The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

From what scheme of water supply to private home you select depends on the stability of the water supply. Also do not forget about the ease of use and efficiency.

The accumulator is an important part of the water supply system of a private house. It is water and compressed air. They are separated by a special membrane. As soon as the pressure drops the pump is switched on and the liquid flows into the system. Due to this pressure quickly restored and the thread resumes.

The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

As soon as the pressure in the accumulator reaches the desired level, the flow is terminated. To prevent frequent starting of the hydraulic device, which is an important part of the scheme of water supply to private houses, the water flow goes directly from the accumulator.

It is important! The accumulator can ensure operation of the entire supply schemes the frequency of the house even after turning the power off. At the same time period of Autonomous operation depends directly on the volume of the tank.

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The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

The device must maintain constant pressure in the system. This is his main task. However, for this to become a reality, the following are necessary conditions.

It is important! To ensure the pressure inside the system should be at least half of the atmosphere.

To water from the tap flowed immediately after turning on the unit with good pressure in the system should initially be of sufficient pressure. The responsibility of the pump. The role of the accumulator is to prevent premature burnout of the machine.

The cause of frequent tripping may be that the performance of the compressor is higher than water consumption. When the valve is open, the station creates the desired pressure, shut off automatically and then the machine starts up again, as it reduces the pressure in the pipes.

Very often hydraulic accumulator used to the water was in the entire building even when off the light. Usually need at least a hundred litres, to cope with the urgent needs of the family of three people.

Hydraulic accumulator is necessary to prevent water hammer. When in the network there is a sharp surge, and the system has accumulated in the air — a frequent actuation of a pumping station will lead to the destruction of the blades of the supercharger. This, in turn, will cause a pipeline break.

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The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

To create the most reliable system of water supply to private houses need to be accumulator. It is therefore very important in the buying process to choose the device best suited to your needs. You need to know the basic elements of the design of the unit, these include:

  1. case with legs,
  2. membrane or rubber bulb,
  3. the valve for air injection,
  4. protective cover.

Of course, each company is a manufacturer of accumulators for schemes of water supply of private houses are trying to bring to design something new to achieve greater system performance and reliability.

Take, for example, horizontal accumulators. It is complemented by a faucet or valve for venting. Particularly noteworthy are the units for drinking water. The equipment is supplied with pears from special varieties of rubber. This material has a neutral chemical properties. Therefore, the liquid has no odor or taste.

It is important! If the accumulator is part of a district heating for private house, it should have an expansion tank.

Depending on the location type isolated horizontal and vertical accumulators to supply to private homes. First used in the arrangement of external systems. Pumping units are installed directly on the hydraulic equipment. The vertical location is used in water supply systems with submersible pumps.

Depending on the destination can distinguish between three types of accumulators for schemes of water supply of a private house:

  • for supplying cold water;
  • to supply hot water;
  • for heating systems.

Naturally, the design units are very different from each other. In the accumulators for hot water supply of private houses using materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. In addition, they are installed only when installing a full system (when there is hot and cold water).

Attention! The heating accumulators are painted red, and for cold-water and hot water in a blue.

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Laying of pipes in a private house can be done in two main ways: through a serial connection or collector connection. The first option is ideal for a small country house. That the scheme has justified itself — the room should accommodate no more than two people.

The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

Attention! For houses with a large number of people residing sequential connection scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator is not suitable.

Sequential diagram of the pipeline based on the fact that the water goes through the main pipeline. Each consumption point is a tee with a tap. When using multiple channels, the pressure drops. As a result of the farthest user is not getting water.

Collector scheme is based on quite another principle. Tubes are removed from a common header to every consumer. The result is the same stable pressure in each tap.

Attention! The cost of building the collector of the scheme is much more expensive due to the large number of pipes.

Now in most private houses set namely the collector circuit of water supply with accumulator. It consists of the following elements:

  1. The borehole or well.
  2. A pumping station. From the well or wells under the ground the conduit and is supplied to the pump.
  3. Accumulator. From it on hangers on the pipe you need to put a tee with shutoff valve. In one tube there will be water for home, another for technical needs.
  4. A pipe through which water is supplied to the water supply scheme of the private home connects to the water treatment plant.
  5. At the outlet of the water treatment systems are installed tee that separates the hot and cold water.
  6. The cold water pipe is included in the corresponding manifold. Installed shut-off valves.
  7. The second channel should go to the heater and hence crashing into the manifold.

The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

This is the basic scheme of water supply of a private house with a pressure tank. If necessary it may include additional elements to extend the base functionality.

Connection ↑

An important role in the connection diagram of the accumulator to the water supply of a private house plays a non-return valve. It allows compressed air with a membrane to squeeze the water into the well.

It is important! The valve is mounted on the pump. And this must be done prior to connecting the remaining elements in the circuit of the supply to private homes.

For convenience, the connection procedure is divided into the following stages:

  1. First set submersible pump.
  2. Everything went according to the standards by means of a rope and cargo is determined by the depth of the well.
  3. There is a place on the rope, which is necessary to lower the liquid transfer apparatus. It needs to be no more than 30 inches to the bottom.
  4. After the pump is fixed on the pressure pipe through a hose connects to the pressure switch. This is fitting.
  5. To the Union alternately connecting the hydraulic accumulator, which plays a major role in the scheme of water supply and pipe leading to the points of consumption. The last connector is needed to connect the control unit.

The scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator

All connections in the water system of a private house with a pressure tank must be securely sealed. It is best to use the tow with the sealant.

The results ↑

Correctly written scheme of water supply of a private house with accumulator allows to protect the pipeline against water hammer. It also provides a backup supply of water at all occasions.

To use a hydraulic accumulator as an alternative source of water supply, the required volume of the tank not less than 100 litres per three family members. For two enough 50.

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