Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions

To date, a bidet can be considered almost a mandatory attribute of the house, because it allows to always maintain the cleanliness of the body. Unfortunately, not all people have the option to install it, especially if the bathroom does not have big sizes. In such cases, it helps the toilet combined with a bidet, which takes up very little space, but performs all the necessary functions.

The design of the toilet-bidet includes simple toilet, complemented by a hygienic shower (part of the bowl). It can be a pull-out spout with spray nozzle or embedded in the side of the toilet nozzle.

When you install a toilet with bidet functions it’s mounted due to the stable metal bracket to the holes in the bowl that originally foreseen by its construction. On the edge of this bar is fixed the mixer and hand shower of small size, which are connected with waterproof hose.

Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions

The advantages of toilets with bidet ↑

They have a large number of advantages, among which are:

  • Saving space and blend with virtually any décor.
  • The possibility of self-installation design.
  • Large range of models of all shapes and shades.
  • Usability for elderly and pregnant women.

How to choose a toilet with bidet functions? ↑

To choose the most suitable toilet, you should focus on a few important points. First and foremost, you should pay attention to is the availability of guarantees from the manufacturer. Otherwise there is a risk to buy a defective product or a fake. The second item will be the selection of this model, which will be combined with the bathroom and the size and design. Well, in the end, you should choose a suitable material from which made the toilet.

In most cases, toilets including bidet, made of porcelain, earthenware, glass, cast iron, steel and plastic. The most popular materials for many years are porcelain and faience. Their cost is higher than comparable models of other materials, but it is much higher. For example, such types of toilets are characterized by high strength and good resistance to dirt. In addition, they do not retain odors.

Choosing a suitable toilet, you should pay attention to the available wastewater system. Best proven those designs which have provided a horizontal shelf (serving as a barrier to splashes of water). One of the most popular types are the toilets in which the bowl is made in a funnel shape.

The arrangement of the system of flushing toilets with bidet functions are divided into vertical, horizontal and slant (the angle of descent is 45 degrees). The cistern can be integrated or can be separate (separate is considered more convenient since it can be placed on the wall at any height).

Also, the toilets are divided into hanging and floor. Due to its design, suspension facilitate the process of cleaning and does not occupy much space, for what are considered the most comfortable design.

It is important! It argued that the suspension models are not too reliable, as attached to the wall, but in reality, they can easily withstand weight up to 400 pounds.

Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions


The main advantage of a compact toilet with bidet is that they take much less than a classic. One of the most common models is the suspension with the function of a bidet, which differs from the standing model, only its appearance.

Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions

The advantage of the soul, which is posted separately, is that it can be combined with all types of toilets. The disadvantages of such models include the fact that it can leak water at the site of attachment of a sprinkler or hose. In addition, on the hose, condensation may form. All together, it provokes the appearance on the floor puddles of water.

That is why when buying toilet with bidet functions, you should always pay special attention to the quality of the mixer, all seams and fasteners. These details affect how long it will be possible to use the product, how it is possible to set the temperature of the water will leak water.

When choosing a mixer for bidet set-top boxes, it is desirable to give preference to the more expensive models with thermostat (built-in temperature sensor) that allow you to not worry on the issue of the constant setting the desired temperature of water. The thermostat is especially needed in the situation where the temperature changes in the water system are regular.

Manufacturers ↑

Today, the market represented a large number of different models of wall mounted toilets with bidet functions from many firms. Domestic manufacturers especially popular plumbing is Santeri. In the manufacture of products of this company uses quality raw materials, passing strict tests for environmental. The complex technique of roasting makes the enamel resistant to many corrosive chemicals, making the design of the toilet remains strong and white for a long time. In addition, each model is specially adapted to the conditions in our country, especially to the water supply system.

Among manufacturers on the positive side itself, managed to establish a Portuguese company Sanindusa sanindusa of the Bulgarian company Vidima Vidima and a branch of the American company Ideal standard Ideal Standard. The products of these companies at this point I think the highest quality that ensures high demand in our country for several decades. In addition to the technical part, toilets with bidet from these manufacturers delight with its design, which has the taste of even the most demanding people.

Cover bidet toilet ↑

Modern bidet cover can be considered quite functional, considering that its direct function it can perform multiple tasks.

Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions

What tasks you can perform cover electronic bidet toilet?

  • Heating of water. In most cases, the supply of hot water is missing, leaving many toilets with bidet functions are equipped with an electric water heater. The main disadvantage of such heaters is that they consume too much energy. In this case, cover bidet would be a great alternative, because it is connected directly to the piping system (so plug it in, basically, only during the repair of the apartment).
  • Built-in hair dryer. More convenient replacement to the traditional towel.
  • Electronic trip cover. Often cover bidet is equipped with buttons on and off, the control can be both manual and automated (cut-off is carried out after the person gets out of the toilet).
  • In addition, many cover toilet seats with bidet functions are complemented by an alarm, whose purpose is to remind people about turning off the device (usually a alarm fitted cap with manual control).
  • Another equally important function is disinfection, which is simply indispensable, given the operating conditions of the device. In these cases, mechanical and electronic cover is equipped with special systems with the capacity in which flows a special disinfectant liquid. As necessary, the system carries out the flushing of the toilet bowl and nozzle.

Modern electronic toilet seats with bidet functions are able to zonirovat the air, regulate the water pressure, carry out heating of the toilet seat and so on. To control the device you can use remote control or buttons built into the case cover.

Installing cover toilet seat with bidet functions ↑

This cover is a fairly simple device that you can easily install on their own.

Wall-hung toilet with bidet functions

How to install the cover of the bidet on the toilet:

  • First we need to find at the bottom of the toilet bowl with two plastic nuts in the form of lamb and remove them. Most important – do not confuse them with those nuts that hold the toilet tank. Need located at the front edge.
  • Then remove the cover from the bowl, which was previously set, and to put in place her seat with bidet functions. Its installation is carried out in reverse order to dismantle the old cover. The nuts have to tighten as tight as you can, but only with hands, as the keys to use undesirable.
  • Then comes the turn of the connection cap bidet to the water supply. To do so, should be carefully shut off valve in the house or around the toilet. After that you Unscrew the hose, which is responsible for water supply reservoir (Unscrew it from the water).
  • On the pipe that provides the water supply to the bidet cover, wind tee (with tape FUM or tow), which must be equipped with secondary outlet with internal thread. Other branches of the tee should be an outer thread, which are set in a vertical position. Then to the top of the tee connect a hose that was left on the toilet tank and to the lower part using the extract filter plug in tap water (with a corrugated stainless steel liner or flexible hose).
  • In conclusion, it remains to connect the bidet to cover the electrical wiring.

As a rule, to carry out the installation of a bidet can cover for almost every model of toilets, although in some cases, there may be some difficulties. This is what you should rely, going to the store for purchase. Before choosing a device, you need to remove the cover dimensions mounted on the toilet, and only after that consult the seller about compatibility of models. If the toilet is too small or large sizes, it is likely that you take out suitable cover bidet did not work as they are made in standard sizes.

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