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How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

In recent times to create a simple hinged structures began to use polycarbonate. It is possible to build a gazebo, a shed, the roof of various buildings near the house or garden. This material is very plastic, so they can easily be closed nonlinear surface. In addition, the polycarbonate water-resistant, very lightweight and durable, which is important in the construction of such structures as a carport. But still, despite the seeming simplicity of erection of various buildings for the garden made of polycarbonate, you need to adhere to some technologies, about which we will explain below.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

How to make a gazebo made of polycarbonate with their hands ↑

To the construction of a canopy, gazebo, or shed of polycarbonate went quickly and according to plan, you need to prepare a plan. Each plan must include the following mandatory items:

  • the design drawing of the gazebo or carport;
  • the choice of polycarbonate;
  • the choice of floor covering;
  • installation;
  • decor.

For all of these works will be useful the following tools:

  • pliers;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • building a knife or a circular saw;
  • welding machine (if the frame is metal);
  • gloves.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

Design drawing of a shed or gazebo ↑

Polycarbonate panels are very flexible, so it is often used for creation of various constructions near the house or garden. Polycarbonate sheets are easily mounted on wood, stone, metal or wrought iron frame.

If your gazebo is made of stone or wood, polycarbonate is an excellent choice for roofing. The transparent roof allows light under the canopy, and at the same time well protect from the scorching sunlight.

Sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate open type are very light, the function of protection from the elements they perform and fit perfectly into the interior of the light area of the garden or home, but still in the rain more comfortable to be in the room with walls. Therefore, polycarbonate is also used for bumpers or full walls. The gazebo can be done in the form of the hangar when closed polycarbonate two opposite sides, and the ends are left open. Nice look of the gazebo or canopies, where the metal pillars are welded wrought iron frame or simply decorative items from iron.

Attention! Creating a drawing of the future shed or gazebo, you can easily calculate the amount of necessary material for the construction of any structure at home.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

The choice of polycarbonate ↑

During the construction of a shed or gazebo with their hands often use the following types of polycarbonate:

  1. Monolithic polycarbonate. Looks very similar to glass, is transparent or colored. The aesthetic appearance combined with high strength, which have no glass. Often it is used for highly loaded structures at home or at the cottage.
  2. Profiled polycarbonate. This option is not inferior in strength to the sheet, it differs only by the shape of the panel – they are wavy. It is often used on roofs in combination with metal, in which the size of the wave is equal to the size of the wave polycarbonate so they easily fit together. Profiled polycarbonate is also convenient to do light Windows on the roof.
  3. Cellular polycarbonate. This is the most common form of polycarbonate. It is inexpensive and easy to operate. To mount the awning or gazebo at the cottage of such a polycarbonate and is quite possible alone. He is very flexible and pliable, enabling the creation of any non-linear shape.

What polycarbonate it is better to choose for a canopy or gazebo to you.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

The selection of the frame ↑

The main condition for successful construction of a canopy or gazebo for garden, this is the proper installation of the frame. It is also the most responsible action, therefore, the choice of material should be approached seriously. Mainly for the construction of sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate is used:

  • metal;
  • concrete or concrete blocks;
  • wrought iron.

Easier and more convenient to collect the metal construction, it is necessary to purchase:

  • pipe;
  • rebar;
  • angles;
  • profile.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

To assemble the frame of the armature, will need welding. This is one of the easiest ways whose appearance is not too attractive. Besides, the disadvantages of the constructions of the valve is that the polycarbonate sheets need to be fastened with wire. If openings for the passage of wire to close does not work, then through them will get wet inside the shed and the frame will begin to rust.

Tubes have the same drawbacks – unpresentable appearance, and susceptibility to corrosion. Use them if they have accumulated at the cottage or at home as unnecessary material. The only convenience in comparison with the reinforcement that polycarbonate sheets can be secured with screws to the pipe.

Attention! Most of the frame of a canopy for summer use profiled pipe. Along with it if required, use corners.

The option of forging quite expensive, such gazebos or canopies for your home or garden are made to order, or purchase frame in special shops. But the finished product is easier to buy a whole, along with polycarbonate. Better when custom forged designs to choose polycarbonate material on their own, and pass it to the manufacturers. So you can be sure as.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

The choice of flooring ↑

First, where the construction of a gazebo or canopy to give, is to prepare the flooring. For outdoor gazebo designs or a canopy from polycarbonate, do not have to build a capital floor, as the gazebo will be easy. But for your own comfort it is recommended to Refine the primer to during and after rains under my feet was not dirt.

This can be done by using a thin concrete screed (5-8 cm), or just to lay ceramic tile and press it well. You can pre-clean the ground selected for the construction of area cottages and to fill the trench with sand or gravel.

It is also possible to establish under the canopy of a wooden platform, but is a more costly option. And yet, if you decide to build it in the yard or home, it will be necessary to dig pits under the small columns. The pillars should be slightly above ground level. Set props filled with concrete, and when he is grabbed, on top of stacked steel I-beams that serve as the Foundation of the future of the platform. The beams are spaced no further than two feet from each other. As the floor select Board, plywood or any other wood sheets.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

Attention! It is necessary to treat the wood with a special sealant against rotting, and the ends to close the moisture-resistant material.

Another option would be to fill the perimeter of the canopy or gazebo clean fine sand. This is dug a pit 15 cm deep, and a width slightly larger than the perimeter of the design, and filled with sand. Coarse or fine sand to use you choose, the only difference in appearance. At the border of sand and soil it is advisable to dig the low curb to the sand with the ground didn’t mix. This sandy island, especially if there is a reservoir that will look great on any country site.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

Install the gazebo ↑

Build a gazebo or canopy for your home or garden can be divided into three stages:

  1. Frame Assembly;
  2. Mounting frame to the base;
  3. Mount polycarbonate.

If you previously prepared a drawing of the future building, then you can immediately proceed to the Assembly. First you need to dig a pit depth of 15-20 cm under the pillars where you want to install an iron, stone or wooden posts.

After the pillars are fixed, it is advisable to wait a couple of days so the concrete is stronger and is securely held support. Then you can start welding or other Assembly (if wood) frame.

Fixing of polycarbonate sheet is carried out by drilling in it and a metal hole profile, slightly smaller in diameter than the screw fastening. It is best to use rubber washers to place through the passage of the screw does not hit the water.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

The interior ↑

When on a country site there is a gazebo or canopy is the time to do their internal arrangement. Sometimes the additional functions in the construction phase, install a fireplace.

Select interior and design of your gazebo you will be to your liking, and that there will be – only you can decide. Tables, chairs, bar counter, lighting and small decor items should be made of materials adapted to high humidity and temperature extremes. Consider different climatic conditions, choosing furniture.

How to make sheds and gazebos made of polycarbonate

Conclusion ↑

Having a vacation home or cottage, this peaceful sanctuary from the bustle of the city, you can easily equip it with a gazebo or pergola where it will be convenient to gather a group of friends or family holiday. For this purpose the best suited design made of polycarbonate, because they are inexpensive and easy to install.

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