What mixer is better to choose

The mixer is one of the most important parts in the kitchen and in the bathroom. But choosing a mixer, we don’t always know how to make the right choice of which mixer is better, what is their difference, what are the advantages and disadvantages of different models. This and many other things you can learn from our article.

What mixer is better to choose

Types of mixers ↑

First, consider what types of faucets exist:

  • twin valve faucets. It is this kind of, which «handle» to open water are common valve. These faucets are handy because they allow you to easily adjust the water pressure. This is the market leader in plumbing;
  • a crane Bush. This species differs in that it has a small angle of rotation from the closed valve to open. Fixing a faucet is not subject to have to change the whole system. Taps Bush, in turn, are divided into ceramic and taps with rubber cuffs;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • single lever faucets. This species, too, is frequently purchased, but it does have one drawback – if you break the lever, you will have to change the entire faucet;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • electronic or sensor faucets. Such a view radically different from their counterparts. This is a revolutionary new way that allows to improve the water supply. Working such cranes from infrared radiation that is we offer a hand, the photocell is triggered, and the water begins to flow. If you have a kitchen in style hi-tech is a great option. Currently, the plumbing shop offer a huge selection of touch faucets;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • wall mounted faucet, this type is isolated only because of are no regular mount. At that time, as ordinary faucets attached to the sink wall-mounted faucets are mounted directly to the wall;
  • thermostatic mixers. This kind of cranes is remarkable that the water that flows from it, retains the temperature regardless of changes in the pipes. In older homes, often there are shortages of temperature, and thermostatic taps are a great solution to this problem;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • cascading mixers. Their structure does not differ from the above. They can be like valve and single lever. The only difference is the design. This crane will be the exclusive solution for your bathroom.

Form ↑

What mixer is better to choose

Faucets are distinguished on the form. Release:

  • the crane, the Swan. This is the familiar crane with a bend similar to a Swan’s neck, hence the name. In people it is called «gander». But the company Brizo decided not to dwell on stereotypes and has released a series of taps with animals;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • mixer-Dolphin. It is, rather, a design decision which can be stylish decoration for your bathroom or kitchen;
    What mixer is better to choose
  • the mixer is in the form of bamboo. This form of laconic and stylish design. However, the mixer-bamboo characterized by a set of additional functions. For example, he has a limiter water quantity – the maximum quantity will be not more than 8 liters per minute. Also the mixer has a temperature control, whereby to burn almost impossible.
  • faucets with extendable hose. This kind of the most convenient dishes. Due to its design, the faucet allows you to wash dishes or get water in the tank, not putting them in the sink. This is a big advantage for the kitchen.

Materials for mixers ↑

For the manufacture of cranes using a variety of materials, but leaders are:

  • chrome;
  • brass;
  • glass.

If you choose a mixer, based on the qualities of the material, the best is brass, as it is a hypoallergenic material. After making the crane nicelybut and coated with a water-repellent and anti-corrosion coating. The most famous and commonly used coating is a chrome matte or glossy. But it does have its drawbacks – any spot on the crane will be noticeable, so the crane will have to pan constantly.

It is important!! When choosing a mixer, pay attention to its structure and function. If you are not willing to learn new technologies, stop your choice on a normal valve or single lever mixer.

Structure ↑

What mixer is better to choose

In fact, the mixers are not very different from each other – there is a tap from which water flows, the water switches from cold to hot and similar metal. But still there are small differences. Thus, the single lever faucets have cartridges. Cartridges are used for opening and closing the water. Distinguish only two types of cartridges:

  • ball cartridge. It is a hollow ball that has two holes. Ball cartridges are made of stainless steel. Typically, such cartridges are not water tight. If you have a leak by use of a ball cartridge means, the openings of the cartridge were depressurized;
  • disc or ceramic cartridge. In its composition it has a metal-ceramic discs. When you open the water wheels are shifted relative to each other, allowing the water to flow. Sometimes, these cartridges have not two, but three discs, the third performs the function of auxiliary. Usually this type is used, if the water pressure in the pipes is low.

It is better if the mixer will stand ceramic cartridge.

The choice of mixer ↑

You have decided on the shape and look of the faucet. What else you need to pay attention to when choosing? Your attention should be focused on the structure of the crane. Thorough study and ask the consultant about the functions of the device and the manufacturer of the crane. Carefully inspect the following parts:

  • the length and form of the crane. The most convenient length is 25-30 cm. this faucet will not interfere neither in the kitchen nor in the bathroom;
  • components. Included must be directly faucet, shower system (if it is the faucet in the bathroom), the eccentric, the diverter, gaskets, bowls, closing the fastening to the wall, flexible hoses and aerator;
  • the integrity of all components.

Let us dwell on excentrico. The Cam is a kind of adapter from the faucet to the pipe. He looks like a little tube with a displaced center and threaded at both ends.

What mixer is better to choose

Cams usually come with the faucet. This arrangement is used in cases where the pipe is of the same diameter with a tap.

Cams are divided according to the size of the shoulder. Usually size is measured in millimeters:

  • 40 mm;
  • 60 mm;
  • 80 mm.
It is important!! Choosing a faucet for the bathroom, give preference to valves with good anti-corrosion coating, as in the constant humidity bath, and not any metal that will withstand.

Install eccentric ↑

Before installation, make sure that the part of the village that little scroll one edge. If the part is correctly formed thread, then further scrolling will not cause difficulties. When installing be sure to use PTFE in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

It is important! Install the Cam you only need exactly, otherwise the whole thing can leak.

Types of diverter ↑

What mixer is better to choose

A diverter is a switch of tap water in the shower and Vice versa. The presence of this detail should only be in the taps for the bathroom. Divertors have several kinds:

  • lever;
  • push-button;
  • exhaust;
  • ceramic;
  • hydraulic.

The latter species used in agricultural work. Classic version – this exhaust divertors. To switch the water only need to pull the lever and pull it. The most practical switchboard are, as the probability of failure is low. Choose the diverter when you have selected tap and the place of its location – kitchen or bathroom.

The types and installation of aerator ↑

What mixer is better to choose

The aerator is a device located in the sprinkler head for regulating the speed and cleanliness of water. A when you install the faucet remove the aerator, considering it an unnecessary detail that actually is not so. Normally, aerators are divided by the material used for the manufacture of aerators. Release:

  • aerators in the form of metal mesh is the most common setting used just for cutting the water. This design is very unreliable as quickly corrode;
  • aerators of polymers. This type has a more complex structure and more functions. Since the polymer is very malleable material, it is used to build complex tunnel aerators, which not only cut through the water, but also resist various destructive effects;
  • aerators are made from non-ferrous metals. Mainly used bronze and brass. Although it is not cheap aerators, their quality is consistent with price. Lifetime brass aerators much longer than the others above.

After some time, any aerator requires cleaning. To make it easy. You need to be sure to have a wrench, but in most cases, the aerator can be unscrewed by hand. After you removed it, rinse it under running water to remove plaque. Allow to dry and return to its original position.

It is important!! When choosing an aerator, be sure to align it with the size of the crane.

The choice of the manufacturer ↑

Currently, there are a lot of manufacturers of sanitary ware. So many that eyes run up. Faucets which company to choose? High quality famous German company, for example, Blanco, Mida, Franke, GROHE, Damix. On the second place on the quality of the Italian company – “LONGRAN”, “BANDINI”, “FIR”, “GESSI” and “Zucchetti”, “DMP”.

The quality of your colleagues is not inferior and the company Iddis. This company has several branches in Russia and presents its products on the market since 2004 is provided with a mixer Iddis offers and aerator.

Often used by the company, the aerators, is:

  • built-in swivel function;
  • plastic;
  • the polymer aerators.

Also in demand blenders Hansgrohe Pura. The favorite model of this company are single-lever taps with a smooth handle. Taps presented by this company are modern in design and unusual brevity.

What mixer is better to choose

Of course, it is better to give preference to products from German manufacturers which are known for their quality.

Now plumbing supply stores have a large selection of mixers, the consultants will be able to answer any questions you may have.

How to choose a mixer for washbasin, kitchen, bathroom with shower and a shower stall ↑

After you have defined all parameters of the crane, you need to choose the right kitchen faucet, shower, bathroom and other purposes. When you select the differences are still there.

Choosing a faucet for the sink, it is better to opt for a single lever mixer with ceramic cartridge inside. This crane will allow you to easily open or close the water, even if you have closed eyes.

For the kitchen, consider faucet with pull-out hose or a shower – you can wash any pan and fill it if it is not worth it in the sink. If you have a kitchen all in close proximity, then you fit the crane with high and long «gander». This will allow you to put in the sink the dishes of different heights.

What mixer is better to chooseWhat mixer is better to choose

For bathroom is better to choose a wall mounted mixer with short spout, but a massive system. Water in any case will fall in the tub, and the long spout will not disturb you.

For the shower and the shower stall is best suited at the reception. This is a beautiful and unusual fixture not only decorate the interior of your bathroom but will also delight you with its convenience. Showers come in different design, sizes and made of different materials. It is better to opt for shower rails from brass or bronze, they will last you a very long time.

It is important!!! When choosing a mixer, pay attention to the presence of the certificate, warranty service, and all declared components.

The choice of fasteners ↑

Before installing the mixer, decide how you are going to strengthen. There are two types of fasteners:

  • wall mount. This method is most suitable for tub, shower and a shower stall. Set these fixtures very easily;
  • mount to the tub (the sink). This kind of attachment is best suited for the kitchen because the wall is not always possible to attach a tap, and it looks old-fashioned. Importantly, after installation must sicilianity all the seams to avoid leaks.
It is important!! The installation of the faucets must be done only after the installation of bathtubs or sinks.

The choice of mixers is very difficult. So please be patient and you will be able to find your mixer.

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