How to choose PPR pipes

The evolution of technology has led to the fact that the market of building materials, a large range of polypropylene pipes. A wide range of applications, a variety of sizes and prices makes the choice for man, far from the construction, very difficult. How to understand what the pipe easier to use, and you should pay attention to choose a product of appropriate quality?

How to choose PPR pipes

Let us consider in more details the main concepts and features of the choice of polypropylene pipes.

Varieties of polypropylene pipes ↑

The main difference between tubes manufactured from polypropylene is a very special reaction to the high temperature of the water. Depending on the resistance to certain conditions, the following types of pipes made of polypropylene:

  • used only for cold water;
  • able to withstand high temperatures;
  • used for arrangement of sewage;
  • used for installation of the heating system;
  • as part of the ventilation of the house.

Compare polypropylene pipe with metal products in the table below, the dimensions are indicated in mm.

How to choose PPR pipes

The ability to withstand different levels of working pressure in the pipes, there are:

  1. The level of pressure 1MPa able to withstand products PN10. Traditionally, they are used for supplying cold water, the arrangement of the air-conditioning system, ventilation, and also in the installation of floor heating.
  2. The pressure level of 1.6 MPa stand products PN16. As a rule, such characteristics have polypropylene pipes are used for heating in basements and non-residential premises.
  3. The pressure is kept at 2 MPa PN20 brand. They are used for supplying coolant with a temperature over 80C.
  4. Special EPDM tube, reinforced with glass fiber, available under the brand name PN25. Their characteristics allow to withstand the pressure of 2.5 MPa. They are mostly used for laying in industrial enterprises.

Depending on the brand of the product and of the kind used in the manufacture of plastic pipes vary according to the setting of the outer diameter and wall thickness. So the outer diameter of polypropylene pipes brand PN10 ranging from 20 to 110mm, with a thickness of up to 10mm. The most durable and heavy-duty products are brand PN25. The outer diameter of the product varies from 21 to 77mm and a wall thickness of up to 13mm. In more detail external and internal diameters of pipes considered in the table below.

How to choose PPR pipes

Pipes made of copolymer, blend of low weight and resistance to acid and alkaline formulations. The liquid that moves on to be in the temperature range from -10 to +90C. Perhaps a short-term phenomenon of rising water degrees to +110C. Another huge advantage, articles made from the copolymer is the ability to maintain its structure and integrity in internal freezing of water.

How to choose PPR pipes

The scope of application of polypropylene pipes ↑

Excellent technical characteristics make the products of polypropylene is almost the universal material that is used in the regeneration of a wide variety of systems.

How to choose PPR pipes

Laying of water supply ↑

Synthetic high-tech material used in the production, have good strength, durability and resistance to pressure drops within the system and a constant water temperature up to 95C. Also worth noting is the ability of a material to retain their original parameters, even in the freezing of water within the system.

When selecting special attention should be paid to the technical characteristics of each type. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate in your particular situation option, and mounted the water supply system will be high quality and durable.

What sizes have polypropylene pipes for cold water, consider the following table.

How to choose PPR pipes

There are a number of criteria, which you need to pay attention before choose polypropylene pipes for water supply:

  • inner diameter;
  • the wall thickness of the product;
  • operating temperature range;
  • coefficient of expansion;
  • the increased corrosion resistance;
  • resistance to temperature and working pressure of water;
  • the ability to withstand various mechanical damage.

How to choose PPR pipes

Sewage system ↑

Regardless of the mounted drain in a residential home or an industrial box, for these purposes, only the special plastic pipes. They must have high characteristics of resistance to chemical solutions and corrosive processes. When building sewers are subject to the same fasteners as for laying of water supply system: fittings, tees, elbows, crosses.

The following types of wastewater:

  1. For the installation of water drainage from the plumbing elements in a common system used with an internal diameter of 50mm.
  2. For the installation of a shared sewage disposal system shall apply products with an internal diameter of 110mm.

Polypropylene pipes are very easy to install and care for. The surface does not need paint, but the elasticity of the joints makes the installation easy and enjoyable, ensures durability of the system is mounted.

How to choose PPR pipes

Heating system ↑

Use a regular pipe made of polypropylene for installation of home heating not quite right. They change their form when heated coolant, thereby compromising the integrity of the entire system. So, how to choose polypropylene pipes for heating? In order for the heating circuit in the house was operated for many years without causing any inconvenience, is to use a special polypropylene products reinforced with the inner surface.

What diameter, use of polypropylene pipes for heating, consider the following table.

How to choose PPR pipes

It is important! They have high conductivity values, which allows to minimize heat loss.

Pipe in the arrangement of the ventilation ↑

The main function that needs to provide pipes made of polypropylene mounted in ventilation – constant inflow and outflow of air. Therefore, special attention when selecting this type, given the strength and elasticity of the material and low weight. This is because, as a rule, the ventilation system is mounted not on the walls of the capital, and on light partitions or installed in the inner space of the ceiling.

The form of the ventilation pipe are different, they are rectangular, round, oval. Shapes and dimensions polypropylene pipes depend on the purposes for which they are intended. For residential buildings traditionally used products of circular cross-section with an inner diameter of 100 and 125mm. Connect all the elements of a ventilation system using sockets.

How to choose PPR pipes

Acquisition of polypropylene pipes ↑

The pipeline was invented by man for a long time, but not always, its operation was safe for life and health. For example, the ancient Romans often died because of lead poisoning, which was used in the manufacture of pipes for Sewerage and drainage systems. During Soviet times, quickly rusting risers did the to drink tap water. By the end of the 20th century, the market appeared fundamentally new kind of pipes, who managed to combine high technical performance and safety of use.

Unfortunately, the struggle for low cost of goods among manufacturers leads to the fact that among the variety of polypropylene pipes, there are fakes, inferior product that does not meet the stated requirements for safety and quality.

In order not to be mistaken with a choice and to buy really high-quality product does not always need to pay attention to the price. Unfortunately, even the highest price is no guarantee that the product will be safe. Experts advise to pay attention to the following features.

How to choose PPR pipes

The level of transparency of the material ↑

Tubes are made of transparent polymer materials perfectly reflect light, and this in turn contributes to the propagation of various bacteria and fungi. Even if the entire system will be hidden in the wall, it will still be small areas that fall under the sunshine and carry a lot of bacteria. They will be posted throughout the system, thereby contaminating the water and poisoning the person.

How to choose PPR pipes

Attention! The most vulnerable are young children and people who have had the disease. The immature immune system cannot fight viruses that enter the body through contaminated water.

Most high-quality and safe material, are products of grey color that made of coloured raw materials. This is important because very often in the pursuit of cost reduction, a manufacturer of color finished product, which in turn has the desired effect. Over time, these products still lose their color, appear spots and stains.

The smell of the material ↑

If buying tubes, you feel an unpleasant odor, such a purchase is better to refuse. High quality products will never smell. The only time this situation can occur is welding two elements.

How to choose PPR pipes

Conclusion ↑

Polypropylene pipe has rightfully earned the popularity and wide spread among consumers. Exceptionally high technical characteristics, operation and quality of products allow you to mount a water pipes or drains in your house easy and fast. Properly selected and correctly installed polypropylene pipes allow you to create such communication systems, which will be different durability and ease of care.

In some cases, the use of polypropylene pipes is unacceptable learn in the next video

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