How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

Each owner of a suburban area, sooner or later the question of waste disposal. Someone the old-fashioned digs a hole and puts on her birdhouse. This project does not require any special financial costs, but has many disadvantages, among which are:

  • odor,
  • unsightly appearance,
  • difficulty in cleaning.

Moreover, to bring friends or the girl at the dacha with such a bathroom is just a shame. Another matter of peat toilet for cottages. It can be easily and simply installed within the home. All that is necessary is to equip the drainage. But due to the design of this procedure will not cause any difficulties.

The advantages of peat toilets for cottages ↑

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

The market provides a choice of many models of composting toilets of various shapes, designs and sizes. The question arises, how all of this diversity to choose a really good peat toilet for cottages?

First, consider what is the design of peat toilet for cottages. Imagine two containers, which are combined into a single processing system. One can find solid waste, a second liquid, previously filtered.

As you can see, the basic design is not very complicated. That is why with the installation and maintenance of peat toilet for cottages able to handle everyone.

The following advantages of this toilet lies in the name itself «peat». Everyone in the country there are trees and flowers that need feeding. The technology of bioremediation working in this unit, not just processes human waste and turns them into safe and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

It is important! Peat has unique antibacterial properties to quickly decompose human waste.

This technology is widely used in Europe because of its environmental friendliness and simplicity. Nice to see how domestic companies adopt foreign experience and create their peat toilets for cottages at an affordable cost.

As peat working toilets ↑

As mentioned above, the design of peat toilet for cottages consists of two tanks. One is made in the form of a tank. It is filled with peat. Traditional elements include the seat and cover. At the bottom of the container to get waste.

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

It should be noted that each company involved in the production of peat toilets for cottages, trying to make the design as functional as possible. Most of all it affects the shape and structural elements of the product.

It is important! Great popularity for many years, using models with the internal built-in container.

The fact that the inner container is really easy to empty. It is evident from the video. It discusses in detail the principle of operation of peat toilet for cottages Piteco 201.

As soon as the waste to fall inside the container, they immediately prosypayutsya peat. It removes the odor instantly. For filing of soil is a special dispenser. It consists of two rotating cavities. They need to ensure that the peat is crumbled evenly.

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

The dispenser is located in the upper part of the peat toilet, somewhere between the cistern and toilet. Liquid waste absorbed into the soil, and the remainder is discharged through the drain hose.

The hose connects to the base product. Conclusion sewage is best done in a separate tank or a special tank. However, the unique properties of the clearing system allow to deduce them directly in the ground.

Servicing and maintenance ↑

Peat toilet for cottages has many advantages, among which ease of operation. However, this does not mean that he does not need the service. A set of simple recommendations will allow you to keep a latrine clean. You need to perform regular list of measures to maintain it clean at all time use peat toilet.

However, here you need to give a clarification. Peat toilets for the garden can be divided into two classes: portable and mobile. The first are the usual blocks consisting of the reservoir and the toilet. The second is a stall, which if necessary can be easily transported to another place. They need special services.

The Council! Service mobile booths by specialized companies. Therefore, to the country it is better not to buy, if there are organizations that provide appropriate services.

Portable peat all toilet waste is in the tank. And it needs to be cleared regularly. The frequency depends on the internal volume and intensity of use. Usually two times a week is more than enough.

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

It is important! Do not expect a complete filling of the container. This can cause some difficulties when cleaning the tank.

Some models of peat toilets for cottages have such large capacity that they can be cleaned 1-2 times a year. That is why when selecting a toilet special attention should be given to tank size.

In the tank waste does not decompose. Here decomposition and neutralizes odor. Further process must take place in a specially made compost pit. It is necessary to take care in advance. This will allow you to comfortably use the fertilizer is when it will fully decompose.

Best of all the process of refueling and maintenance to consider in practice. Here is a video with the model Piteco 505. This is a peat toilet for cottages economy class, which everyone can afford.

As filler can be used as a special peat for composting toilets, and a mixture with sawdust. The composition is poured into the upper tank, from which it enters the waste tank.

Choose a peat toilet for cottages ↑

On the Russian market the products of many brands, each of which tries to make their models unique features and quality. At the moment the most popular products of such companies:

  • Separett,
  • Mulltoa,
  • «Tandem»,
  • Piteco,
  • Pacto.

These brands have won the trust of domestic gardeners quality products and affordable prices. These companies create peat toilets for cottages for many years. During this time they managed to bring the production technology to perfection.

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

Most peat toilets to give the above brands don’t require electricity or fluid for stable operation. Assembly and launch are within a few minutes. The main advantage is the sealed packaging waste, which absolutely does not pass the smell.

If you buy peat toilets for summer from these brands, they will not need to connect to utilities. In addition, they can work in any climate. The main body material is resistant to extremes of temperature plastic.

Products from these companies are highly durable and have long life. In most cases, models are supplied in special plastic bags. However, it is better to clarify this point before purchasing.

It is important! Prices on products range from 3 000 to 100 000 rubles.

What is important to pay attention to when choosing ↑

Do not skimp on quality. Quality of peat toilet for cottages will serve you for years. However, this does not mean you have to buy the most expensive model in the range of the online store. Just make a list of the required functions and relate the parameters of the product with the intended load. Also be sure to browse the reviews on each model. This will help you understand whether to take it.

Select the model ↑

TANDEM CD-M — it is a budget model, its value is around 3-4 thousand depending on the modification. The advantages of this peat toilet for the garden could be considered the housing of unbreakable plastic and the presence of the drainage system. The main disadvantage of the product is the lack of a separate container for waste collection. User reviews on this product in the most neutral.

Piteco 505 this model of peat toilet for the cottages is very popular among gardeners because of its aesthetic appearance. Moreover, it is easy to operate. The main advantage of products are small size. It should also be noted good ventilation. Most of the users speak positively about the product.

BIOLAN KOMPLET — the cost of this peat toilet for cottages is on the order of 20 000 rubles. But the product is absolutely worth the price for its characteristics. The volume of the tank waste has a capacity of 150 liters! Even with a large number of users, this amount is enough for the whole season. The reviews on the product positive.

Luxury option for those who appreciate the convenience ↑

How to choose a peat toilet for cottages, reviews

If you are at the cottage has electricity, it is possible to consider the installation of a toilet, electric powered. In this type of construction has some advantages. Compressor operation is realized by electricity. As a result of the solid pre-dried feces and then fall into the container. Any additional fluids and mixtures to acquire is not necessary. However, the price of such a device, the corresponding.

The results ↑

The market provides a choice of hundreds of models of peat toilets for cottages. Among this diversity you need to be able to choose a product that suits you. For this pre-decide the desired volume and additional features and only then make a purchase. The range of stores you can find both budget options for 2000-3000 rubles, and multifunctional units for 100 thousand.

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