How to choose a kitchen sink

For every housewife washing dishes and cooking is not always pleasant duty. To facilitate this work and make it enjoyable, you need to choose and purchase a comfortable and functional kitchen sink. Indeed, according to statistics, about 60 percent of all cases in the kitchen is connected with the kitchen sink. On the right choice of this product affect the size of kitchen, style of interior, the number of people living in this house or apartment.

What kind of sink is suitable for kitchen? ↑

Sink for the kitchen should be roomy, as not only to clean small utensils: cups and plates and large pots, baking trays, pans, etc. To choose a good sink is influenced by the following indicators and factors:

  • The ability to withstand high temperature, small bumps or exposure to household chemicals.
  • Easy care: excellent appearance with the expenditure of little effort.
  • Good interaction with the kitchen interior and the harmonious combination with furniture, kitchen appliances or accessories.
  • How often to prepare food, what foods will be purchased, and how many dishes to wash every day.
  • What kind of mixer will be installed, whether you purchased the filter for water purification or waste disposer.
  • What items or furniture will be installed next to the sink.

The main types of sinks: ↑

  • From the same Cup. This very simple and compact type of sink that is most often, is rectangular in shape and less round. A round bowl is more capacious than rectangular.How to choose a kitchen sink
  • Double sink kitchen – with two or more bowls are located in the same straight line or at an angle with respect to the crane.
    How to choose a kitchen sink
  • Single – two bowls of different sizes, one is for washing dishes and another for cleaning products, their defrosting and etc. This kind of often installed in kitchens of small size, where it is not possible to accommodate large sinks.
    .How to choose a kitchen sink
  • Corner sink the kitchen is used in the location of kitchen furniture angle and consists of two small rectangular bowls, set along straight lines or at an angle. How to choose a kitchen sink
  • Shell with one or more wings, which are a continuation of the working surface of the table. It is possible to arrange cooking equipment for drying, hot appliances and containers, and leave after washing products.

The shape and depth of the sink for the kitchen ↑

The most convenient form of the sink is round, so there are no corners in which to stay the dirt. Rectangular or square products look more simply and easily fit into any interior. The modern design allows the manufacture of washing a variety of bizarre shapes.

Depending on the overall style of cuisine, quantity of dishes and the availability of a dishwasher, you can choose a particular shell shape.

The pan depth is an important parameter. The deeper you sink, the more you can put utensils. This is its advantage, but the disadvantage is that the person who washes the dishes, just more lean. According to experts, the most optimal is the depth of 150-180 mm.

Installation methods ↑

To properly implement the choice of the sink in the kitchen, you need to consider in what way it will be installed in the countertop. Depending on the method of installation, these products are:

  1. Countertop basins mounted on a stand. The Cabinet under the sink in the kitchen is made in standard sizes. This type is suitable for budget kitchens, which include cabinets, free-standing. This method of installation is characterized by its simplicity and accessibility. Anyone can install this sink in your kitchen with your own hands, beating without the help of professionals. Disadvantages: small thickness and a constant ingress of water into the gap between the lockers and it is unhygienic and fraught with consequences.
  2. Inset sink the most popular option, the installation which has no problems with the top. Cut a hole in the countertop is possible without the use of special equipment. Inset sinks can be installed in kitchen with shared counter tops that are popular now. They are installed in the countertop, made of the following materials: wood, steel, laminate, stone, chipboard or granite. Flush products are usually made from stainless steel and are characterized by good hygiene and durability.
  3. Integrated sink it is impossible to self-install. Here to need the help of professionals, who with the help of a milling machine will perform the exact cut. This installation method is quite expensive and time consuming. The advantage of this kind of setup: the sink becomes an integral an organic element of the kitchen.
  4. Podstolny integrated sink installed below the level of the kitchen table. This type is used for countertops made of wood, granite or plastic and looks good in the kitchen with solid natural stone countertops. The natural beauty of the stone is emphasized by the installation of a sink under a countertop made of stone. This kind of sinks are hygienic and very easy to use, as it needs no special care.

The main materials for sinks ↑

Before you make the final choice of sinks for kitchen, you must consider its resistance to aggressive environmental influences: the action of detergents, acids, high water temperature, to minor mechanical damage: scratches and chips. Since the surface is continuously cleaned from dirt, grease, salt water, etc., it should not change its color and texture over time. Therefore, the choice of material from which made the sink, is also important. Sinks can be made of the following materials: steel, stone and ceramics.

How to choose a kitchen sink

Sink stainless steel for the kitchen – budget and most popular option. The price of this shell and good quality of the material from which it is made – its main advantage. Disadvantages: increased noise (if there is no special layer for insulation). Easily fits into any modern interior. Looks especially impressive in high-tech style, which the kitchen has a lot of glass and metal surfaces.

Other advantages of stainless steel products:

  • resistance to impact and corrosion, which contributes to the increase in term of its operation;
  • plasticity, if this shell falls pottery, she can survive;
  • a variety of sizes and shapes, you can choose the right option for any kitchen;
  • easy operation and maintenance.
Interesting! If you take a magnet, they can verify fake or not. To stainless steel a magnet does not stick.

Shell made of composite materials: acrylic, Corian, silgranite, sinter, has cerasela, agranite, Redgranite, fragranite allow you to combine them in form and color that is their advantage. Composite sinks are suitable to the interior of any style and emphasize its individuality. This type is characterized by environmental friendliness, good sound absorption, resistance to high temperature and can be easily cleaned with any detergents. Elite sinks that require special attention, since it is easily scratched.

How to choose a kitchen sink

The sink in the kitchen, artificial stone are quite expensive. This is the main disadvantage, which is abundantly kompensiruet its quality characteristics. Sinks made from granite are characterized by high strength, beautiful appearance and ease of use. They can be made to order in almost any shape and size, in accordance with the design project. This kind of sink will decorate your kitchen interior and will accentuate her style.

How to choose a kitchen sink

Ceramic sinks for the kitchen made of faience or porcelain. Porcelain is more expensive than porcelain sinks and are characterized by non-porous and dense structure. The advantages of these sinks is the durability of the ceramic to the harmful effects of the environment to high temperature and scratches. The disadvantages are the large mass, the fragility, the complexity of installation, rigid construction. The decoration of these products serve as a decorative finish a colored painting that goes well with the interior in country style or retro.

The Council! Using bleach, you can return the sink of porcelain the original white. For this you need to close the drain hole and fill the container with hot water and to pour the bleach. After 30 minutes drain the water.

Additional elements and accessories ↑

A mandatory element of the kitchen sink is a drying rack or wing, which can be placed on one side or on both sides of the bowl. The wing performs the function of a stand for utensils: pots, plates, hot pans, as well as products.

How to choose a kitchen sinkModern washing often accompanied with sets of grater, shredder for the kitchen (waste products), baskets for washing and drying fruits and vegetables, holders and dispensers for soap, cutting boards, shaped similar to the shape of the shell. These accessories facilitate the work of the hostess, improve kitchen comfort, help to save the kitchen work area.

Where to buy quality sink for the kitchen ↑

Specialty stores provide a large selection of different types of sinks for the kitchen. A good option is to buy the product from an authorized representative of the manufacturer who manufactures and sells this product. It is not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the opportunity to save cash, since the goods sold «first hand». In small shops or markets, often there are shells in the production of Asian countries that are not of good quality and are easily damaged. Experts also suggest to purchase this product on specialized websites online stores.

European brands of shells ↑

Among manufacturers sinks the best reputation earned by the products of manufacturers from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. This is a popular brand in Russia – Polygran, Franke, Blanco, TEKA, Schock, Reginox, Alveus, Villeroy&Boch, Ukinox, Longran, Smeg, Florentina, Foster.

How to choose a sink for kitchen, will view this video.

Conclusion ↑

To choose a good kitchen sink you need to consider: kitchen interior, space design, floor area and other factors. This will help make the choice a particular product, as well as set it in the right place dishes. Depending on solvency and operating characteristics, you can choose a high quality sink. Having a good mixer and other accessories such as shredders, disposer, filters for water purification, the additional cranes would increase the functionality and practicality of the kitchen sink. Modern shops have a great selection of this product.

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