The lighting control system

The lighting control system

Almost everywhere exterior lighting is divided according to the purpose for which it is used. It may be observation at night over roads and entrances for vehicles, warehouses for storage of different kinds of materials, work sites, places of loading and unloading of goods. Usually around the perimeter of such areas is installed security lighting system.

Not the whole system is powered by a single transformer substation. So, there can be multiple power points. However, even in this case, control of the entire lighting system should be convenient and centrally in accordance with applicable rules and laws. Such management must be carried out and one or the least possible number of seats.

Can also vary the mode of operation in several areas of the guarded territory. Then, you will need to adjust and mode of operation of the lighting system. For remote management set the remote control lighting.

Control Cabinet lighting (SHUO) ↑

For ease of use outdoor or indoor lighting use boxes lighting control — a control in which all switches. Thus, from a single location can manage the entire building or complex work that is difficult not to agree, very convenient. In addition, the system provides protection from power surges and short circuit. Thanks to fully automated control is possible to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed. The use of such shields, together with modern fluorescent lamps can reduce costs significantly.

The market offers a huge variety of ready-made control units. The user need only purchase and install it in the right place. How to construct such a system? What is inside this box? And how does it work? Let’s try to answer these questions. For starters, let’s look at what are the functions of the built in relay control system.

The working principle of remote control of lighting: the use of the pulsed relay ↑

Based control systems lighting is often used pulse relay. How is it organized? This is a common relay that has a built-in pulse counter. Therefore, it has pins to connect to the driven circuits and a place for unit installation for pulse counting. There are two types of impulse relays: Electromechanical and electronic. Consider the example of one such relay.

Any pulse received by the control unit with a built-in relay affect the switching power of the contacts inside of it. If the contact is closed, it opens, if on the contrary open — closed. If the network is suddenly lost tension, then nothing will change, the contacts will remain in the same position as they are fixed mechanically. Such a mechanism is the much better device of a conventional starter that whenever lost the voltage needed to activate a new.

What is the usability of such a relay? In fact, this simple mechanism allows you to control the system from more than two places. This is achieved by interacting a pulse on the contacts inside the system from any point. It is close to the system like a Smart home. Inside the box is necessary to set the pulse relay for a particular group of contacts and set for her switch. Thus, we have the opportunity to enable/disable an entire group of contacts. Below are two diagrams of typical use, in practice such a mechanism.

The lighting control system

The lighting control system

As can be seen from the second diagram, when using a relay, in this case, it is possible to control the lighting in a few places.

Outdoor lighting control ↑

If we talk particularly about outdoor lighting, it is clear that the mode of operation of individual sections of the surrounding territory may vary. In order to save, it should influence the capacity and number of operating appliances. Thus, in the control Cabinet lighting should allow flexibility to change and separately to control the lights on certain sections.

It is important! Even at night the surrounding area of the enterprises should be partially covered. So, in the pitch darkness not should remain the entrances to the water sources, fire escapes and driveways for transport.

Box lighting control of the melody is ‘nice’ 96 ↑

For example, a case of lighting control, the melody is ‘nice’ 9602 is designed not only for manual but also for automated and remote control of lighting: different types of incandescent lamps, such as HPS, DRI, DRL, fluorescent and others. Thanks to this control unit, automatic activation/deactivation of the lights in the desired time. This can be particularly useful in enterprises in those times when lighting is not in use, for example during a technological break. In addition, it is possible to remotely enable and disable the system from the point of dispatch energosluzhba.

With this system, it becomes possible to automatically turn on to illuminate the area in the dark and to turn off lights during daylight. The adjustment occurs by means of the analysis signal of the image sensor and comparing the intensity of street lighting with the set default command. Thus, there is substantial energy saving and its rational use at different times of the year, when you change the duration of the day and night.

The lighting control system

This control box consists of two main parts: shell, steel, door, and extension of the photo-head where is mounted a photoresistor. Inside the unit cables are connected, responsible for different parts of the lighting system.

Thus, the use of control systems for street lighting and the use of the pulsed relay makes life much easier and saves money. As we have learned, these systems can be used not only in private or apartment houses, but the greater application is found in factories, shopping malls, manufacturing sites, where it is especially important to control lighting. After reading this article, we suggest you watch the following video:

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