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The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

To equip a private home, a chimney for the gas boiler, it is necessary according to certain rules. Towering over the roof of the tube, only a small part of a complex design. The pipe takes the smoke and gas from home. Having a private house, you must understand how the stovepipe to imagine the work of the heating system and to understand how to exploit it. First and foremost, when planning the arrangement of the gas heating boiler, you should consider the various options of chimneys, learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

What fireplace to choose ↑

Private tooling building a chimney for a gas boiler, you should learn about their varieties. Popular brick options now not so often used. It’s an outdated design, quite complicated in the device take up much space. Moreover, their device is both long and expensive, and characteristics of the brick is inferior to modern materials. Therefore, the majority of owners who have a private house, which heats the gas boiler, refuse brick variants in favor of new designs.

The use of stainless pipe ↑

Stainless steel can be used successfully, when constructing a private house chimney. The undoubted advantages of steel – high durability and resistance to corrosive substances. Structures made of steel are sandwich system comprising two pipes of different diameter. The space between them is filled with heat resisting insulation. They look modern and are highly reliable. Currently, the options for this type are some of the popular.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Coaxial flue ↑

A good solution for the boiler will be coaxial chimney. The biggest advantage is that the condensation can form on its inner surface. But for systems operating on gas fuel is one of the main advantages. In addition, this model is very attractive in appearance and possesses all the necessary characteristics.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

The use of ceramic chimney ↑

Ceramic construction can also be used, furnished private house chimney. This solution is very reliable, fireproof and affordable. The segment of elite construction today uses these options. In addition to all the above benefits it is easy to install.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Requirements for flue gas boilers ↑

All of the existing requirements, regulatory rules and the peculiarities of installation of the chimney for the gas boiler, prescribed in SNiP 2.04.05-91. They must perfectly obey, otherwise the installation will be performed correctly and to connect the structure without irregularities does not work. And that of course will affect the safety of operation. One of the most important parameters required for proper operation of the gas boiler will ensure good traction. This will help to effectively apply thermal energy. In addition, there are some mandatory rules:

  1. The chimney must be equipped with a condensate tank to excess water does not accumulate on the walls of the structure.
  2. The intake is not necessary to equip the fungi and deflectors, as they impede the removal of soot. These elements can cause getting into a private home carbon monoxide.
  3. Furnished private house with fireplace, special attention must be paid to expansion joints of the structure, all the elements should fit snugly to each other, it is necessary to achieve absolute tightness.
  4. If you want to create bias plots, their angle cannot exceed 30 degrees.
  5. Any branches in the parties should not be more than 1 meter.
  6. When mounting the excluded cross-section, and knee are placed only where needed and in the amount of not more than three. When installing the knees, it is necessary to equip system audit hatches, for easy cleaning design.
  7. If necessary, increase the pipe links must be connected with each other overlap, which is half of the diameter of the pipe.
  8. The bottom of the pipe is equipped with drip and audit.
  9. Private house contains walls and ceiling, and the pipe joints must not coincide with them.
  10. The horizontal part of the pipe, if the house is still under construction, can’t be longer than 3 meters. For finished buildings, this value is not more than 6 meters.
  11. If the building construction flammable materials, the flue gas of the boiler must be located from not less than 25 cm.
  12. If the pipe passes through combustible construction, of which the private house is built, you need to isolate it. Use of basalt cotton wool and flame retardant mastic.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Indoor or outdoor installation ↑

Chimneys are interior and exterior. Internal design differs in that it does not require insulation. It passes through and is insulated only the outer part. Installation of internal flue involves the preparation of several different diameter parts, which will lead to certain difficulties in sealing. The disadvantage of this solution is that a high probability of penetration of carbon monoxide into the house. Besides internal chimney is quite difficult to fix.

The outer option is more fire safe, but requires good insulation. All parts fit well to each other, which facilitates the installation. Tooling private house with outside chimney, you can be sure that the subsequent cleaning and repair will not cause too much difficulty.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Internal chimney ↑

Before starting the installation of the chimney, you will need to mark the roof and ceiling of a private house, to identify places where you need to cut holes. You need to measure everything very carefully, good thinking over the future design. Only after analyzing all, you can cut the openings. The exhaust gas from the boiler outlet connected with the transition adapter. Further down the tee, audit, fix the main bracket design and equipped with all the necessary accessories. If there is a need to increase the pipe, you can apply the knee.

It is important! If installation is through the ceiling, you need to use special nozzle. The flue pipe fits over the galvanized iron sheet, which is fixed to the ceiling with clamps or wire.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Features connect a gas boiler to the chimney ↑

The flue for the gas boiler can be connected to multiple heaters at the same time by combining pipes. As in this case, a private house may be filled with combustion products. Don’t link together and various composition materials: brick, galvanized iron, asbestos or aluminium. The optimum height for the device of the chimney is 5 meters or more. If the house has a flat roof, the pipe must rise above it, 1.5 meters.

If a private house is equipped with a tube, which height more than two meters, it is necessary to additionally fix the building stretch marks.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

The output of the chimney outside ↑

The flue for the gas boiler the diameter should match the diameter of the outlet of the heater. To output it to the outside, you need to measure all the dimensions to lay out the site for work. After the holes are done, the entrance element is connected to the inlet of the boiler, and the pipe displayed on the street. Hole formed by the withdrawal of pipe you need to insulate.

Since your private home is equipped with gas boiler, the chimney is installed another tee from the audit and put on the cap. The pipe should be increased by several units that are attached to the wall brackets, the distance between which should be no more than 2 metres. To enhance, use the clamps.

When you reach the desired height of the pipe, a conical tip is installed, protecting from wind and rain. Next, you should make thermal insulation. It is executed in the case if your private house is equipped with a chimney made of sandwich material. Wall mounted gas boiler needs to be, above all, safe and effective, and then think about the aesthetics.

It is important! If you decided to make the fireplace and connect the gas boiler by yourself, carefully study the technology. Otherwise, if you are unsure, it is better to trust the professionals who will be able to guarantee security.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Requirements to the device of the chimney in a private house ↑

To build a private house the chimney is to be in compliance with all rules. Venting and air flow for the boiler is produced with special equipment. It resembles a mine with a pipe inside. The chimney is mounted upright. Inside the channel there should be no extension or restriction, no barriers to air movement.

For installation use only non-combustible, does not melt, non-toxic, safe materials. Design eliminates cracks and other damage to a private home does not pass the products of combustion. All the joints are sealed with special heat-resistant sealants. Height and diameter of the pipe must match the settings for the gas boiler. Otherwise the thrust will not be sufficient.

The flue for the gas boiler in a private house

Conclusion ↑

You can equip your private home by any chimney, suitable to the gas boiler. The main thing is to mount it correctly, and so forth can be properly operated. For this it is necessary to clean it periodically (1 time per year). In the case of mechanical damage immediately to eliminate them.

How to install a chimney for the gas boiler technology FuranFLEX, we learn in the next video

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