. It allows you to create a unique covering involving imitation of various textures. If you find the large plaster fillers have to apply the mixture to the surface manually. If the walls have significant defects that will require a lot more plaster mixture that simulates real concrete. The addition of a mixture of dyes ensures that the transition from classic grey tones to colorful and vibrant interior. Choosing the option of this mixture, do not forget that additionally it cannot be diluted with water.

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