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Reviews of induction heating boiler

The question of heating will not lose its relevance ever. Periodically as a result of productive engineering on the market there are new proposals for home heating. Induction boilers not as popular as traditional electric units equipped with Heaters, but to see with their design and principle of operation, will be useful to those who are exploring options for your own home heating.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

The internal structure of the boiler ↑

Study of electromagnetic induction, the scientist Michael Faraday was doing in the first half of the 19th century. His scientific works formed the basis of the production of transformers, generators and motors. And only in 90-ies of the last century was developed by an induction electric boilers, the principle of which is based on the discovery of a century and a half ago. Induction heating boiler has a complex structure, consisting of the following elements:

  • The outer housing is made of metal.
  • The second layer of the induction pot is a two-layer protection consisting of electrical and thermal insulation.
  • In the center of the unit for heating the core is made of two pipes of different diameter. Material used – ferromagnetic steel, the wall thickness is 10 mm. Tubes are inserted into each other and solve different problems. The inner part has a winding, that the core, the outer tube performs the function of heating element.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

The principle of operation ↑

Boilers induction heating type, you can use any coolant, but the most convenient and popular is water. Bottom part of boiler is equipped with a pipe for admission of coolant at the top is the outlet for the heated water. Inside the unit electric energy is converted into vortical flows due to the action of the primary winding. Further the generated electromagnetic field is redistributed to the secondary winding, provided with metal heating pipe.

The principle of operation of the induction pot is similar to the transformer. The coolant in the pipe coils is exposed to high temperatures. The circulation process ensures its promotion to the heating system, due to this the risk of overheating is eliminated.

Many artists successfully design vortex induction heaters (VIN) alone. Deciding to build a boiler on their own, observe safety precautions.

Warning! Operation of induction equipment is possible only in a closed heating system, equipped with forced circulation of coolant.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

Features choice ↑

Choosing an induction unit for heating the house, please note that there are single-phase and three-phase samples, the second option is unacceptable for apartments, its operation is possible only in the private sector. Most boilers industrial production equipped with a remote control that allows you to set the required parameters for heating. The capacity of the equipment chosen based on the area that needs heating: for 1 mTwo you will need 60 watts. For space heating 120 mTwo the required power of the induction pot is 7.2 kW.

Advantages and disadvantages ↑

Any mechanism tend to make life easier for consumers. Among the advantages of the equipment for heating, the principle of operation is based on electromagnetic induction, note the following points:

  • The boiler does not need a specially equipped separate building, the presence of a chimney is not required.
  • Operates on AC and DC. Low voltage is not a barrier to stop.
  • No heating elements that require regular replacement.
  • Sealed and reliable system reduces the probability of leaks to a minimum.
  • The formation of scale in boilers induction does not occur.
  • The work of the induction pot is characterized by a high degree of fire and electrical safety.
  • An efficiency of 100% during the entire period of operation this indicator is not changed.
  • Besides water, as the coolant can act as antifreeze and oil. His replacement is every 10 years.
  • Installation of equipment is simple enough to hold his own.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

Having made the decision to buy for induction heating the pot, be prepared for the following nuances:

  • Even a small design with a height of 45 cm and a diameter of 12 cm has a weight of 23 kg.
  • The high cost of the unit. This is the most expensive boiler for heating of the possible options.
  • The heating system must be of closed type.
  • Because of interference by a few meters is not recommended close positioning appliances.

Characteristics of the operational process ↑

If we make a comparative description between the electric boilers from the heating element and an induction type, the first option wins in the cost. But this is only at first glance. Over time the efficiency of this design decreases due to the formation of scale. This problem is not peculiar to induction units, so they no longer fail and work with the initial heat. The calculations showed that every year benefit from energy savings when operating the induction pot is only growing and the average is 30%.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

Also there is a simple way to eliminate the problem of interference from the boiler. For this it is sufficient to use the invention of M. Faraday and open the induction unit in fine metal mesh.

It is important! Defense grid must not be electrically connected with the primary design, the presence of the arrows..

This shell allows you to delay the interference and not interfere with household appliances. Moreover, there is a direct correlation between the granularity of the grid and protection level to ensure high-quality obstacles enough to stop the brass instance, the cell size which is 1×1 mm.

Another important point to save power consumption when using induction heating boiler – high-quality insulation of the room. If you have old Windows, walls and floors do not have sufficient insulation protection, space heating, induction boiler, will become an important item in the family budget. Preliminary analysis of heat leaks and their timely elimination will significantly reduce electricity expenses at work induction boiler. In this case significant savings with the installation of two-tariff meter. It is sufficient to turn on the heating at night, when rates are significantly lower than the daytime rates, and heating of premises induction pot will suffice until the next night. The house, having the properties of a thermos, has become a familiar construction technology in the Western countries. Adopting advanced experience, operation of induction heating boiler will bring only positive emotions.

Reviews of induction heating boiler

In the process of operation of induction boilers opinions of consumers about their technical characteristics differ. Here are some reviews that reflect the practical side of the issue.


I live in an area where there is no gas pipeline. The heating issue was always acute. To use a solid fuel boiler I hate: persistent concerns about the purchase of fuel, its transportation and storage do not inspire optimism. The store suggested the use of induction pot. I have a small house of 60 sq. m., in the process of a major overhaul of the Windows were replaced with plastic, the walls are insulated. Installation of induction heating boiler was easy and without problems. In his absence I switch off the equipment, re-launch allows you to quickly and effortlessly heat the heating system. I am grateful to the consultants for the proposed choice of induction boiler.


As the owner of a two story house, I want to have the heating system, not devours the family budget in the winter to the bottom. The desire to install a gas heating appliance is postponed until the time the Central supply line gas supply. Sales staff tried hard to convince the indispensability of induction of the boiler works for a long time, silently, not efficiency is reduced due to the absence of scale. But, considering the cost of the induction pot and adding to the costs of the inevitable maintenance costs on the equipment of three phase power lines, necessary paperwork, came to the conclusion that it is much more practical induction boiler to organize in the house heating convectors, and in the future go to gas equipment.

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