Light and dark flooring in the interior

It is no secret that for any interior is huge, if not primary role, playing the color and texture of floor covering. These two factors often become a starting point in the difficult task of creating unique design of the entire room. Often, in accordance with these factors is chosen the color of the walls, colour and design for furniture. In addition, flooring must be comfortable for living in the house of people and extremely practical – ie, not enough to get dirty and easy to wash. All the requirements most fully meets the linoleum in the interior photo of which is below.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

The linoleum in the interior invariably contributes to the special atmosphere of home comfort, but depending on color, can give and the required rigor. A linoleum manufacturer Tarkett able to convince any skeptic that this type of coating has nowadays become the most popular. The reasons for this are many, and along with the high quality and variety of types, textures and colors, the value has the low cost of linoleum and easy to work with him.

Linoleum is a starting point in the formation of the style of the room ↑

Despite the fact that the linoleum in the interior itself looks quite good, this effect can increase if the right indicate the color, pattern and texture of the coating, because many of the ornaments or patterns are appropriate only in certain areas. For example, linoleum for kitchen, photos of which in the interior can be seen below, will not be the best choice for children’s room or in the living room, decorated in a minimalist style.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

So before going to the store for purchases such coverage, should clearly define the stylistic orientation of each room for which sold linoleum, and carefully calculate the possible options of colors and textures.

Of course, there are universal colors that would be acceptable in any room. Bright linoleum in the interior, which is suitable for a large number of stylistic trends in the design, will be the perfect flooring for small spaces and will contribute a percentage of freshness and lightness. The perfect solution for quickly giving the room an air of novelty will be linoleum bleached oak.

Dark flooring in the interior, for example, black, a photo of which you can see below, despite its apparent originality and unacceptable in a residential area, able to radically transform any room.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

Of course, it is not too appropriate in small rooms without natural light, but it can play a pivotal role in changing the existing space. Of course, the dark color of flooring requires proper framing of the walls and furniture present in the room, the accessories need him fully fit.

In General, the choice of the optimal colors for the floor covering depends on where the Windows of the room. So for homes with Windows facing South and where the abundance of sunshine, preferable cool shades of white or grey linoleum in the interior. For «North» same premises more appropriate becomes warm, natural colors – brown, peach, apricot etc.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

The right choice – a pledge of comfort and coziness ↑

To ensure that the purchased linoleum was really a means of achieving comfort, and did not disappoint with their views or «behavior» in a short time, need to know how it all happens.

  1. Unsupported. This linoleum in the interior occurs, perhaps, most frequently, because of its low cost. This, as well as its high resistance to high humidity, can be called a major advantages. The disadvantage can be considered the possibility of laying a smooth base, because its thickness is only 1 mm. Therefore, the service life is rarely more than 5 years. It can be used as linoleum under the laminate.
  2. PVC. Due to the large number of layers (up to 6), he has great strength and is not as demanding as the base. The disadvantage of this type include the greater shrinkage in the case of a strong temperature reduction. This is a more expensive coating.
  3. Household. One of the best selling species with the acceptable cost and high strength. Over the past meets the fiberglass in the core, and coated on both sides with a protective film. The pattern of the coating is also protected by high-strength coating that guarantees him protection from abrasion.
  4. Linoleum on the basis of foamed materials. It is flexible and durable coating with excellent heat and sound insulating characteristics. Despite the large thickness, it does not appear to be denting is achieved by using the upper protective film of a large thickness.
  5. Linoleum Tarkett in the interior can be commercial. The highest quality and, consequently, expensive material with the highest resistance to abrasion and dynamic loads. It has many types, including anti-slip or possessing certain qualities (sound and heat insulating). Can be laid in rooms of various purpose, where there is a high load (throughput).

Light and dark flooring in the interior

The linoleum in the interior of the apartment is a luxury available to everyone ↑

Linoleum in the interior photo looks noble, elegant and rich. A huge range of colors and textures of this natural coverage is riddled with ancient traditions, this material has antibacterial properties, is absolutely harmless to humans and Pets and is complemented by good heat and sound insulation properties. All this makes it possible to use it not only in the common areas of the apartment, but also in children’s rooms. In addition, it is worth noting its antistatic, resistance to chemicals and fire safety.

A semi-commercial linoleum Tarkett in the interior of various premises shows just how simple and obvious solution could be the structure beautiful and practical flooring. The Tarkett linoleum in the interior photo which is below, shows how non-standard could be the approach to choosing a color of flooring, and how organically it fits in with the interior.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

Generally, the linoleum in the interior of the apartment may play a Central role, to beat and to emphasize certain objects in the room or Vice versa, to neutralize some of the shortcomings (e.g., wrong plan). In stock Tarkett presents numerous collections to speak for themselves names – Grand Aston 2, tango 4, Favorite stobo, or linoleum Tarkett Atlanta 1 – this «singing» the collection names clearly indicate what an exquisite and varied may be the interior of the premises.

For all the beauty, linoleum in the living room makes the process of cleaning. To do this, the manufacturer applies a number of innovative technologies. One of them can be attributed to the upper protective film that is not only absolutely does not absorb moisture, but repels dust and other impurities, leaving the surface of the linoleum is clean, not allowing dirt to penetrate deep into the coating. Thus, the whole process of cleaning is reduced to wiping the surface with a damp cloth without having to use chemicals. This property is especially important if you use the white linoleum in the interior.

Light and dark flooring in the interior

To linoleum lasts as long as possible ↑

To ensure that the linoleum in the interior for a long time pleased its pristine form, did not fade and does not burn, should heed some advice:

  • it is not necessary to store the linoleum in a cold place;
  • you cannot wash it by such means as ammonia, caustic soda or products that contain acids;
  • it is not recommended to wash the newly laid linoleum, the first time is allowed only dry cleaning;
  • if this coating is placed in rooms with permanent presence of sunlight, it is necessary to acquire appropriate types.

Besides, nobody cancelled and such rules as placing the pads under furniture legs when moving the inadmissibility of a long abandonment on the surface of wet objects, etc.

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