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How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

Should I make a canopy over the outdoor pool – the question is not even discussed. Even if a modern system of protection against pollution and climate control, canopies over the pool made of polycarbonate well raise the comfort of bathing, especially in windy weather. It should be a time to assess in practice, to understand the difference.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

For a large mirror pool simple canopy of protection problem not to solve, but for a home version of the building of a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate with their hands – a very real and affordable option. Quotations for custom-made product range from 50 thousand rubles to 20 thousand. dollars. Objective analysis of prices shows that only a third of the price of the finished roof be the actual cost of materials and labor, the rest is profit, taxes and lots of unknown costs. If you have a penchant for design and a bit of free time and money, consider making a canopy over the pool made of polycarbonate with their hands only.

Types of sheds for pool ↑

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

Most often used to protect awnings for pools:

  • Capital structure pavilion type, with good protection from solar ultraviolet radiation and radiation;
  • Sliding options with movable frame sections made of polycarbonate that covers the mirror of original pool cap;
  • Demountable temporary structures used for country variants basins;

It is clear that these schemes do not cover the entire diversity of constructive solutions, but allow us to understand the structure and benefits of a variety of canopies for pools of polycarbonate shown in the photo.

What should be and what are the sunshade for the pool ↑

The use of polycarbonate to protect the pool provides a number of advantages that are difficult or significantly more expensive than are achieved with other materials – glass, polyacrylate, or any metal or plastic. Small specific gravity, material resistance to weathering and excellent transmittance of light makes polycarbonate a perfect candidate for sun protection.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

In addition, the installation of a canopy made of polycarbonate must additionally provide:

  1. Soft warm microclimate in the surface layer of air that even in cold weather, do not feel discomfort from wind gusts. Good insulating qualities polycarbonate reduces heat loss and condensation on the inner surface of the canopy;
  2. The ability to control ventilation of the space under the overhang with good protection from dust and leaves and rain in the reservoir basin;
  3. The use of cleverly chosen color shades polycarbonate provides excellent diffused light, which is difficult to obtain through Windows or glass panels.
It is important! You can avoid sunburn or the risk of skin diseases for the reason that polycarbonate absorbs the lion’s share of particularly dangerous spectrum of the solar flux, converting dangerous ultraviolet light into harmless heat thanks to a special coating.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

The easiest option open lateral space ↑

The most accessible and cheapest option of a canopy over the pool made of polycarbonate (photos) the pavilion is considered a scheme in which the bulk polycarbonate roof rendered on poles above the mirror pool to a considerable height – up to 3 metres at the highest point.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

In such a scheme polycarbonate sheet laid on the vaulted and forms an arching roof, giving a huge area darkening not only the pool but of the surrounding territory. This allows you to place it in the shade place to stay and everything you need for comfortable bathing without the installation of additional canopies and umbrellas.

The pavilion design shed ↑

The pavilion design is the most simple and adaptable to production, the main difficulty lies in the manufacture of welded structures of the arches. The total weight of the roof makes it possible to fabricate them from aluminum or thin walled steel pipe. Construction of the arch is a standard solution for all sheds and can be purchased from the construction company at an inexpensive price. Other works on installation of supports and installation is quite affordable to implement with your own hands.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

In the pavilion design uses polycarbonate, it is easy to Flex and strengthen, but subject to the requirements of the manufacturer to the curvature of the sheet.

The disadvantages of roof-roofs include the need for planning and building to consider a number of factors:

  • Design polycarbonate pavilion type should be set to either direct connection to one of the walls of the house, or provided on the perimeter of the construction fence that protects from wind and prying eyes.
  • In terms of sunrise and sunset, the effectiveness of protection is reduced to a minimum, so this type of canopy is not suitable for installation in a fully open space.

Often in the pavilion structures closed canopies solid polycarbonate one, two or all the vertical walls of the building, thus turning the pool into a fully closed construction. This impairs the movement of air, but allows you to protect your pool better than the expensive cascade designs.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

Arched sliding and temporary structures ↑

Often I want to realize unusual idea, and arched canopy structures will allow you to fully realize your design. The problem is not how to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate, the question rests on the technological capabilities of processing thick sheets in non-industrial conditions.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

The arched design of the canopy, usually implemented by a sliding or a cascade option that allows you to move individual sections, changing the configuration of the canopy in the most comfortable form.

The use of monolithic polycarbonate justified for vertical glazing frame, but should not be abused beautiful material. Monolith, in comparison with a cell sheet, has a high ability to reflect and conduct the sound waves. Therefore, under the closed canopy of reinforced polycarbonate, you may experience the effect of multiple echoes, not all people like to feel like in a barrel.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

A special kind of arch systems are temporary sheds from lightweight aluminum tube or metal profile. The whole canopy is divided into three or four sections of a composite collected over the mirror pool on a special fixture or guide with metal profile. These sheds are poorly retain heat and can be recommended only in the summer. The lightweight design and simple scheme removal of the canopy can be moved from the pool and use it as sun protection in any part of the house.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

They are easy to service, repair and if necessary change the damaged polycarbonate sheets. The weight of individual sections, as a rule, does not exceed 25-30kg and unmounted easily transported «Gazelle». The main application for find little pools country or country houses. The lifetime of such systems not less than 10 years subject to the application of high quality polycarbonate non-Chinese production.

Cascading canopies, polycarbonate ↑

Cascade systems typically consist of three sections-cascades of different heights, which allows folded to attach one part to another. Each section can be implemented in your background color, and transparency of polycarbonate, which allows to choose and for bathing on a Sunny day most comfortable level dimmable.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

Similar designs of canopies from polycarbonate have sophisticated roller bearing system, which section, in fact, are moved along the rails. If necessary, sections from the surface of the pool can be fully assembled in a compact design that vacationers swim and sunbathe at the same time.

How to make a canopy for a swimming pool made of polycarbonate

Such structures are very resistant to vertical and horizontal load, any rain, and can withstand even the stormy winds. The disadvantages of such systems include the relatively small volume of space, under a canopy, which worsens the conditions for the movement of air and often allows you to get out of the pool through the side boards. Ventilation of the inner surface of the roof for the pool is crucial. For all its stability, the polycarbonate is prone to hydrolysis and discoloration during a long stay in the water.

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