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Summer shower with your hands

The summer cottage story: clean air, berries from the garden, salads of vegetables only is broken. To spoil this happy time, it can only be lack of water. Everyone wants to stand under the shower at the cottage, completing the work in the garden. If some prefer the bath, the others have a shower only. Therefore, the decision to build a summer shower with your hands it is logical and appropriate. After a small house without Windows, the construction of the soul is first in the list. For use found on the site and purchased materials, the advice of neighbors on the plot and his own imagination.

Summer shower with your hands

One of the options for the provision of housing a soul in the country is the construction of additional structures to the finished shed can be painted fun colors. It is also possible to divide the existing building, and using partitions, make a place for the soul.

If the barn is comfortable and durable, you can prefer frame of wooden beams. Reliable support rail is 10cm. in cross-section. To protect from moisture and insects wood painted or treated with preservative for wood. Select the installation location, it must be the Sunny and desirable elevated position, or have to make a mound to drain.

A plan to create a soul with his own hands ^ a

  • Choose a Sunny place
  • To pour the Foundation
  • Make plums
  • To set the pan
  • To build a frame
  • To install the tank

The creation of the Foundation ↑

Mark out a rectangle 1×1,4 meters, trying to drive the pegs, pulled the rope between them, piemeram distance sides and diagonal roulette.

If we’re stationary and durable shower at the cottage, we have to do a pier Foundation. Using a garden auger in place of the pegs make the holes to a depth of one meter. There would be a metal pipe of 1.2 meter length and 90 mm. In diameter. Three parts sand, one part cement and five parts of crushed rock used for fill. Between the pipes rising 20 see peremenam distance.

Summer shower with your hands

Protect the structure from moisture will provide the formwork, they need to pour the same mixture as the Foundation. Due to this, country shower exalted above the plot. Not yet frozen columns you want to insert 3 sticks of rebar with a small cross section to 1 cm and 20 cm in length. The expected hardening of the Foundation.

Do plums ↑

For the arrangement of the drain dig a two-meter pit. Strengthen the walls that the edges do not crumble, economical way to put 6 – 8 junk tires. The hole for the drain pipe connected to the sump, do the penultimate. Without pallet can be dispensed with, but the water will corrode the soil, you can buy a ready-made tray.

Summer shower with your hands

Build the frame ↑

Summer shower with your hands

Wooden beams frame collected on dried Foundation. Ligation is done above and below. The upper and lower frames are assembled separately on the ground. Construction is clamped by bolts and installed on the Foundation. To install you need to drill holes for fittings that must be mounted parallel bars. Additional stability is provided by the fastening struts on the diagonal. Sheathing can be planed wood, be sure to varnish or paint. The door is preferably sealed to avoid drafts.

Tank installation ↑

Summer shower with your hands

There are two options, just put the tank on top of the building or create a tank over a frame made of beams and covered with polyethylene, which will give a greenhouse effect. If the first option will work, the second will save the time required to heat the water and will retain heat.

Given the instability of weather conditions, you should choose the second option, the existence of a soul in the country is not dependent on sunshine days. To create a structure above the tank, bring down two plates from the bars in the letter V. the length of the bars select the diameter of the barrel. The connection of workpieces are using wooden slats. Design put on the edges of the roof, fasten using the screws. Then just wrap the polyethylene.

Alternatives to the material of the tank is between the light plastic and the rapidly heating metal. Metal tank can be painted dark colors, and it will most likely heat up, lightweight plastic convenient to install. We will give preference to dark plastic barrel 200L. in volume. It needs to be laid on the roof to fix the straps, fix with two nails.

Summer shower with your hands

You need to cut two holes in the barrel, the first will be for watering, it is sealed with silicone, over the second tank is filled with water. With a hose connecting the top opening of the tank and the tap water. You can use the pump to pump water from the well.

Your summer shower is ready to use!

Summer shower with your hands

Summer shower in the greenhouse ↑

Around the shower you can plant moisture-loving plants. The outside of the building to fasten the hooks for clothes. Create a summer shower in the country – an easy and pleasant experience, the result of which will delight You for many summer days.

Summer shower with your hands

Those who have a dacha a good greenhouse for vegetables, sometimes a barrel of water for her soul.

Summer shower with your handsSummer shower with your hands

Even in the case of cloudy and windy weather, you can close all greenhouse vents and doors to comfortably take a shower at the cottage.

Very convenient that the water in the barrel, which is a day in the sun, warms up much faster.

Summer shower with your hands

In order to arrange the drain, you can dig a little leaky barrel in the ground, at the bottom of which pour gravel. A barrel is set on a pedestal of bars, the height of the pillars should be above the rear. The barrel should lie obliquely.

The hole in the bottom of the barrel serves for the installation of the faucet connected to the hose and shower.

Summer shower with your hands

You can hang the curtains for the bathroom.

Summer shower with your hands

The main advantage of country soul in the greenhouse, the ability to wash in it from may until September. Look what we made summer shower your hands.

Summer shower with your hands

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