How to remove the blockage in the toilet

Clogged drain sewage in the apartment – an unpleasant problem, but when a clogged toilet is doubly awkward, since the task is urgent. Often the cause obstructed drain the water in the toilet is the deposition of salts in the pipes. It happens because of hard water, urea or other precipitation deposited on the tube walls and narrowing of their inner diameter.

How to remove the blockage in the toilet
Salt deposits in the pipe. «The aesthetics of the frame» accompanied by a corresponding smell

The Council. To know the localization of the blockage, open the taps in the bathroom and kitchen (water sources to a common drain). If here the water goes to flow freely, then the cause is in the toilet. If the drain is slow everywhere, then the problem is in the common pipe. In this case, call the plumbers – to cope with the trouble will be difficult.
Attention! If it detects a clog in the toilet did not drain the water from the reservoir because its the minimum amount is 3 liters. For reliability, you can shut off the water valve to it if clogged sink are not flowed on the floor. Use the bucket pouring to check the toilet is not more than 1 liter of liquid.

How to remove the blockage in the toilet
Cleaning pipes, especially in old houses – a job for professionals

It is important. Prevention of saline formations allows not to waste further effort on cleaning the pipes. Once in 3 months at night, pour all the plums in the apartment a special cleaning fluid.

However, the main reason for blockages in toilet – residents who use the plumbing fixture as garbage. And if accidentally fell in the toilet meat bone to retrieve a snap, then a rag or paper clogging will require some effort.

Tips for removal of clogging:

  • When replacing sewer pipes install new of the same diameter, not less.
  • Making repairs in the bathroom, close the toilet debris keep.
  • Do not be lazy to throw the garbage (sanitary towels, Newspapers, cat litter trays, etc.) in the designated places. So you and the time you will save, and before the plumber will not blush.

How to unclog the blockage in the toilet independently ↑

There are several ways to clean the toilet blockage. Their effectiveness depends on the complexity of the tube: material, volume, period of occurrence.

The Council. Before undertaking the cleaning of blockage, remove the water from the toilet to the level of the drain. For this fit a rag, sponge or rubber pear (enema).

Mechanical methods to eliminate clogging of the toilet ↑

  1. If the blockage just happened and the reason it is known, the object can to get the hands, wearing rubber gloves.
    How to remove the blockage in the toilet
    In the absence of in house rubber gloves, you can use the package
  2. In the case where the stuck item to get failed can help wire bent in the form of a hook end.
  3. With the help of the plunger. Closing the rubber tip drain hole, you need to make a few upgrades. The hydraulic shocks created under the influence of air and water, will be able to knock out the waste tube.
It is important. The diameter of the tip of the plunger should be larger than the diameter of the drain bowl. The only way to create the conditions for the occurrence of water hammer.

How to remove the blockage in the toilet
This simple plumbing tool will help to remove a small clog in the toilet

If there is no plunger, then you can use plastic bottle, the bottom of which is cut off, and the lid tightly twisted:

  • the resulting device is gradually introduced into the hole of the toilet as long as the air in the bottle will start to push back;
  • flick the bottle pressed all the way into the drain and immediately removed to the outside.

Pressure turns to, when two or three manipulations to break through the waste tube.

How to remove the blockage in the toilet
Plastic bottle + laws of hydraulics = homemade plunger

If the above methods do not resolve the problem, you can use household chemicals.

Chemical means to eliminate clogging ↑

  1. Baking soda and vinegar. The prescription remedies are simple:
    • the drain of the toilet bowl pour half a pack of soda, pushing it deeper;
    • pour in one Cup of vinegar. Resulting alkaline reaction can erode fat tube or a small salt deposits for 15-20 minutes;
    • after the time to pour into the bowl one kettle of boiling water.
      How to remove the blockage in the toilet
      The ingredients for this way of eating in the kitchen of every housewife
    Attention! If the connecting corrugation between the toilet and the pipe is made of thin plastic, under the influence of boiling water it may crack. In this case, you need to use warm water.
    1. Household chemicals. The modern chemical industry offers many tools for clearing toilet blockages. On the shelves you can see liquids, gels, powders, domestic and foreign production in various price categories. They contain lye or acid, eating away at the clog from debris (fibers, textiles, hair, fat deposits). According to the consumers, the best means for clearing blockages are for tiret, Domestos, «Mr Muscle», «Frosch», «Mole». On their packaging posted instructions on its use, however, if there is confidence in the reliability of the communication plumbing, the exposure time can be extended.
      How to remove the blockage in the toilet
      Chemistry can help, if not to drown in the toilet socks
    Attention! Before you decide to act dramatically, infusing into the bowl of solution of formic, hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, think – will not corrode if the tool at the same time and the old pipe.

    Professional plumbing snake ↑

    This is a special plumbing tool, which is a rope with a handle at one end and a nozzle at the other. There are many kinds of ropes (rope, spring, rigging, tensioning, etc.) with diameter from 6 to 16 mm and length up to 60 meters.

    How to remove the blockage in the toilet
    For room needs enough five-meter rope O9 mm. Nozzle at its end may be in the form of weights (for punching) or spiral (for example, obstruction)

    The Council. To clean the blockages with the help of the rope it is better two is easier to manipulate the tool.

    Plumbing rope used in the following way:

    1. Lower end with the nozzle all the way into the sink bowl. Next to push the cable in the water trap, start to rotate his arm clockwise.
    2. Rotating and pushing the cable, promote it to the maximum depth of tube.
    3. Percussive movements break and push the sediment into a riser or cling and pull the debris out.
      How to remove the blockage in the toilet
      The scheme of advance of the cable in the toilet
    The Council. Before you get a rope from the toilet, lay on the floor unnecessary rags. The cable itself should be wiped with a cloth with any detergent.

    If the problem is a clog in the toilet occurs frequently, you should think about purchasing this instrument:

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