How to remove the blockage in the sink

When there is a blockage in the sink and the drainage slows down or even stops, there is an unpleasant situation. Fortunately, you can remove the clog in the sink is not difficult, and it can be solved on their own. There blockages in sinks due to disregard of the rules of use of the equipment. As a rule, clogged drain traps – the curved part of the pipe under the sink, but may cluttered and other kind of part of the pipeline. What to do if the clogged sink, you will be able to know after reading the article. Shared knowledge can review this video:

It is important! Usually the blockage leads to the neglect of the plumbing system, flushing the remnants of food or other large debris.

In order to avoid such negative consequences, fold all of in a special trash bag, which you’ll be able to pay the utilities for disposal. Such debris can even use bags of vegetables, fruits, frozen or bread.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

What to do if you clog a sink? ↑

Before you start removing the accumulated care should be taken that the shell does not remain water. Preferably, if it is removed completely, but if you remove water from clogged part of the pipe directly beneath the sink failed, it does not matter. Through this you can. The order of actions during a clogged sink is:

  1. The plunger;
  2. Chem. means;
  3. Rinse the siphon and adjoining pipes;
  4. A plumbing snake.

?How to remove the blockage in the sink

The plunger is the most familiar and most often used tool that has proved its reliability. It allows you to remove the blockages in the sinks in the vast majority of pollution incidents. It consists of two parts: a rubber cap, which can create vacuum and handle. The principle of operation is that, under the influence of differential pressure created by the vacuum, the clog in a sink or pipeline under its influence is gradually destroyed to make way for the water to drain out of the sink. Although in some cases, to clean sinks blockage will have to sweat. It should also be remembered that when the plunger while cleaning the sink blockage should be created vacuum, it is a prerequisite for cleaning.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

Is widely represented by various chemical means. Optimally to use them in cases where the outflow of water only began to diminish or even to prevent blockages in the sinks. Their use is simply to primitivism – enough to pour, or pour a certain amount of money in the pipeline and wait for some time. To increase the effect of their use after chemical tools, you can work a plunger. But work should not immediately after filling with the tools in the sink to clean away the clog and after a certain time – usually several hours. Separately, about the effectiveness of the chemical. tools will be discussed in the end of this article about blocked sinks.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

We should also mention the washing of the trap and adjacent pipe – this item could be attributed to chemical agents if not some of the features:

  1. For this purpose, solely the fluid medium;
  2. There are separate means for washing the plastic, plastic and metal pipes. To use the wrong tools for different materials is not recommended, as they can cause mechanical damage to the pipeline and the need to change its components;
  3. When you use such means necessary to use means of protection – at least protective gloves. Getting these funds to the skin can cause chemical burns. The chemicals can dissolve hair, food debris and bacterial forms of life.
  4. Used rinse and to get rid of all kinds of unpleasant smells that come out of the shell.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

If none of the above measures have not helped, it is necessary to resort to «heavy artillery» – plumbing the rope. It looks like this: long, very flexible «body», at one end of which is a hook or lance head. The principle of use plumbing rope when the clog in the sink like this: from the side shell in the tube end with a hook pokes the rope until, until it reaches the point of blockage. When it is found necessary translational movements back and forth to destroy the place of blockage and to complete work using a plunger and chemical cleaners. Also finally you can use a significant (20-30 liters) the volume of alkaline solution. To use a plumbing snake should be careful, as it may damage the internal surface of the pipeline, which could have very bad consequences, especially if the pipeline is long time have not changed.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

Methods of cleaning in special cases ↑

There are some cases when usual methods do not help or help quite weak. In particular this applies to cases when the pipeline settles a lot of fat, which leads to blockages in sinks, which are quite difficult to remove. Also, subsidence may occur due to the particular active material of the pipeline and its coating, as it can be observed in corrugated pipes. But all in good time.

Problems with fatty deposits ↑

Gradually, as the accumulation amount of fat that accumulates in the tubing, the diameter decreases the actual emptying. But the pipe is cleaned from grease a clogged sink is quite simple. If the sewer system has plastic components in the pipeline, it is necessary to 5 liters of water temperature of 60-80 degrees to take 200 milligrams of washing powder, stir well and drain. If necessary, repeat the steps several times. For all other types of pipelines the method of purification from fat is even easier – enough to pour a pot of boiling water and it is good to work as a plunger.

How to remove the blockage in the sink

Problems with special material ↑

Practical cleaning of the surface blockage for materials that are very easy to get dirty, will be considered on the example of the corrugated pipe. List the sequence of actions is as follows (it is advisable to work over a basin or other container where it can be watered water):

  1. Remove the tube from the funnel shell;
  2. Disconnect the pipe from its upper part;
  3. Remove the siphon tubing;
  4. Stretch the components of the pipeline so as straightened all of its components. Rinse the components with water.
  5. To make cleaning the pipe by performing the following sequence of actions:
  1. Close one end part of the pipe with plastic or similar material;
  2. Pour through a second end part of the tube water temperature of 60-70 degrees, and close it too;
  3. Produce numerous circular movement of the pipe.
  • Clean the siphon with the tank intended for water purification. You can clear or using chemicals or rubbing with hands/cloth «inside» plumbing;
  • After cleaning procedures are tightly screwed on all the details.
  • How to remove the blockage in the sink

    Effective powders with bioadditives ↑

    Well-behaved in the cleaning sink blockage showed special treatment powders and washing powders with bioadditives. Enzymes, which they complete very well break down the organic component of the contamination that is very good when there is a suspicion of pollution namely organics. The sequence of actions to remove the blockage in the sink with the help of powders such:

    1. It is necessary to remove as much water from the pipes to the solution, pour into it, do not lose or minimum lose their concentration;
    2. Pour into the tube a solution of alkali, soda, powder, or special means «Mole»;
    3. Allow the solution to stand for 3 hours;
    4. Pour water with a temperature of 60-80 degrees to the pipe;
    5. Unclog drain with plunger.

    How to remove the blockage in the sink

    Through the above article of the ways you can clear almost any clog in the sink. But if something happened out of the ordinary that can’t get a plunger or chemicals or a plumbing snake, the single output is the analysis of the pipe for water drainage and cleaning manually clogged places. For those who have received insufficient information to yourself in the article, I suggest you watch the video, where in the illustrative example shows the analysis of the shell for cleaning of clogs:

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