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House cat out of the box

The presence of the cats invariably affect the atmosphere of the house. The nature of your pet can range from imposing and melancholic to playful and expressive. In any case, your life will never be the same. Sometimes places that have chosen a cat for your vacation or active play, are troublesome for the owners. And then there is an issue of arrangement of the individual house. It can be purchased ready made or spend a little of your own time and make an interesting design with their hands.

House cat out of the box

The variety of cat houses ↑

Before self-production of house cat, it would be useful to study existing models. Drawing on useful tricks you will be able to apply them in design, you are going to do with their hands. Specialized shops offer a wide range of houses for cats, which have a different shape and size, and their production was used on all materials.

House cat out of the box

The most popular among cat owners of the following models:

  • Couches have different form. Suitable for calm animals, the main activity of which is to monitor surrounding.
  • The house in the form of a box like a cat who prefers privacy. To make such a design with their hands simply.
  • The love of cats to cardboard boxes knows no bounds. Regardless of the size, they will try to settle in any container, whether it is packaging from the microwave or compact boxes from under the Shoe. So thinking about own production house, based out of a cardboard box will be the perfect solution.
  • Hammocks, the location of which depends on the availability of free space. With limited square metres the place cats can be clipped under the chair. Spacious apartment in a hammock hung from the ceiling, further tooling of interesting designs of stairs.
  • Play areas also include a spacious square. They include houses, ladders, hammocks and scratching posts. It all depends on the number of cats for which they are intended, and the capabilities of the owner.
  • The refined interior will emphasize a miniature copy of upholstered furniture in the form of a couch or bed. Resting on the sofa, the cat invariably raises a smile.

House cat out of the box

But bought a house don’t always have to like a wayward pet. And then a lot of money is wasted. Much more practical to build a house for the cat out of the box. Material that was already in the apartment will cause her rejection, so the problems with accustoming to the new cardboard house will not have.

House cat out of the box

Nuances of design ↑

Despite the simplicity of the solution before proceeding to the design with his own hands the house out of the box, you should analyze the nature of cats. What to consider when designing:

  • She prefers to spend free time – watching others, actively playing or sleeping day and night.
  • If she has a bad habit to tear up the furniture.
  • Does the cat hunt, hunt down enemies.

Analysis of the characteristics of nature of your pet allows you to design a house that best meets their needs. Design may include:

For fans to contemplate the surroundings better to do with their hands bunk house with couch upstairs. This will allow your cat to always be in the loop.

House cat out of the box

Avid hunter and caring mother will need a second course through which they will be able to observe a potential enemy.

House cat out of the box

Active cats will appreciate a house out of the box, supplemented by a device for physical exercise. To make your own hands the stack of plywood that are convenient to jump, is not difficult.

To preserve the aesthetic appearance of upholstered furniture will help you install the scratching posts. For this column, the function of which can run metal or PVC pipe should wrap jute rope and secured firmly near the house out of the box. An important condition is convenient access from all sides of the structure.

House cat out of the box

The dimensions of the cabin of the boxes should match the size of the cat. Lodger’s medium size is optimal to make the design in the form of a cube of side 40 cm entrance Width is 15 to 20 cm smaller or larger specimens require adjustment of the dimensions of the house out of the box. The main condition – the animal should be able to slide on the side. In any case, you should carefully consider the sign-in options. If too large a hole, the cat will feel insecure, as long as it passed it without problems.

The Council! Pose on hind legs – one of the most favorite in Bengal and Siamese cats. Therefore, they preferred their hands to make a kind of wigwam, which will be in the range of 60-70 cm.

House cat out of the box

The process of resettlement design out of the box ↑

Let us consider in detail how to make a house cat out of the box. Problems with the selection of the framework should not arise. Any of printer, microwave ovens or other large appliances will fit. For these purposes, even amiss the parcel «Mail Of Russia», the main principle of selection – thick cardboard. The involvement of children makes the process fun for the whole family.

Selection of materials and tools ↑

All set for house cats you can collect without leaving their own homes. You will need:

  • Directly cardboard boxes.
  • Soft, but dense material for the upholstery, the best choice is carpet.
  • Material with water repellent for interior house.
  • Glue, non-odor. Otherwise, the cat may ignore all your efforts on arrangement of the house with his own hands.
  • A sharp knife, a ruler and a pencil.
  • Broad Scotch.

The main stages of formation of the house ↑

The variety of designs of houses for cats does not oblige to adhere strictly to the given algorithm. But the study process will help to define the main stages of the work, which includes:

  • The layout of the entrance, there may be two main and «black». Outlining the compass with the pencil outlines, they are carefully cut with a sharp knife.
  • All joints of the box are fixed with tape, this will avoid deformation of the house cat.
    House cat out of the box
    Note! A full treatment of the surface of the box with tape to extend the period of operation of the design.
  • The fabric water repellent for kids based on the selected dimensions of a house cat.
  • Finish is placed inside the structure through the entrance and gradually begin to fix to the walls with glue. Glue gun will facilitate and speed up the entire process of creating designs for the cat with your hands. Don’t forget to process material in the joints of cardboard boxes.
    House cat out of the box

In this work the internal arrangement of the house cat can be considered completed.

Exterior decor ↑

Aesthetic appearance is an important aspect of the design of the structure. There are many options of how to decorate the house for the cat out of the box. Method trim the carpet very practical, as apart from the function of decoration, it can become a favorite place for sharpening claws of your pet. Necessary steps:

  • The side walls and the top can be processed in one piece, according to the size of the box.
  • The front wall where the main entrance is cut out of a solid piece.
    House cat out of the box
  • To fix decorative trim in two ways: use a stapler or use the same glue gun. The practicality of the second method are obvious, as it provides an invisible fixing on the house out of the box. Using the upholstery as a scratching posts that the cat can pull out the clip, and she, in turn, hurt tenants. Therefore, we focus on the adhesive design design out of the box.
  • After drying, plating, carpet in the entrance area cut diagonally, then cut, leaving a margin of 1.5 cm for the bend inside the house.
    House cat out of the box
  • Be patient and within three days and ensure design quality out of the box dry, after which you can put inside a comfortable pillow or mattress and invite a cat for a housewarming party.

House cat out of the box

The original idea ↑

The proposed method is to make a cat house with your own hands is not a postulate. There are many interesting ideas on how to turn cardboard boxes into a favorite place of pastime pet.

House cat out of the box

To bring the house to the original design of the housing allows the gable roof. For this top box equipped with additional features such as slopes and pediments. Reliable fixation of the roof of the house cat will provide hotmelt. And if you carefully cut a miniature window, the pet will have an additional opportunity to monitor the environment.

House cat out of the box

Sheathing a house from a cardboard box is not necessary. For the decoration of the external surfaces, you can use paint, non-pungent odor, Wallpaper or colored paper.

House cat out of the box

The presence of space allows the construction of the boxes the whole complex, it can be single or duplex, with many passages and holes to exit. Such a maze will appeal to the cat and save homeowners from unnecessary disturbances, particularly if they live a whole family of Pets.

House cat out of the box

See how easy it is to build cat house from boxes in the following video:

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