Linear led lights for kitchen

Long gone are the days when the kitchen was only a place for cooking. Kitchen for the modern man — a room in which to enjoy spending time with family and friends over a delicious table. The kitchen solves many of the problems being intimate conversation and takes the mystery of creating delicious culinary masterpieces. It was in the kitchen concentrated the main activities of all family members. Therefore to create it a comfortable and cozy atmosphere – the initial task when building a kitchen space.

Linear led lights for kitchen

Latest buying new appliances, installing comfortable and functional furniture, it is impossible to fully resolve the issue a comfortable stay in the kitchen. One of the main factors that affects the usability of the kitchen area is properly and correctly designed lighting. Modern manufacturers of lamps, allow to fully implement the plan by providing to the client to choose a large variety of ways of lighting.

Particularly popular in the recently acquired led lighting fixtures.

Features of led lamps ↑

Lamps LED, or led is a unique type of illumination that allows you to fully cover any area of the kitchen. Operation of this type of lighting is quite safe, as the voltage in the LED lamps is much less than in conventional lamps. It should also be noted a high rate of longevity of these lamps. According to the manufacturer, the proper installation and operation of led lamps ensures its flawless operation for 10 years.

Linear led lights for kitchen

Variety of colors allows you to achieve indoor interesting play of light. The remote control is in this case very helpful as it allows you to effortlessly change the color of the backlight, creating in the kitchen the desired atmosphere.

The main advantages of led lamps:

  1. High levels of efficiency. Given the ever-increasing electricity tariffs, low energy consumption, a very significant advantage for LED lamps.
  2. Small dimensions allow to use led lights to illuminate even very small areas of the kitchen.
  3. Low heat output. LED light bulb is very attracted by the fact that in working condition it is practically not heated. This allows you to use it in the lights closed, and minimizes the chance of fire in case of overheating.
  4. Rich colors allows to realize a very bold and seemingly unrealistic ideas of the designer. There is no other lamp that would be completely repeated the palette of colors as LED lamp.

Linear led lights for kitchen

Many may be perfectly legitimate question: «What is the difference between led lights and fluorescent lamps?» There is a difference and it is huge. LED lights win on all counts: the minimum size, saving electricity consumption, a wide range. The only thing that confuses is the relatively high price of the led lamp. But the manufacturer constantly improves the production technology of LED lamps, so in the near future it is hoped to reduce the cost of such a lamp.

Linear led lights for kitchen

The duration of operation of led lamps is striking. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, in which the biggest load is at the time enable or disable Lama in led lamps the moment is simply not available. Therefore significantly increases the life, and this in turn saves money on replacement lamps is constantly blowout.

The ability of the operation LED lamps from low voltage lines. Given the fact that the kitchen is a space with high humidity and a constantly changing level of temperature, this advantage has a special place in the list of advantages of led bulbs. Especially this feature is reflected in the organization of lighting in small, confined spaces.

It is important! Choosing a lamp for the kitchen, it is preferable to use 12-volt lamps.

Linear led lights for kitchen

Varieties of led lamps ↑

On the shelves you can see quite a large number of LED lamps. Each of them has its own unique features and has its own purpose. In order not to get confused and choose the right one for you lamp, you should familiarize yourself with the basic types of led lighting:

  1. Touch look. Very convenient to use, since the process of on – off is performed from the touch of a hand as needed.
  2. The overhead lights, will be appreciated by owners of very small kitchens. Such lamps do not require complicated installation, it can be attached to any surface. Thus, it is very easy to create in the kitchen proper and cozy lighting.
  3. Linear view. This type of led lamp is traditionally used to illuminate countertops in the work area.
  4. Embedded views. The compactness of the lamp allows it to be installed in the kitchen of any size. Interesting design, uniform luminous flux and sufficient brightness allows recessed lamps become the most popular way of lighting in the kitchen.
  5. The furniture look. Installation of the lamp directly to the facades of furniture carries two functions:
    • beautiful lighting, allowing you to emphasize the beauty of the furniture;
    • a good way to provide uniform light distribution throughout the kitchen.

    Linear led lights for kitchen

    What and how to cover ↑

    Using LED lamp, you can easily cover even very small and inconspicuous area of the kitchen. The main thing is to choose the kind of led lamp.

    General lighting ↑

    The main source of light, usually located at the centre of the ceiling for the kitchen is not the best solution. Because the use of the chandelier, even with led lamps is not primarily practical. Constant cooking is a fat vapours, which are very difficult to clean. It is also worth considering that the only source of light in the kitchen is very small. Better if the main lighting is used ceiling rod on which are mounted a few swivel led lamps.

    This lighting option has several advantages: stylish and fun design, light enough, and easy to care for the lamp.

    Linear led lights for kitchen

    The Council! A great solution for the kitchen will be light with motion sensor. It will not only make life easier for households and reduce energy costs.

    Illuminated working area ↑

    Cooking requires not only sufficient space and good lighting. Given the fact that the cooking surface is usually illuminated by lamps located in the hood, it is about lighting the rest of the working surfaces is to take care of themselves. Traditionally used for this purpose furniture recessed lighting. If it is not possible to perform the installation of such LED lamps are used the lamps surface-mounted type. They are compact, easy to install, and easy to clean. An additional advantage of such lamps is added if they have the touchpad.

    Linear led lights for kitchen

    Availability of a large number of led strips, easy to implement highlighting in the right places yourself. It is absolutely not important what size you kitchen cabinets, and at what height they are located.

    Lighted lockers ↑

    Way to add brightness and light to the inner surface of the cabinets and pedestals are arranged on the basis of the lighting in the fridge. For this tape, the led illuminator is fitted at the top or end of furniture. The time of switching may occur from a sensor built into the handle, or from tiny switch on the doors.

    It is important! When using this form of lighting in cabinets with glass inserts, you can achieve not only additional lighting for the space, but the interesting design kitchen design.

    Linear led lights for kitchen

    Conclusion ↑

    The use of led lamps and luminaires is a fundamentally new approach to kitchen lighting. It allows to create amazing, stylish and comfortable interior.

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