Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Until relatively recently, in the apartments it was possible to observe complex intersections of standard steel water pipes that connect sinks, shower, special appliances, and flush toilets. With the advent of the sanitary market hoses in a protective metal sheath water supply system began to look more neat.

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Features of flexible water hoses ↑

Currently when you create a household water supply systems are increasingly being applied all sorts of handy tools. So, for example, to connect appliances to work that requires water, and various plumbing fixtures is no longer necessary to connect between a metal pipe and create a rather bulky design. You can now take advantage of a convenient and secure hoses to help you create a home water system. In addition, flexible pipe reliable in operation and quite easy to connect to various household plumbing fixtures.

Water eyeliner is a flexible tube of non-toxic rubber protective braid of metal or polymeric filament, and stainless steel. Length can vary from 300 to 5000 mm. With the two ends of flexible hoses for water connection on the principle of fitting-fitting, nut-gang and fitting-nut for pipes with a diameter of 1, 1/2, 3/4 and 3/8 inch.

The advantages, requirements and classification ↑

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

The water hoses in a protective metal casing have many advantages over conventional steel pipes:

  • the main advantage is compactness, which considerably saves the space;
  • design flexibility – connect to household appliances allows her to move freely to another place;
  • able without welding when connecting plumbing fixtures. Wrench tighten the connection with a silicone or rubber gasket;
  • the possibility of self-connections of sanitary appliances;
  • practicality and aesthetic appearance;
  • reliability in use;
  • portability hydrological impacts;
  • the duration of the operation;
  • resistance to vibrations;
  • low cost.

Flexible hoses are made from polymers with braid of aluminum or stainless steel. They should provide a sealed connection and does not leak. Gaskets for flexible hoses should be made of high quality material, and the connecting thread should not have any damage.

The water hoses in a metal braid divided into:

  • reinforced;
  • bellows;
  • stainless steel products.

Flexible plumbing hose bellows ↑

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Bellows hose is made from stainless steel and has a diameter of from 12 to 34 mm and length up to 2000 mm. During the installation of the steel corrugated hose can be stretched to the required length. The brass nut has a sealing gasket with a high melting point. It should be noted that the low quality of the brass can oxidize under the influence of moisture, and which does not affect the duration of the operation, so the cost to purchase the hoses from trusted manufacturers.

Water hoses bellows in the containment are able to withstand temperatures from -50?C to +250?C, so they are most often used for connection to the centralized heating system. Is that hose is not cheap and the price depends on its size. Bellows hoses for water has life of up to 25 years and more.


  • made from high quality steel;
  • resistance to water hammer;
  • long life;
  • the possibility of using in wide temperature range;
  • hygiene and health safety;
  • incombustibility.


  • the high cost.

Reinforced hoses ↑

Flexible hoses for water: specifications Reinforced water hose is made from rubber encased in braided stainless steel. Such a product can pass water with temperatures up to +90?C. Reinforced hose is ideal for connecting washing machines, flushing cisterns toilet and boilers, but not recommended for use in heating systems.

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Rubber hose of different lengths is a protective cover made of wire made of stainless steel with streaks of blue or red (depends on the connection cold or hot water) and has at both ends of the fittings with thread or nut with a rubber or silicone seals. The cost of this eyeliner is much lower than the hose of the bellows type, however, and wear it higher.

Guaranteed life reinforced water hoses is about two years, but with proper maintenance, this period may be more.

Advantages are as follows:

  • the speed and ease of connection.
  • flexibility;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • used in the manufacture of durable materials.


  • the strong wear of the braid in the case of frequent bends of the hose;
  • rapid amortization of the rubber hose due to contact with the liquid.
Attention! Flexible hose with braid, wire made of steel (AISI 304 GOST 5632-72) is much better because it is able to tolerate pressure up to 10 ATM. and prevents condensation. Due to this, the lifetime is about 10 years old, while the aluminum version is not as reliable and can be used a maximum of 5 years.

Flexible hose made of stainless steel ↑

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Water hoses for connection of sanitary appliances shall be made of stainless materials, which are not subject to the ravages of corrosion, that allows to prolong service life and ensure the normal work. The cost of the stainless steel hose can seem high, but quite acceptable, so this kind of eyeliner is very popular. Flexible hose «Bison» is made of stainless steel length 500 to 1000 mm.

The advantages of flexible hoses in stainless steel:

  • the use of material resistant to corrosion;
  • incombustibility;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • easy connectivity;
  • low cost.


  • in the case of poor mounting, poor quality gaskets flexible hoses made of stainless steel, used to connect hot water may leak at the connection.

Connection features ↑

Flexible hoses for water: specifications

Connect flexible water hoses «Bison» quite simple and in compliance with recommendations you can easily implement it yourself.

  1. Before connecting the hoses in a metal braid to plumbing equipment and plumbing system, you should carefully inspect them for defects, since the slightest fault may subsequently cause more serious damage.
  2. To prevent the occurrence of galvanic corrosion is required to clearly observe the coupling of a pair of (steel-steel, brass-brass, copper-brass).
  3. To prevent twisting or strong pulling of the hose prior to and during connection.
  4. Desirable-tighten the coupling nut or threaded fitting to avoid damage.
  5. During installation, the bending radius should be 5-6 times greater than the external diameter.
  6. After connection of the flexible hoses you must watch her at least an hour. If necessary, tighten the coupling nuts or fittings.
  7. Professionals recommend at least every six months to inspect the hoses and seals, as well as every 5-7 years, instead of waiting for an emergency to carry out a full replacement.
  8. To provide a water eyeliner free access.
  9. It is recommended to purchase the hoses from trusted manufacturers.

For each case requires a certain kind of eyeliner. In principle, each of these types suitable for use in household water system. Flexible hose for water can last long only if it is made of high quality materials, what actually determines the cost of the product.

For a better understanding of how to choose a quality flexible connector for water is to look at the proposed video.

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