How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

We all strive for a comfortable and established home, in which there is no place forever, current taps, hot water scalded hands and fear flood the neighbors. Therefore, the choice of faucet for Your bathroom should be approached with the utmost seriousness. In modern conditions the huge number of proposals in the market of sanitary ware to choose the appropriate option – not the easiest task. In order to facilitate its solution, it is first necessary to identify the key characteristics You are interested in the product.

The main criteria in the selection of mixer for bathroom with shower facilities ↑

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

  1. The ease of use. Currently, the most popular model single lever bathroom with shower. They are equipped with a handle, which turns left or right, adjusting the water temperature. However, many still close classic when the faucet is the valve for hot water and valve for the cold. Modern version is a thermostat in which the temperature mode is supported automatically. It is also possible that You want to put yourself contactless model.
  2. The method of installation. The mixer can be mounted on the wall or on the edge of the bath. There is and outdoor version.
    How to choose the faucet in the bathroom
  3. Design. It is important to choose a design that will fit well in the interior of Your bathroom. For example, You can choose the best design with coloured lights, or faucets made of wood or marble.
  4. Material. Most quality faucets are made of brass because they are resistant to corrosion. Even better, when the manufacturer uses a chromium-plated brass. These faucets are reliable and have an aesthetic appearance, long-lasting. Less practical plumbing stainless steel. A good option may be to consider the cranes, made of mixed materials. Such models are more economical than brass, from the point of view of cost, but the quality is not lost.
  5. Manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer focus primarily on what warranty period You are counting on the price of the product. Products of reputable companies such as Oras (Finland), Hansgrohe (Germany), Roca (Spain) – high reliability and significant cost. So, if You want to purchase the faucet in the bathroom, for example, for the garden, You may want to pay attention to the cheaper ones less well-known companies.

Given the above, we can summarize that Your best bath mixer with shower must be:

  • easy to operate;
  • fit into the interior;
  • safe from burns;
  • with a long service life and are prone to breakdowns.
  • Types of bathroom faucets

Types of bathroom faucets ↑

Deciding which model is best suited for Your conditions, you should start with choosing the type of faucet for the bathroom. In its functionality it can be:

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

  • single lever;
  • twin valve;
  • thermostatic;
  • cascade;
  • touchless faucets.
The Council! Irrespective of the type of the mixer, pay attention to models with a special nozzle on the tip of the spout – aerator. The aerator can reduce water flow without changing the jets is approximately three times that will significantly reduce Your water bill.

A closer look at the features of each of these types of products.

Single lever faucets ↑

This is a relatively new type, characterized by ease of use and modern design. The water temperature in the bath is regulated by turning the lever to the right or to the left, the pressure – movement up or down. These models are in its internals are divided into two subspecies:

  • with replaceable cartridges, which are the most popular;
  • with a spherical locking mechanism.

Single lever faucet is easy to install. You will be able to fix it yourself.

Most long-term are taps with ceramic regulators, because their warranty period is 10 years.

The Council! To the mixer remained intact as long as possible, it is recommended to take care of setting the filter for water purification. This is because the impurities in tap water can lead to the rapid release of crane failure.

Twin valve faucets ↑

The classic version, in which one of the valves responsible for the flow of cold water and the other hot. Virtues can be considered low cost and the ability to write such a faucet in any bathroom interior.

Warning! For old houses, twin valve faucet may be the only option available for installation in the bathroom.

There are two subspecies of the twin valve mixer:

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

  • with rubber gaskets;
  • with ceramic pads.

Ceramic pads will last longer and will reduce the level of noise of water, but such models are more expensive.

The disadvantage with the two valves are a common leak in the faucet-to-date.

Thermostatic mixers ↑

These models allow for once set temperature mode with a special pen. In the future, the selected temperature will be maintained automatically. The second handle is used for self-regulation of the water pressure. Thermostatic mixers have a modern design.

Attention! Thermostats are a great solution for families with children due to its safety. The temperature in such a crane cannot be set higher than 38 degrees, so the possibility of burns excluded.

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

Cascading mixers ↑

This species is interesting for its design and high throughput (through it is 2 times more water than other cranes). Suitable for spacious bathrooms. Has a high cost.

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

Touchless faucets ↑

Faucet turns on when You just hold it in your arms. If you remove your hands, the faucet is turned off. At the heart of this mixer infrared sensor that controls the water flow. In some models there is a possibility to influence the temperature of the water, moving your hand to the side.

Attention! With caution related to the selection of touchless faucets, changing the color of the water depending on the temperature in hard water. Hard water – the main cause of these mixers down.

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

The methods of installation ↑

It is very important when choosing a model for the bathroom to figure out for yourself which way You prefer to consolidate. There are the following options:

  • mount on the wall;
  • mount to the side of the bathtub;
  • floor-mount.
    How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

Wall-mount faucets to a bathtub with a shower are typically composed of faucet and shower heads, switching between which is performed using a special lever. This lever should be comfortable and not switch spontaneously. Mount on the wall can be hidden or open. Alternatively, it is possible to bath and wash basin one tap is used.

The Council! Find the length of the shower hose to fit the dimensions of Your bathroom.

How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

Faucets bathroom on Board can have 1 to 5 holes for mounting. Separately can be mounted tap, shower valves, the device changes modes. Shower head and control system modes can be included and purchased separately. Mounted models of this kind will rest on the bath rim. Luxury bathrooms typically have built-in backsplash faucets and remote control.

Floor mount is a modern design option for those who like interesting non-standard solutions. Includes a rack (or two racks), concealer, eyeliner water, the faucet (single lever or poluoborotnye).

The best manufacturers ↑

To Your mixer served long and did not give unnecessary worries, choose manufacturers that are well established in the market of plumbing. You may be interested in the following brands:

  • Hansgrohe;
  • Oras;
  • Roca.

The German company Hansgrohe produces great mixers for small bathrooms. They are compact, convenient and reliable. Design – quiet, no frills. Material – chrome-plated brass. Warranty period is five years. The disadvantages include the substantial price of products.

Comment! According to the reviews, Hansgrohe is capable of continuous operation much longer warranty period.

Firm Oras (Finland) prefers models with thermostats and IR sensors. Manufactures and other types of bath faucets. Compared to competitors offering products at lower price without any loss in quality. The disadvantage is the use in the production of ABS that may lead to reduction of service life of the product.
How to choose the faucet in the bathroom

Spanish sanitary ware manufacturer Roca impresses customers variety of designs. According to reviews, this company – master the original performance at a relatively low price of the goods. Mixers of this company is environmentally friendly and of high quality. The only drawback – love of interesting leads to the fact that there are models not too easy to operate.

About the rules of mixer for bathroom with shower will tell you the following video:

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