How to choose the shower: expert tips

A shower capable of making life more convenient, as it allows to speed up hygiene. But the cabin was really comfortable and does not cause anxiety, is to find a product that suits you.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

Types of showers ↑

Before you choose the shower, you should decide whether you want to install the stand-alone model or the open. The second type is a structure from the tray, doors and additional walls. The cheapest option is a product that is installed close to the walls of the bathroom as it does not have its own partitions. In the role of doors in such a system are folds, which are usually made by the type of the wardrobe.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

To reduce the cost of design, can be purchased only opening the sash, and instead of a pan to lay out part of bathroom floor non slip tile and make this place a drain. But in this case it is important to make a small slope so that water flowed into the drain hole. It is also necessary to correctly isolate the product from the rest of the room, so that during its use a bathroom floor is not flooded with water.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

The closed cabins represent a structure which has side walls and a sealed door. They completely isolate the space in which man takes a shower. Such products are often produced with additional functions that contribute to a more comfortable use. To understand which shower to choose, it is necessary to consider functions that are built into many models.

Functions of the shower cabin ↑

If you are going to skimp on the shower, you can choose a product that allows you to use the following functions:

  • a rain shower;
  • backlight;
  • seat;
  • aromatherapy.

With the installation of each feature the cost increases, so to consider them is in the case when the price does not play a big difference. Before choosing a shower cubicle for a private home, you should consider several well-known products from different manufacturers.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

To choose a cabin by rating ↑

Contemporary design can have many functions or be a product that has no options and has simple design. Well-known manufacturers of such products take care of our customers, so even the cheapest products are the convenience. It is best to buy shower stall, since such structures have large dimensions of the pallet, allowing you to feel more comfortable.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

In the ranking of high-quality products can enter not only the expensive models, but also simple parts, which are created by well-known manufacturer. The top of the charts is products of European manufacturers. After them come the Asian and Russian companies. But more popular have Chinese products, as they are low in cost. But when choosing products for their home should consider whether you are ready to ensure that the design will break in a few years after use. But at desire it is possible to find the Chinese product which is of acceptable quality.

German cabin ↑

Design, which are assembled in Germany, is quite popular in many countries, as the quality they are superior products of many famous brands. But the cost is high. Well-known manufacturers are the following companies:

  1. Hueppe
    How to choose the shower: expert tips
  2. Kermi
    How to choose the shower: expert tips
  3. Lagard
    How to choose the shower: expert tips
  4. Hyber
    How to choose the shower: expert tips

If you wish to purchase a product whose quality is not in doubt, should look to these brands. The cheapest models have a cost equal to 30 thousand rubles.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

The characteristics of the product from Germany should include:

  • durable pallet;
  • the tightness of the structure;
  • the presence of multiple functions;
  • a choice of several sizes of a cabin of a particular model.

Every detail of the German cabins are carefully designed, so the product quality is visible even to a person who is not familiar with the specifics of such products.

Finnish ↑

On the second place after Germany is Finland. Products from this country also differ in the quality and thoughtful design. The most well-known manufacturers can compete with German companies. It is worth noting such companies as Timo, Ideal Standart and IDO.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

Prices on these products are lower than in the German cab, so many people buy them. The cheapest model costs about 20 thousand rubles.

Chinese products ↑

Products from this country remains the most affordable, but is considered lower quality. Chinese manufacturers use lower quality parts and not pay much attention to the details. Because of this, many owners of such products have to occasionally replace certain components. To the well-known manufacturers include Nautico, Niagara and Parly. Before you choose a shower cabin with deep tray, consider all the options and only then make a purchase decision.

How to choose the shower: expert tips


The product with the same name is made in Germany and is one of the best among those represented on the market of such products. It is specially designed for small spaces and features a beautiful design. Am.Pm Bourgeois has hydromassage jets and steam baths.

The product is equipped with a display with touch control through which you can configure the mode of operation of the device. Steam bath helps:

  • to eliminate toxins;
  • rejuvenation of the skin;
  • improving immunity;
  • stress relief.

How to choose the shower: expert tips


The shower, manufactured in Finland, is open and has no roof. When purchasing you can select from transparent, patterned or tinted glass. The pallet is made of marble, so the whole structure is stable.

In such models feature rain-shower heads. The glass is securely seated in aluminium profiles and has a tight connection with other parts of the structure. Before you choose the shower to the bathroom, take a look at this model.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

Nautico N-100BK ↑

Products from the company known Nautico thanks to a low price for these products and their functionality. Despite the fact that cubicles are produced in China, it does not affect their quality. The company focuses on the design of their products and their ergonomics.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

Cabin Nautico N-100BK is inexpensive and convenient. In this design, both feature whirlpool function of the neck and back. Pan and back are made of acrylic. Despite the fragility of this material design can be used without damage for a long time. Sliding doors made of frosted glass.

Shower Niagara NG-2504 Quadro ↑

Cab company Niagara are manufactured in Korea and are becoming more popular in many countries, as are parts quality and low price. Like the other cabins that you can buy at a low price, the pallet in this model is made of acrylic. From the same material created by the back wall. The front walls and sliding doors are made with impact resistant tinted glass.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

In this model there are no additional functions, but if you want to buy a cabin at a low price, you should look to this option.

Which cabin is better to buy ↑

To understand how to choose the right shower enclosure, you should learn a few basic rules. The first is to define the necessary functionality. If you need a simple cabin, you can choose cheap models. It is also worth thinking about the size of the cabin. For some people a standard design is too small, so you have to buy expensive bole and wide models.

How to choose the shower: expert tips

Considering the cab thing to think about is whether to use all offered functions. If you are not going to use many of them, it is not necessary to overpay, buying an expensive product.

It is also worth thinking about the appearance of the cabin. You should not choose designs with clear glass, if the water that flows through the water is hard. In this case, on the glass are divorces, and after a long time, a precipitate. Better to buy a model with tinted glass and not worry about her appearance. After the purchase of the cabin installation is better to trust the experienced professionals.

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