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Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

House construction is done in stages and installation of a canopy over the porch is considered the final stage of any construction. Canopy porch protects against ingress of rain and sunlight.

In the manufacture of a canopy as an integral part of blood, use a variety of materials. But great practicality, ease of installation and reliability scored only polycarbonate, modern, cheap and widely used construction material today.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate and its benefits ↑

Transparent plastic based on polymers is a good alternative to the usual all glass. Polycarbonate is gradually replacing other materials in the construction market, thanks to its amazing properties, affordability, broad scope.

Attention! Polycarbonate is not only used as a roofing material, it is very often used in the manufacture of lenses, CDs and parts for computer.

Depending on the structure of this polymer distinguish between the monolithic and honeycomb polycarbonate, all of which are manufactured in sheets of various sizes and thickness which depend on the main characteristics of this polymeric material. Consider in more detail each type.

Solid form is a solid polymer sheet, characterized by high light throughput, which is almost as good as glass. This universal building material, manufacturers often use it instead of glass. Cells and cavities in sheets do not exist.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Cellular polycarbonate is a sheet plate with cellular structure. The cavity inside of the sheet filled with air, so that the material has excellent thermal insulation characteristics. A thin plate consisting of a sheet are connected by bridges.

The main characteristics of polycarbonate are:

  • easy installation
  • lightness in weight (lighter than glass. almost double)
  • the transparency of the polymer is not inferior and even exceeds some indicators plexiglass
  • resistance to abrasive chemicals;
  • resistance to mechanical impact, scratch material is quite difficult.
Attention! Innovation in the production of polycarbonate has become an anti-scratch solid form with enhanced strength and resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Types and variants of polycarbonate awnings ↑

Do not have to have a lot of experience with this material to their own hands to build a quality roof over the porch made of polycarbonate, giving your home a complete look. Of course, you first need to draw a drawing with all the size of the future canopy for porch, to develop their design based on the tastes and wishes of all family members. The roof over the porch made of polycarbonate can be performed in several variations:

  1. The canopy at an angle, mounted on the supports. The design is simple, easy to install, for the erection required only a couple of sheets of plastic material. With the sheet under the bias will prevent the ingress of water and snow inside the structure. But the water from melting snow and rain will drain from the roof to the walkway to the porch, the result is a puddle. This is the only, but a significant disadvantage of this design.
  2. Canopy for porch in the form of an arch, mounted on 4 legs. This is a beautiful semicircular design in the form of an arch, suitable as an extension to the porch of any size and design. To build this canopy for porch of polycarbonate for long with their hands, but first you need to install the 4 supports around the perimeter of the porch.
  3. Install semi-circular visor with two supports will be the best solution for the novice Builder. Here no complex calculations when drawing up the scheme, wall-mounted visor, simply attach the two brackets to the wall, for grace to decorate the wrought iron frame objects or drawings.
  4. Original will look like the canopy, combined with the area near the house. This option would require the installation of quite strong supports due to the increased load. The frame will serve as a semi-circular farm, it is important to calculate the expected load on them as accurately as possible. Such combined structures appear as semi-enclosed room, which is convenient to Park their cars without fear of them getting no snow or rain.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Preparations for the construction ↑

Before you make a canopy over the porch made of polycarbonate, it is necessary to draft a drawing and think through in advance its design. Do some preparations.

Make a draft, be sure to consider the desired design, make the correct calculations for the purchase of the required quantity of material. In the drawing, indicate the weight and size of the polycarbonate sheets, with a standard roofing material width 210 cm, length – 300, 600, 1200 cm.

Indicate the location of the guides in the drawing, with the size of the sheet they should be set at a distance from each other in 70cm. Supports should be put at a distance not more than 200 cm from each other.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Prepare the tools to the process they are in good condition were in the set at hand. If the base of a canopy made of polycarbonate on the porch of a private house is steel, it should take care of the purchase of the following tools:

  • grinders;
  • roulette;
  • construction level;
  • bayonet shovels;
  • screwdriver;
  • the jigsaw;
  • the electric drill;
  • welding machine;
  • ladders, since you have to work at height.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

To set the awning over the porch made of polycarbonate, you need to buy the following materials:

  • the main material for the roof, in this case polycarbonate;
  • welding electrodes, pipes of steel sheeting to install the supports, crates and beams;
  • fasteners for polycarbonate sheets;
  • screws for metal;
  • tape to isolate the short sides of the polycarbonate. You also need to prepare a concrete mixture of cement, sand and gravel.
Attention! The necessary amount of material, it is important to calculate before going to the store. When calculating you should always do a stock material by 15% errors during the installation of the design make even the most experienced builders.

Only after all the material prepared and procured in the right quantity, you can proceed to the installation of the canopy.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Installation steps ↑

Construction work on the construction of a canopy made of polycarbonate on the porch of a private home require a consistent, gradual implementation. Consider the installation of a canopy on the example of the canopy on the 2 supporting pillars. This type of installation is not difficult, but the canopy will look attractive and functional. The sequence of works on construction of a canopy includes the following stages.

Prepare the base. Dig 2 pits to a depth of 1 meter. In which subsequently install the support poles. Pour on the bottom of the pit the sand is mixed with gravel, tamp the hole. It is desirable to make them square with a size of 40×50. If for base use screw piles, then dip them in the ground shall be not less than 1200 mm.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Mark roulette the wall the location where the frame will be fixed. For proper markup, use the work level. Consider the height that a tall man could fit under the hood freely or climb the steps of the porch without obstacles.

Install frame connecting the pillars by welding, abrade the place of welding. Cover the metal with a layer of soil to prevent corrosion, paint in the desired color. Usually very practical look metal stand in black color.

Install the supports, cover the circumference of the concrete solution, let it dry completely. The second part of the frame attach to the wall anchor bolts or other fasteners, depending on wall material.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Install the sheathing, directly or in the form of an arch, next to it will fasten polycarbonate sheets. When you install arch sheathing will need to bend the metal pipe under her form.

Attach the polycarbonate to the frame, drilled in the metal frame hole diameter slightly larger than the screws. Then wire frame with polycarbonate sheet and screw in the holes the screws. The attachments cover washers and caps for greater tightness of connections.

Canopy for porch of polycarbonate

Attention! Polycarbonate able to greatly expand when heated. In order to avoid deformation leave gaps when mounting from all sides for at least a few mm. And the sides of the polycarbonate sheet cover special profiles. So the dust and debris in clogged cells will not be.

Conclusion ↑

Thanks to the polycarbonate is possible to realize the most daring design ideas, set the visor to the porch of any shape. Polymeric material suitable for the manufacture of arches and domes, through which you can build the original visors closed. A covered porch made of polycarbonate will be a great decorative element of the entire building.

If you want to make a canopy over the porch of the house without welding, then the following video will help you with this

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