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Electric tandoor for home

Love food cooked on the fire, inherent in the people at the genetic level. In the process of evolutionary development of the peoples of Asia invented the original oven, called a tandoor. Over time, the boundaries of its application has expanded far beyond a place to create, allowing gourmets to enjoy the delicious taste of familiar dishes.

Electric tandoor for home

Purpose furnaces ↑

The history of the emergence of a kind of furnace required nomadic tribes, who took camping portable clay hearth. Due to the limited capabilities of the used it mainly for making bread, much less to fall vegetables, and meat. The transition of the nomads in the sedentary tribes influenced the rebirth of the tandoor in a more massive structure fixed purpose.

As a representative of the national traditions of the peoples living in the Caucasus and in Asia, the tandoor had a different purpose. In Armenia with its help not only prepared their food and heat their homes. Operated tandoor, which bears the name of the second tint, and a warming element for medicinal purposes. In the absence of in far villages of Church buildings, the clergy held a wedding ceremony in front of the tonir. Recently on this site was born a great tradition to organize a culinary festival dedicated to cooking using the tandoor.

Electric tandoor for home

If the main purpose of tonira in the Asian territories – baking cakes, pita bread, samosas, entering into our life, the range of its use has expanded considerably. The shish kebab prepared on skewers, suspended in a furnace in a vertical position, has a great taste. Vegetables and fish have learned to bake on a metal grid fixed inside special holders.

The device the toner ↑

Externally, the furnace resembles the shape of a jug or eggs with a flat bottom. The principle of operation is similar to the work of the heating boiler. At the bottom of the tandoor a wide bottom, narrower neck. The classic material used for the construction of the furnace – refractory grade clay or brick of high quality ceramics. Cooking in the tandoor includes the following steps:

  • Inflame oven to the maximum temperature, located at the bottom of the tandoor ash pit remains open. With the ignition height of the fire over the tandoor reaches 1.5 m and more. Reddish hue on the inner walls of the toner indicates the completion of the preparatory phase, the focus has absorbed thermal energy, is intended later for the upcoming food.
  • The formation of coal is the signal to close in the tandoor blew. Wall and loaded food sbrazhivaetsya water for the formation of a moist environment.
  • Sealed lid ensures uniform roasting of the food in the tandoor. All the food is cooked very quickly, and in the final dish turns out juicy with a mouthwatering aroma. The effect is due to the constant temperature regime in furnace.
It is important! Not on the hot tandoor pouring water jet. The temperature difference will cause cracks that are not recoverable

Electric tandoor for home

Types of hearth ↑

Modern technology has affected the production of tandoors. In wanting to have the original tint is not always possible to make it yourself or order a customized model. Will solve the situation, the purchase of existing furnace.

The classic version

All versions of designs of tandoor are divided into 2 broad groups – stationary and mobile (movable). A distinctive feature of the stationary furnaces are the impressive dimensions, the hemispherical shape has a diameter of 1 m. a Clear relationship between the height and width does not exist. Made of clay or ceramic bricks, tonery settling on the surface or in the ground. Furnaces have a vertical or horizontal axis position. The first version of tonira is suitable only for baking bread products, the second version provides ample opportunities for imagination of the cook. To get out of the fiery furnace prepared with help food scoops with a handle or long hooks.

Electric tandoor for home

There are many alternative solutions to the classical execution of the tandoor. Modern ceramic Todorov produced in a factory environment. In the process of interpretations of the first furnace saw the light of mobile tandoors. Their walls made of chamotte clay have a thickness of 3-7 cm, the size is much more compact stationary counterparts. Applied additionally, the insulating layer contributes to improving the properties of a portable furnace. Tonery wrought-iron frame handles for easy carrying and legs. In some stoves there are wheels for easy travel within the suburban area. Often the set of tonira includes an additional inventory:

  • ash pit;
  • poker;
  • scoop;
  • fixture for hanging skewers and the skewers;
  • gloves;
  • grate.

To emphasize the individuality of the owner is capable of fine finishing of the tandoor. Variations there are many, ranging from decorative stone or ceramic tile, finishing a mosaic or other material, not sensitive to heat. A pleasant surprise can be a congratulatory inscription on a toner.

Electric tandoor for home

Electric tandoor

To ease the process of cooking food in the tandoor will allow electric models. In scope they are divided into industrial and household electric ovens. The amount of toner electric industrial purpose varies from 120 to 300 l, to move it equipped with a platform with wheels. Electric oven operates at a voltage of 380 Volts. Household electric tandoor home has smaller dimensions and capacity, weighs from 18 to 80 kg, to supply enough voltage to 220V, also with wheels.

Equipment electric model from the classical one differs in the absence of poker and the scoop, to save a long time high temperature additional insulation. Electric equipment of the toner ensures accurate temperature and maintain it throughout the process of cooking food. Functional features include the thermometer and timer.

Electric tandoor of ceramics produced in the following versions:


Height, cm

Diameter, cm

Power consumption, kW


Forty seven




Sixty seven

Forty six




Forty seven


Of course, the taste of food cooked in an electric toner, slightly different from the dishes created in the classic tandoor: none natural smell of wood, the air in the roaster is too dry due to the action of the heating coil. To bring quality food to culinary masterpieces will allow electric tandoor with the latest technological developments. Built-in micro computer, tracking the entire process, portion humidifies the air in an electric furnace as needed. There are models that convert electric tint in classic using wood.

Warning! Do not forget about the observance of protection measures during the operation of the electric toner. In the process, must attend a safety fence, do not attempt to disassemble the electric furnace is in a connected state.

Electric tandoor for home

Other modifications

Among the variety of furnaces meet versions of the oven with a gas burner. A mandatory condition for operation is supplied to the furnace air. There are special burners for the work of Todorov gas regulator with temperature. The factory model is guaranteed to provide the safety of operation of the tandoor. Registration of allowing documents on gas toner is a prerequisite. Mainly modification of gas tandoor found in an industrial scale. Installed in the bakery or restaurant, gas stoves, significantly reduce maintenance costs.

The desire to reduce production costs and make the goods available to the consumer have led to the introduction of metal tandoor, with an internal ceramic coating. The surface of the toner in this case is made of stainless steel for the inner walls of the used refractory material. Heating is provided by electric heating element or gas burner.

Electric tandoor for home

The advantages of the product ↑

Of course, the tandoor has a lot of advantages:

  • High taste quality of the food combined with a harmless character cook in a toner, the process eliminates the formation of carcinogens, harmful.
  • Oven allows you to expand the range of food served in public catering enterprises, the period of cooking in tandoor is within half an hour.
  • Classic stove burns less wood than the charcoal grill, and electric tandoor greatly facilitates the process of operation.
  • Electric tint allows you to enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes without the country, the home of modern apartments.
  • Electric furnace does not require special skills in the operation.
  • Electric tandoor is much more affordable pricing compared to the classic oven.
  • Stove is made from environmentally friendly materials, does not emit harmful substances during operation.

Electric tandoor for home

The variety of models provides the ability to select the most appropriate tint according to the size, shape, heat source, and design. Presented as a gift with a congratulatory inscription electric tandoor for a long time will delight the owners.

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