Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Treatments always had a special status in our people, bath is a favorite place for the water treatments from ancient times to the present day. If earlier the only downside good the baths were cool floor, then today this inconvenience can be removed simply by making a warm floor in the bath. Many qualified specialists in building business give good tips on how to make a warm floor in the bath. Optionally, the procedure can be delegated the professional masters team, and you can do everything with your hands, just follow the checked instructions.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Besides the fact that walking on the cold floor uncomfortable, it can cause colds, especially in children of younger age, and also creates a high percentage of fuel consumption that goes to heating the bath area and under the necessary procedures. In order to avoid such problems it is important to address the problem regarding the floor insulation is still in the design stage, choosing the most successful option for your bath.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Tip # 1. To make a warm floor in the bath you need in every part of the room, that is in addition to the steam heating should be installed in the room reserved for rest, and in the washing room.

The flooring for these structures are of two types, namely:

  • Floors from the concrete base.
  • Floors wood base.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Based on this classification, swim and varieties of methods to create a warm floor in the bath with his hands. It is worth noting that the overall specificity of the process is performed according to a similar algorithm, but still, some stages of the procedure of insulation may vary. It depends on what exactly heating is selected for coverage. Before you can create a warm floor in advance to insulate the coating in the bath, can be used in the following construction materials:

  • Special basalt wool, or mineral sample.
  • Clay substance.
  • Different types of foam with dimensions with a thickness of 5 cm.

Insulation of the floor of wood in the bath room ↑

Measures for thermal insulation of wooden floor flooring in the bath, start with removing the trim, in those cases when the insulation to produce the finished building and is not carried out in its construction. Further, the device warm floor in the bath is performed in the following sequence:

  • On the bottom mount special beams to which are fixed special blocks, which will continue to serve as a basis for paroizolyator.
  • On top creates a rough coating, which is used for Board.
  • In the space between the beams should lay the previously selected insulating material.
  • On the heater you need to lay the waterproofing layer under the floor.
  • Closes done by the net design boards, which will serve as the primary flooring.
Tip # 2. Builders are advised to create a floor in the bath on the basis of sawn timber from coniferous wood, which when wet does not slide, serves as a longer time and also has odor, which is beneficial for overall health of the body. Do not apply materials on the basis of oak, poplar or basswood.

Insulation of concrete floor in the bath room ↑

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Creating a warm floor in the bath with a concrete coating is a much harder task in comparison with the wooden bath. This procedure has some differences and is performed in the following sequence:

  • After you create the Foundation for future building under the bath cover it with concrete slabs.
  • On this basis carefully placed a layer of waterproofing material, as a rule, use ruberoid, which is characterized by high strength characteristics, but its installation does not cause difficulties even for inexperienced person.
  • On top of mentioned material, you need to put the insulation for the concrete floor preferably polystyrene foam, but also allowed the use of expanded clay (fine fraction).
  • For insulation should be special reinforcing mesh, which is later filled with a special solution on the basis of concrete with the addition of sand. This screed must be perfectly smooth, after curing is placed on top of ceramic tile chosen sample.
Tip # 3. Before using evroruberoid it is better to apply membrane waterproofing composition, it will help to minimize the possibility of moisture penetration in the finished screed and will make the floor more durable.

The creation of floor heating through furnaces ↑

In earlier periods in the baths floors baked in the special stove-Kamenki or even from the oven. Warm floor in the bath from the stove to create a much simpler than those based on water or electrical systems. For this room built oven-stove, learn about the process of building which in the attached video

and also:

Tip # 4. In order that heat is retained inside the premises for a longer period floor wash-room should be less than the level of 15 centimeters from the flooring in the steam room. And in the lounge a floor below 3 cm in comparison with the level of the same wash room.

How to create electric warm floor in the bath ^ the

In addition to insulation of the floor covering do not be amiss to consider and extra heating. One of those species is the electric warm floor in the bath, the system which is created by the installation of special cables, supplying power. It is mounted over the insulation layer, where the stack or special mats or by cable. For uniform heating of the upper surface of the cable must be laid with the same pitch. In concrete floor electric floor heating in the bath is mounted directly to the reinforced mesh.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Tip # 5. In addition to insulation outdoor flooring is also important to hold the insulation and wall surfaces of bath room. This will significantly reduce heat loss inside the building when carrying out bath treatment.

The creation of water warm coverage ↑

Among the several options of creating a warm coating separately, a water heat-insulated floor in the bath. The heating is carried out by pre-mounted duct system in which warm water circulates. A warm floor is quite difficult to create, so without proper experience is better to invite specialists. In comparison with similar electric insulation of the sample this system 2теплого sex» has a lot of advantages. For example, it is possible to make the water warm floor in the bath from the stove, which will reduce fuel consumption when heating the premises, under water treatment.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

To create a water system you must use the following materials:

  • Pump special sample.
  • Pipes for piping.
  • Thermostat.
  • Boiler heat that can be generated in the furnace from the furnace or mounted ready electric.
  • Devices for monitoring temperature regime.

Warm floor in the bath with his hands

Regardless of your choice, creating a warm floor, the main thing is to strictly adhere to the instructions for creating the selected sample. And use the sensible recommendations of the qualified professionals in the construction business, then your bath will always be warm, cozy and water treatment. As visual AIDS how to create warm floors for the bath videos, the following:

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