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House on wheels with their hands

The original design of the houses is able to be transported, developed at the dawn of the last century. Due to its functionality, the idea is to equip a housing on wheels, and moved into domestic spaces.

House on wheels with their hands

The device housing on wheels ↑

If you adhere to established standards, mobile home on wheels needs to provide sleeping places for eight people and to have a compact kitchen. Other creature comforts provided in traditional housing, vary according to the chosen model. Most designs include:

  • the sink and gas stove;
  • shelves and cabinets;
  • the oven.

Adherents of comfortable living conditions offer luxurious models of housing on wheels, equipped with:

  • grill and microwave;
  • the bathroom is made on the basis of the toilet;
  • washbasin and shower.

When a sufficient area of the design, the tail part is equipped with a separate room with a U-shaped furniture.

Comment! Space for the driver and passenger in the caravan is mobile, it provides an extra area for Parking.

The progenitors of non-traditional mobile dwellings are caravans, whose design was subordinated to the needs of pastoralists, the mass production of homes began in 1938.

House on wheels with their hands

Classification of RV ↑

Before starting to implement the plan to make a home on wheels with your hands, you should examine their graduation and to select the optimal design, which are:

  • van;
  • trailer;
  • the house, combined with the driver’s cab.

House on wheels with their hands

The duration or frequency of operation also play a role. What is the purpose to become the owner of the mobile home:

  • the opportunity to travel, without resorting to the services of hotels;
  • have the original housing for permanent or long-term stays.

Long stay mobile home necessitates to be concerned about the increased comfort, which is not required when short-term travel.

House on wheels with their hands

The classification of mobile homes, based on the degree of integration, includes the following categories:

  • The value of A class is assigned a fully-integrated designs. The appearance of mobile homes resembles a traditional bus, they are characterized by high levels of comfort and represent the luxury category of accommodation on wheels. Indispensable attributes of a mobile home belonging to category A: large windscreen, fixed driver’s seat, the presence of sliding partitions, allowing to divide the inner space of the mobile home wheels. To provide Autonomous existence allow generator, gas containers and compact containers with a sufficient supply of water.
  • Category b has a much simplified design. A distinctive feature from the most basic models of housing on wheels is a stationary bed, installed in the rear of the transport. Most often the exploitation of mobile homes the middle category on the American continent resort young couples.
  • The C-class are small houses providing living area of the owners during short journeys. They are often converted from SUVs to double bed in them due to the transformation driver and passenger seat.

House on wheels with their hands

House on wheels with their hands

House on wheels with their hands

There are combined homes which are difficult to attribute to a specific category, among them:

  • Hybrid trailers are equipped with outside pull-out tents. They allow a short rest on removable pads.
  • Small tow trailers teardrop shape provides the ability to move the mini home on wheels by motor transport.
  • The trailer, whose size is larger than the standard housing on wheels, called Giswil trailer. Its transportation is carried out by the car with the obligatory presence of a special coupling mechanism.

House on wheels with their hands

House on wheels with their hands

The vehicle modifications ↑

The task to make a homemade house on wheels is preceded by thorough preparation. You will need a large Arsenal of tools and equipment, stamina and time.

It is important! Pre-study of the legal framework will allow to avoid unpleasant situations in the completion of construction. Transport, housing size on the wheels must conform to regulations.

At the initial stage is determined by the number of occupants for which designed mobile house design. Starting from this number, selected transport and the interior. Make a detailed plan on paper. To simplify the implementation of the project homes will help specialized computer programs.

Then go directly to the vehicle, most often for mobile housing used truck, rarely carried out refurbishment of the bus. So:

  • From the body are removed all the foreign objects, dents ryhtuyut, flaking paint is cleaned.
  • The design of the housing on wheels it is impossible to imagine without Windows, so when the initial of their absence, in the body prepare the openings for light and air ventilation.
  • If mobile design is planned for long-term housing, can not do without gas valves and vents.
  • The exposed portions of metal structures are treated with a primer, this will prevent premature corrosion of the housing in the wheels caused by the aggressive effects of the environment.
  • Insulation in homes is an important point of construction. With this function perfectly cope mineral wool, plywood or heat insulation material is laid. In addition to insulation, to prevent condensation in mobile homes.

House on wheels with their hands

When purchasing metal fasteners see that they were made of a material similar to the body of the vehicle. It will create an additional barrier to corrosion processes.

To create a cozy atmosphere in the design of the housing on wheels designed interior. In addition to moisture resistant plywood is used for these purposes carpeted.

For the side walls of the mobile home prepared thickened panel is equipped with straps for fixing of furniture. Professionals with experience of equipment structures housing on wheels, it is recommended to installation works with side surfaces to engage in the alignment of the ceiling.

After the walls go to install in the house furniture.

Completing the housing arrangement, travel destination, you can switch to the technical equipment of the design houses on wheels. For water supply need installation under a sink, small pumps, supplemented with cans of water. If you wish to arrange housing on wheels with the increased comfort, taking a shower will require a large capacity.

Attention! Water on wheels is inextricably linked with sewage, so worry about the extra tank. For arrangement of toilet will suit a traditional garden design.

Warm design for the mobile housing and to create conditions for cooking will help the propane gas. A bowl of them is fixed at the lower part of the vehicle, there is equipped with an additional vent opening. This will protect the RV from the accident leakage as the weight of propane exceed the weight of the air. The best option for power supply design of housing on wheels is considered a powerful battery, which will require an equipped outdoor outlet in the process of recharging.

House on wheels with their hands

Retrofitting trailer ↑

Deciding to become an owner of a mobile home on wheels, you can buy a trailer-a trailer that will cost about half a million rubles. Having the desire to travel without overnight stays at roadside hotels, and having the skills of installation work on wood, it is feasible to re-equip an ordinary car trailer, having at the output of the comfortable house on wheels. For this you will need:

  • trailer with sturdy chassis;
  • wood paneling, slats and bars;
  • the profile for the arrangement of the roof;
  • plywood sheets;
  • accessories for finishing;
  • tools for working on wood and metal.

The trailer is on wheels to housing is not luxurious, but compact bunk bed for a night’s sleep there. Structure is mounted to the rear of the house, it is best to build it the full width of the trailer, connecting the side walls. This will help to strengthen the rigidity of the whole structure of the housing on wheels. The door is made of two halves, a window is preferable to make the Bay a bit later.

House on wheels with their hands

The entire process of creating of a mobile trailer housing includes the following steps:

  • The old construction is disassembled for cleaning chassis and cover them with anticorrosive paint. The frame runs from pine boards, and prepare backup.
  • For the frame you will need Reiki 2×2 cm, further strengthening future home on wheels oak slats provide a cross section of 3×3 cm, fixed at the sides. The construction of the frame rail tied off horizontally.
  • Installation of the side walls of the future home on wheels made of lining thickness of 6 mm for the front and rear wall recommended material thickness 19 mm.
    ?Tip! To improve the thermal insulation of a mobile home will allow stacking of two layers of material.
  • For installation work on the equipment in the caravan floor using plywood sheets.
  • Beams of poplar good quality roof structure for mobile homes. They are fixed with an interval of 30 cm and Then beams alternately hiding plywood, waterproofing material and profile of a small section.
  • The building of the house on wheels is equipped with a single window, which is located in the rear above the bed. Experts recommend to perform the window opening in the shape of a Bay window.
  • For convenience and additional stream of light, the door of the mobile home is equipped with a compact sash window. The castle is located at the bottom, if desired, the design contains two locks.
  • The lower space in the bed mobile housing is used in two variants: it is possible to equip the sliding table or to make an additional sleeping place.

House on wheels with their hands

House on wheels with their hands

House on wheels with their hands

The remaining wood material used for the construction of shelves and removable ladder. If the trailer the trailer is built in compliance with the established dimensions, its transportation is carried out in the usual way. In the case of large structures housing on wheels, will need special support. To see another version of the conversion of the trailer in the following video:

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