The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

In building the lexicon there are different terms that are incomprehensible to people not versed in this topic. One of them is the name as «roofing pie».

What is it? ↑

Roofing cake – several layers of material and designs used in the construction of the roof. So he was comparing pie and multi-layered and difficult to prepare. It is a whole system with its nuances, secrets and rules. Nowadays roofing pie performs many more functions than before; his system is one of the most difficult points in the construction of the house. What is this «pie»?

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

Device ↑

Ideally, the design of the roofing shall consist of the following elements:

  • interior trim (just headlining);
  • vapor barrier;
  • insulation (insulation);
  • waterproofing;
  • gaps for ventilation;
  • prevents icing;
  • roof.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

Roofing in pie also includes decorative elements (pinwheels), gutters, drainage systems, and other equipment on roofs. If the interior is all clear (depends on the interior), we’ll deal with electrical items and other «layers».

Underlay pie ↑

As we know from physics lessons, under the roof meets most of the heat and water vapor (i.e. moisture), so attention to insulation here you need to pay as much as possible. Before you install the main element – heater – need to pave the vapour-barrier foil, the moisture has not gone beyond the roofing pie. But if it passes through this layer, the insulation should not accumulate it in yourself, and skip the next. Thus, the insulation must have a high vapor permeability, deform and be fire resistant. Its thickness should be between 150 to 200 mm For roofs are more suitable slabs of stone, glass fibers or mineral wool.

It is important the insulation should be installed only after the humidity of wooden elements of construction the roofing equal to or less than 18%. Otherwise the moisture from the wood gets into the insulation and not be able to leave it because of the waterproofing layer. Insulation should always be dry.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet
Blue layer is a vapor barrier; yellow – heater.

Ventilation system that prevents icing ↑

If your roofing material is a corrugated sheet, in any case, a natural ventilation. Complete roof soft type there is a special ventilated ridge; upper and lower gaps of ventilation associated with the environment with the help of roof fans.

De-icing of roofs use a system of heating cables, temperature sensors and other equipment. They can be done not only under the roof and around the gutters and Windows of the upper floors.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

Waterproofing ↑

Waterproofing paving after completion of the ventilation equipment against icing. It can be either a desiccant or a moisture-permeable, depending on the roofing material. Waterproofing is divided into the following types:

  • super-diffusion membrane (pass vapor but not water; does not require ventilation clearance);
  • diffusive waterproofing membrane (for required ventilation clearances; pass vapor and trap moisture);
  • waterproofing of the condensate film (also the required clearances; do not pass steam, suitable for metal and euroslate).

Truss system ↑

The thickness of the roofing needs to be in the range of 30-35 centimetres, with this in mind, and costs to complete the construction of the rafters. They have to choose a softwood with a moisture content above 22%; processed with antiseptics and fire retardants. The rafters set the counter lathing, and then she mounted the roof waterproofing. The clearance will provide additional ventilation. The counter lathing is attached to the sheathing of timber or solid floor of cbpb, OSB and other such materials. A solid roof put on the crate, but the soft approach the second option.

The types of roofing ↑

When using shingles, you can not to lay a layer of waterproofing: the bitumen is water resistant. The film will be only needed at the corners, cornices and joints, and it is necessary to put under the crate, and already before the installation of the roof.

Soft tile involves the use of lining – polypropylene film that performs waterproofing function.

As for metal shingles, then this will require a layer of insulation. Any strikes on the material, be it rain or poultry, give an unpleasant sound in the room, so to lay this layer is very, very highly recommended.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that different types of roofs need different «recipes» roofing.

Under the shingles ↑


  • the size of rafters: 200*50 mm
  • insulation: 150 mm;
  • ventilation: 50 mm;

Waterproofing, as has been said, not necessary.

To prevent the increase in the size of the heater and further consequences use «the net» from nylon cord.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

Under the soft tile.


  • the size of rafters: 150*50 mm;
  • insulation: 200 mm;
  • ventilation: 50 mm;

In the diagram, waterproofing is called wind insulation. As you can see, there is a fourth layer of insulation, does not allow to form cold bridges. The recommended insulation material – basalt.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

This variant of cake can be used for metal shingles, the plywood should be replaced with a crate of timber.

The device roofing pie under corrugated sheet

For roofing pie attic ↑

All the previously discussed options suited for the dwelling, that is warm attic. But if the space under the roof it is planned to use not like room, and as the attic, then «composition» the roofing will be simplified:

  • rafters;
  • waterproofing;
  • counter lathing;
  • crate;
  • roof.

Waterproofing is attached with an overlap parallel to eaves (if the angle of the roof is more than 20 degrees).

Remember: never skimp on roofing materials, because it affects even the life of the house. The better material and better work, the less likely that the roof starts to leak, skip heat, will form ice, or that is likely to collapse.

How to make a roofing pie right? ↑

Quality materials and skilled workers will come at a price. But experience shows that frequent repair or even replacement of the roof (before the end of its intended lifespan) will cost more.

In principle, it is possible to save on the second paragraph, but only on condition that you confident in their abilities (for example, once did this kind of work). Here is one of the training videos:

If you are not sure then it is better to trust such important work to the professionals.

Synthesis ↑

Roofing pie in the understanding of an ordinary person, you can call the complex «layers», included in the concept «roof» home. Materials that provide comfortable accommodation in the attic rooms, or «not leaking» attic, stacked layers, so they are likened to a layer cake.

The correct performance of a roof depends even the life of the house, why skimp on materials or work – not the best idea. The roof protects the entire home from the effects of the environment, so this system needs to pay special attention.

Without all the necessary elements of any system will not work, so each layer of cake is very important. One of the rules to operate the heater is keeping his in a dry condition. This will help the waterproofing and vapor barrier. For moisture and temperature control are the ventilation gaps. In the de-icing you can even buy special thermal equipment. Don’t forget the gutters and snegozaderzhateli.

Roofing pie will provide not only warm in winter and cool in summer attic room, but will protect from unpleasant sounds due to impacts on the roofing material. This is the second important stage of building a house, so he needs to pay a corresponding sum of money and amount of time.

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