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The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

The constant rise in prices of utilities is forcing people to look for alternative ways to ensure their comfort, and today we will talk about how to make a home warm with its own forces.

Many years ago solar collectors seemed like a real gimmick. But the constant development of technology allowed so to simplify their design, to build such a device possible in the country using readily available materials.

Of course, something will have to buy the same kind of polycarbonate. But such spending will pay off for years of use an Autonomous heating system. The working principle of solar collector is quite simple. Water circulates within the system, being heated by direct sun rays on leaves.

Features manifold ↑

Device ↑

The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

In appearance the solar collector is made of polycarbonate, recalls the panel. Inside is a network of pipelines. The insulation is on the inside. His task is to reduce heat loss during system operation.

When sun rays fall on the plate, the water under the action heats up. For example, if you use a system not on a Sunny day, in a single pass, the temperature will raise to 8-9 degrees.

With proper water flow inside the plates — a system for quality can be a competitor of factory products. But it is very important to organize the fence. And it is very difficult.

The types ↑

There are several common types of solar collectors made of polycarbonate. Most often in suburban areas, or set up the vacuum panel systems. The second got its name due to its flat shape. They are only suitable for use in the warm time of the year.

Vacuum collectors have a much more complex structure, and their creation is much more expensive. But their operation is possible throughout the year thanks to the high performance.

The production of solar collector ↑

Training ↑

The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

Preparation is an important stage in the creation of a collector made of polycarbonate. Before you begin you need to collect the necessary materials. Otherwise, the most crucial moment you will not be able to complete the Assembly of the structure.

Few people know, but the materials to build a solar collector made of polycarbonate can be found in any hardware store. Of course, the efficiency of the device will be lower than the factory equivalent, but the cost would be appropriate.

To create a solar collector made of polycarbonate will need:

  1. Tube of copper. They need to make a quality coil. The diameter of each should be 18 mm.
  2. Insulation materials.
  3. The metal sheet. While its thickness should be about 1 mm.
  4. Corner transitions. Their size corresponds to the diameter of the tubes of copper. Also need plumbing adapter.
  5. Polycarbonate honeycomb type. He’s better suited to a collector.
  6. Without soldering, of course, do not work.
  7. Absorber and mineral wool.
  8. Black paint in aerosol form.
  9. Plywood, reinforced corners made of aluminum. Alternatively, the aluminum frame can take the pieces of wood.

Before beginning of works on creation of design you have got to have these materials and tools. Only after preliminary checks, you can proceed to create the solar collector is made of polycarbonate with their hands.

Do the coil ↑

The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

An important element in the design of solar collector polycarbonate is a coil. It is a tube through which circulates heated by solar energy the water. She usually has a rather sinuous shape.

Attention! If you wish, you can buy a ready-made coil.

For solar collector is made of polycarbonate is suitable as store-bought coil, and that detail made with your own hands. Moreover, it is possible to be smart and finish the finished device, for example, from an old, broken refrigerator.

The creation of the coil alone requires much more effort. But in turn, you get a brand new item, made exactly for the needs of your solar collector polycarbonate.

The process of creating a coil is not particularly complicated, but quite time-consuming. First, you need to get some copper pipe. Ideally, you need to buy them. Alternatively, it is permitted to use steel counterparts.

Attention! Then you just need to take a soldering iron and weld the tubes to each other.

Polycarbonate as the main material ↑

The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has many useful properties, because of which its application is ideal for creating a solar collector made of polycarbonate. But be aware that there are many varieties of this material. Best for construction of this type is cell.

Its use could greatly reduce the cost of creating a design. Moreover, its performance fully meet the requirements of future solar collector.

Attention! In the manufacture of a solar collector in the factory use a special glass. But at home its use is associated with a number of difficulties.

When choosing polycarbonate for the solar collector it is necessary to pay special attention to its transparency. The device effectively perform their functions, needs high light transmission. Moreover, the material should be durable enough to withstand environmental effects.

The structure of cellular polycarbonate allows in the shortest possible time to heat large volumes of water. Such can be achieved by creating a greenhouse effect. But that has become a reality need a quality insulation.

The stages of reservoir ↑

The solar collector is made of polycarbonate

To the collector of a polycarbonate with sufficient efficiency and at the same time was reliable and easy in operation it is necessary to strictly follow the presented below algorithm:

  1. Prepare the coil. If you use a detail from an older refrigerator, it should be cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, the system efficiency will be low.
  2. In the absence of unnecessary refrigerator use copper tubing. You need to cut according to pre-established markup. A special role in this construction is played angular transitions. They should be soldered carefully to avoid depressurization.
  3. Install on the ends of the coil plumbing transitions. This will allow you to simply and quickly connect to the water system.
  4. Color metal sheet. You can use only paint that will not deteriorate under the influence of high temperatures. It is very important that she had it black. It is best to apply it in two layers.
  5. After the sheet is painted, you must attach to the coil. Moreover, as the connections used unpainted part. Of course, for this operation you will need to use a soldering iron.
    The solar collector is made of polycarbonate
  6. Finally, you can begin to assemble the housing of the solar collector is made of polycarbonate. For that you need the bars and plywood. They will serve as source material for a durable box.
  7. In the box you need to make holes, with their help, you need to mount the polycarbonate.
  8. To start in box you need to put mineral wool. The absorber is placed in the second place.
  9. Don’t forget to make the gap between the heating panel and polycarbonate.
  10. Treat the body part with water-repellent effect.
  11. Enamel you cover the entire design apart from the front surface.

Now solar collector polycarbonate completed. But in order for it to function properly, we need to do something else. Namely, to mount it so that it fell as much direct sunlight.

You also need to install the water tank. Thanks to him, you will always have hot water, and you will have a complete heating system, an Autonomous source of heat.

The results ↑

As you can see, to make the solar collector with his own hands not so much. Thus to create it you can use the elements that are in every home or hardware store. Suffice it to recall the same coil, which is part of an old refrigerator. In an extreme case, the construct is easily done from copper pipes.

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