How to connect the boiler

I must admit that the connection bolinaga tank in most cases is a forced measure due to the lack of proper hot water. Sometimes the installation and connection of the boiler is the only available solution, although the presence in the apartment or house huge heavy pot of boiling water as it pleases a little. Latest designs of boilers made them safe enough, standardization of units of a supply branch has made available a connection of the boiler to the communications and transaction with your own hands. Of course, provided good follow the wiring diagram of boiler.

How to connect the boiler

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Most people are conventionally divided models of boilers into two categories:

  • The device flow type in which the water stream is heated in the heat exchanger system and a small container and immediately transferred to the consumer;
  • The boilers drives that use the thermos method, water is poured into the insulated tank is heated and stored as its use;

For us it is a device for producing hot water, although more correct would be the use of the term boiler the second type of devices. Having dealt with the connection of the boiler-the drive to connect the flow of the boiler to the plumbing and wiring is not difficult. The main requirement for cytometry systems is the connection of the individual wiring and a batch machine that can withstand the electrical load 8-10kW.For this purpose, the cable with copper cores with a cross section of at least 4-5mmTwo.

How to connect the boiler

It is important! The weakest link in the connection to flow heaters is the need to replace the old meter and connection model that can withstand current 20-25A.

Often boilerroom tank, except electric heating element installed heat exchangers for heating the water in the tank using the circulating in the closed circuit coolant, steam, hot gas or water. This so-called boiler systems using indirect heating.

How to connect the boiler storage type ↑

Before you buy storage boiler make a preliminary assessment of the technical capabilities of the apartment or house and make preliminary connection diagram with markings of plumbing and electrical communications at a variety of places of installation of the heavy and cumbersome tank.

How to connect the boiler

Standard capacity is hung on the wall, at a distance of 15-20cm from the ceiling, using special anchor hooks. They can easily withstand the weight of the boiler design, under the condition that the wall at least 30cm, made of brick or concrete slab.

For fixing the boiler carry out the following procedures:

  1. Using a ruler measure the distance between the holes on the tank mount and move the marking on the wall surface. Hole puncher punch a hole in the wall to a depth of 10-12 cm and carefully, with a hammer press-fitted nylon tube screw hook and twist the bracket itself. Usually use the anchor diameter 8-12mm supplied with tank.
  2. Hanging empty the tank at twisted anchor, using a level, align its position on the horizon and mark the places for holes under the rest of the hooks. After removing the tank, mounted the remaining anchor hooks.
  3. Re-hang the empty bowl on the fixture, and check the evenness of the load on the hooks.

?How to connect the boiler

Assessment of possibilities for wiring ↑

In contrast to the high-load running of the system, warming the water flow at a breakneck pace, with the cumulative schemes is used PETN, the load wiring is not more than a couple of kilowatts. Wiring in older homes were often made of aluminum wire and is designed for a total load current not more than 10A. In this case, should be and to connect additional wiring from the heater to bolinaga the counter.

It is important! Connections and connection of additional wiring and installing an electrical outlet with switch, as well as the installation of supply pipes for hot and cold water is performed after the hanging tank water heater on the wall.

If your apartment project provided for the installation of air conditioning or electric, most likely the wiring is designed for a load at 35A and additional measures are not needed. It remains to test the connection and functionality of the ground.

Before connecting the boiler with their hands performed the connection of additional wiring to the terminals of the two additional switch-slots in the fuse. To remove 10mm of the outer jacket of each conductor in the wire. By marking the cable wire red or brown color is used for phase, blue –neutral wire and green-yellow – lived «land». Unscrew with a flat head screwdriver a couple of turns the screw on the bottom of the switch, insert the wire from the bottom hole for the contact, and screw back. Do this with all veins yellow-green contact attach to the ground terminal. In a similar manner to connect the wiring to the socket for boiler.

How to connect the boiler

The inclusion of boilery the heater only after you verify the connection and fill the tank with water.

The Council! If the electrical panel not labeled «phase» and «zero» to further check the contacts and correct connections use neon indicator screwdriver type.

Water connection and hot water consumption ↑

Do not use in connecting communications flexible carts or aluminium-polypropylene pipes. Will definitely work with them is easy and convenient, but safeguards for safe operation of such tubes is difficult to give because of the problems with metal corrosion. For communication lines, use of plastic pipes with aluminum frame used in individual heating systems. Before connecting the boiler to the pipes of cold and hot water, run the inset in the respective pipes according to the following scheme:

  1. If the apartment has plastic tubes to connect in a convenient enough place to cut the pipe with special scissors cutter and using a soldering iron to install and solder the tee for an additional pipe to the boiler. A similar procedure is workable on «hot» the pipe by installing a tee before the check valve or an additional crane.
  2. In fittings approach-retraction of water on the body of the boiler screw on the sealing tape «Funke» one crane. Wrap in plastic valves transition couplings that allow to connect the tap with a plastic tube.
  3. In the previously installed tees on tubes of hot and cold water solder-cuts of plastic pipes the required length, connect them with transition couplings for cranes.
  4. Perform the removal and connection safety relief valve boiler.

How to connect the boiler

Before connecting the boiler to the water check the seal of the connections and the reliability of the valve.

Connect the indirect heating boiler ↑

Using indirect heating of the boiler gives considerable advantages over conventional electrical methods. In mounted in tank boiler heat exchanger, is fairly weak, but long time heat transfer from the external heat carrier to the accumulated water. As a rule, entering into the cavity of the boiler to the hot coolant is in the upper part, and the selection of cold – in the bottom layers.

The most advantageous is a connection diagram of the boiler of indirect heating in the presence of electric boiler heating the apartment or house and two-tariff electricity meter. In this case, the maximum amount of energy possible to store in a grace period consumption, using accumulated heat in the boiler for heating and for ordinary purposes. Such a scheme is sure to complement every contour independent circulation pumps.

How to connect the boiler

The most common, simple and practical is the heating and hot water operated a special three-way valve. Valve capable of switching the hydraulic circuit of the heating system and boiler heat exchanger

How to connect the boiler

Control functions switching process is assigned to the thermostat of the boiler. In the open position the valve cuts off the movement of the line heating and directs the hot coolant to the heat exchanger of the boiler. At the end of the heating water storage thermostat gives the command, and the valve changes position closes the circuit of the heat exchanger bolinaga and restores the connection and circulation of the coolant in the heating circuit. About the same functioning method of connection of the boiler to Combi boiler. For the normal heating of the boiler in the heating system connecting to the outlet of the hot heat carrier from the boiler, the second, tied only to the heat exchanger boiler.

The service life of boiler can reach tens of years and often depends on the development of electrochemical processes of corrosion and hardness of water consumed. In any case, use the slightest possibility for regular service, cleaning and replacing the magnesium element in the protection.

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