Electric heating boiler for home

Currently, the issue of home heating is becoming increasingly important. Among the heating equipment a lot of popularity earned electric boilers. This happened due to several reasons: for installation, no permits are needed, connect heating is possible even in non-gasified houses. Demand creates supply, and today the market offers a large number of different models and modifications of boilers. With a large selection, not difficult to pick up for your home right model. When choosing one you will focus on your requirements, the ease of use and the area you want to heat.

Electric heating boiler for home

Model boilers ↑

The principle of any electric boiler – conversion of electricity into heat. Electric units are not the most cost-effective, but their efficiency factor is equal to 95-99%, which is good enough for such nodes. Such boilers are classified into three types according to the type of coolant. Let’s talk about each of these in more detail.

Electic electric boiler ↑

Electric boiler, equipped with heating elements, operate on the principle of the electric kettle. The water passes through the tubular heating elements – tubular heating elements. Speaking as a coolant, it passes across the heating system, circulating with a pump.

One of the advantages you can call it a compact, neat appearance and can be mounted on the wall. The installation process will not cause particular difficulties, and the operation comfortable and easy, thanks to the sensors of the thermostats. Automation allows you to maintain the desired heat, focusing on the data from the sensors, which measure the temperature of the ambient air.

Electric heating boiler for home

Coolant may be not only water and antifreeze, through which will not form scale on the heating elements, which can not be avoided, using water.

Attention! The scale formed on the heating elements, degrades the heat transfer properties and energy-saving electrical boiler.

This option for home heating and that has a low cost. For ease of adjustment of electricity consumption, it is equipped with several heating elements that can be included separately.

Electric heating boiler for home

Electric electrode boiler ↑

The principle of operation of the electrode of the electric boiler to heat your home is totally different from the previous model. The heating fluid is not the heating element. An electrode mounted in the housing, gives the fluid an electric charge, under which the molecules are split into negatively and positively charged ions. In the coolant occurs own resistance that provides intense heat. Poured into the system either water or a special structure (similar to antifreeze).

Electric heating boiler for home

This kind of electric unit for heating the house is perfectly safe, if there is fluid leakage, it will just shut down. The electrode model is very compact (looks like a small cylinder with pipes), equipped with sensors measuring ambient air temperature, controlled by automatics.

The maintenance of this model is reduced to the replacement of the electrode, as they gradually dissolve as you work, which worsens the heating of the house. It is also necessary to monitor the correct operation of the circulation pump to the liquid in the system is boiling. Proper and efficient operation of the electrode of the electric boiler for heating private houses is possible only with the prepared water – it must have the desired value of resistivity. Measure them yourself is not always convenient and easy as to prepare the water. Therefore, it is easier and safer to buy specifically designed to operate in electrode boilers liquid.

Electric heating boiler for home

Induction electric boiler ↑

This kind of electric heating unit for the house works on the basis of induction heating of a liquid ferromagnetic alloys. The inductive coil is sealed and has no contact directly with the coolant, which flows around the perimeter of the device. On this basis, as an energy source for home heating can be used not only water, but antifreeze. This electric boiler for heating the house is not equipped with a heating element or electrode, which improves its efficiency. Also, the absence of heating elements ensures complete safety during operation. This embodiment of the boiler for heating the house is not affected by the formation of scale, is virtually unbreakable and does not leak.

Electric heating boiler for home

The downside of induction models is only their higher cost and large dimensions. But over time, the size issue is eliminated – replaced the old, come the improved models.

In addition to this classification, electric boilers for heating of private houses are divided into:

  • single-loop (designed only for heating the whole house);
  • bypass (not only provide heating throughout the home but also water heating).

You also need to provide:

  • wall-hung boilers;
  • boilers (manufactured model large capacity).

Electric heating boiler for home

The installation and operation of electric boiler ↑

The scheme, on which is arranged the heating of private homes electrical boilers, primarily dependent on the number of storeys of the house. In that case, if you need to heat a house of two floors or more, the unit is installed in the basement, in the attic of the same set expansion tank.

To achieve a good heating your home seriously come to the choice of heating device, the quality and quantity of radiators, the location of all parts of the heating system, note the area of the premises. Should consult a professional before self-mounted electric boiler.

Electric heating boiler for home

The process of home heating a boiler is not anything complicated, it is based on simple laws of physics. The boiler is connected to the electricity passing through it heats the coolant. The circulation pump drives the water by the radiators, where the hot fluid gives off heat, warming the house. The cooled coolant returns to the heat source – the boiler.

For heating installation at home, you must purchase the following materials:

  • radiators (calculated by the number of sections on the quadrature of the premises);
  • pipe (measure the length of the walls which are assumed to hold the heating system);
  • fittings (if heating is installed in the metal);
  • the boiler;
  • circulation pump;
  • expansion tank.
It is important! The main stage of installation of the boiler is connected to electricity, it is desirable to entrust this work to professional electricians, and to supply power to the boiler by a separate wire (you should choose a cross-section of transactions based on power of boiler).

Electric heating boiler for home

The cost of electric boilers ↑

With simple Assembly, wall-mounted type with a minimum number of functions and parameters, small capacity, will cost about 2000 RUB. This option is sufficient for heating small houses or cottages.

The cost of electric boilers is affected by not only the manufacturer, but for the most part their equipment. The more different functions (automatic switch-off, measure the ambient temperature, sensors, fluid control, pressure gauge, the ability to include a portion of the heating elements), the more expensive electric boiler for heating house.

Another important factor affecting the cost of the boiler will be the presence of the second circuit. These units are very convenient for private houses, as not only heat the home but also ensure it with hot water. But choosing such a model, remember that heating water priority. That is, if you intend to constantly use hot water, that is the risk of not receiving adequate heating.

Electric heating boiler for home

Electric boiler home heating can be equipped with a magnesium anode, designed to soften the water, if it will be very hard. Electric boilers are often equipped with various electronic signs: temperature sensors; pressure sensors and fluid level control and many other.

Modern electric boilers for heating the house or home almost completely Autonomous, it is only necessary to set the desired parameters, and automation will support a given mode of operation.

An example of an Autonomous model is an electric boiler Protherm SKAT 9K, having a capacity of 9 kW and can heat a house with an area of 70-95 sq. m. the efficiency of this electric boiler is 99.5%, which is why it is chosen by many owners of private houses.

In the same price segment can be made to another boiler – Vaillant eloBLOCK 9KVR14, the German manufacturer. It is effective and reliable heating device.

Domestic manufacturers offer many different models, among which the most popular are the Rusne boilers and Evan.

Electric heating boiler for home

Conclusion ↑

The choice in favor of heating with electricity of a private house in recent years doing more and more people. Due to the large variety of equipment modifications, it is possible to select a boiler for any room.

Increasingly use electric boilers for heating of apartments, as in some regions of the heating boiler house does not give the desired heat in the harsh winter, and the cost of utilities is equal to the cost of electricity required for heating. The difference is that using for heating the boiler, you will live in a warm apartment for the same money.

Also for owners of private houses it is very important to worry about warming the house. When choosing a boiler, consider the size of the room, heat loss, boiler capacity. With proper calculations, your home will always delight you with comfort and warmth!

How to install an electric boiler with their hands, consider the example of the boiler «Nevsky» in the next video

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