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Homemade solar collector for home heating

Alternative energy sources each year are becoming more common. This is not surprising, because mankind seeks to leverage available resources and do not harm the environment.

Attention! The most promising source of energy is the sun.

That is why more and more people are thinking about how to make a solar collector for heating the house with your own hands. This is largely due to the openness and accessibility of this technology for the masses.

The fact that some 20 years ago about such it was impossible to even think about. But the rapid development of technology has pushed the industry to optimize existing production and to build systems that are able to do each.

The main advantage of solar energy is its infinity. Moreover, special devices allow to obtain enough heat even in winter. A similar effect can be achieved to make a homemade solar collector for heating the house on vacuum basis. But this design is quite complex and requires expensive materials.

Types of systems ↑

Homemade solar collector for home heating

Before proceeding to the creation of homemade sun collector, powered by solar energy need to be considered principal structures, which are widely used in heating houses:

  • Air solar collectors for home. Perhaps this is one of the simplest home-made structures for heating. The heat generated by the greenhouse effect. All in infrared radiation. It penetrates through a special film and is absorbed by the heat sink. This charge is transferred to the air. He also used to heat the house.
  • Mobile homemade system, working thanks to batteries. It is much more difficult, from a technical point of view, solar collectors, which have a mechanism that allows the plates to follow the sun. This feature makes it possible to realize the heating of the house. The main element of this system is the mirror and the heating element. The main disadvantage is the high cost and technical complexity.
  • Flat homemade solar collectors. Imagine a black box which with special coating collects ultraviolet radiation and provides the heating of the house. For normal operation of the system requires a certain angle. Productivity depends on the size of the plates and their position. The main advantage — low cost.
  • Homemade solar collectors tubes. Imagine a device that consists of black tubes. Inside circulates the coolant. The main advantage of such a system for heating the house is a large area making the light rays due to the round shape.
    Homemade solar collector for home heating
  • Vacuum homemade solar collectors. About these systems for home heating I already mentioned. If we consider them in more detail, it becomes clear that they are some kind of tubular structures is much more complex. There are two pipes. One is inside the other. The first transparent, the second black. Inside the last is the coolant. Layer between them there is vacuum. Its presence ensures a high thermal insulation.
  • The collectors hub. Such solar systems are equipped with reflectors. They are responsible for focusing the sun’s rays. This manages to achieve the best heat your home. A system of mirrors and reflectors allows to increase the density of the luminous flux. Such devices are equipped with sensors monitoring the position of the lights.

As you can see, there are many types of solar collectors that provide stable heating of the house. But not all of them can be done by hand. Of course, in theory it’s possible, but in this case, it requires special knowledge and expensive materials.

The principle of operation ↑

Homemade solar collector for home heating

Before you start building a homemade solar collector for heating the house does not hurt to understand how it is able to effectively heat the water. Conventionally, the device can be divided into three parts:

  • battery,
  • light catcher,
  • the coolant.

Task battery homemade solar collector for heating the house to convert solar energy. In vacuum constructions, the principle of a thermos.

Usually the coolant is water. But for more efficiency is better to fill inside a homemade solar collector to heat your home antifreeze. Also if you want to use it in winter, additional heat exchangers, the two circuits, and large area plates.

How to make a solar collector out of an old refrigerator ↑

Training ↑

Homemade solar collector for home heating

Primarily to create the heating system you will need to find an old refrigerator with a coil. Then you need to take it out. If the old refrigerator is not at hand, the coil can be done by hand from copper or steel tubes.

Create a homemade manifold you will also need these materials:

  • Mat rubber,
  • foil,
  • rake,
  • glass.

You will also need a water tank. It is best to use a barrel sufficient for your system capacity. You also can’t lose sight of the pipe to drain and supply.

Attention! Pick for construction a reliable and convenient valves.

With all of these simple materials that you can get in the garage, you will make a reliable homemade solar collector for heating the house. He will be able to provide the required temperature inside the room.

Do the manifold ↑

Homemade solar collector for home heating

To make a homemade heating must strictly follow the instructions. This will allow you to get the expected result with the least effort. The algorithm for creating the design consists of the following:

  1. Rinse the coil. The inside of the structure must be free of antifreeze.
  2. Around an improvised coil pitch frame. Its basis can be a simple rail. The structure dimensions depend directly on the device settings.
  3. Pad should meet you made the frame. It is very important that the coil wasn’t installed back to back, and had some space to work.
  4. Rubber Mat is necessary to put foil.
  5. After the foil is put a homemade coil is fixed by means of clamps. They can get from the same refrigerator.
  6. Fasten the clamps the best means of screws.
  7. In a makeshift structure, it is necessary to make a few holes. Through them will come out of the tube coil
  8. It is imperative to strengthen the bottom. With this task perfectly cope Reiki. It is best to fix them on the reverse side.
  9. Set on top of the glass. In the source material, you can use the old window. In extreme cases it can be purchased at the hardware store.
  10. To fix the glass suitable conventional tape. For greater reliability, the perimeter can be strengthened with a couple of screws.

Now homemade solar panel is done. As a result you get a full home heating, allowing you to regulate the temperature inside. The main advantage is the high degree of autonomy.

Homemade solar collector for home heating

But to gathered some homemade contraption for heating the house has shown sufficient efficiency, it is necessary to install correctly. The panel should be facing South. Normal is tilted at 15-20 degrees.

Attention! Is ideal the tilt angle at 35 degrees.

As to the place of installation. Ideal for homemade design fits the roof of the house. But there are alternatives, for example, panels can be installed on the site. But the efficiency of such heating will be much lower.

If you decide to install improvised manifold in the yard, it is necessary to take care of sloping supports. Otherwise, the heating will be ineffective. The angle is not less than 15 degrees is necessary in order that the glass does not accumulate precipitation. Because of them is the refraction of light, and the device works worse.

The results ↑

To create a homemade solar panel is not that difficult. Despite this it can ensure that home heating even in winter, subject to some technical modifications in the basic device.

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