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Regular style in landscape design: the characteristics and selection of plants

Regular style in landscape design: the characteristics and selection of plants

From the appearance of the plot depends on many things. It is no secret that being in nature reduces stress, soothes, calms and recharges the body with clean energy. The area where the landscaping is carefully designed, made in the same style, and the plants look healthy and lush, always will cheer you up, allowing you to regain the lost composure. Many people are thinking about what style to choose for designing your garden. If you are a fan of clean, symmetrical compositions, geometric shapes and order in life and nature, perhaps the regular style in landscape design is for you.

It should be noted that for regular garden need a plot on which you can create compositions that are able to demonstrate all the beauty of this style.

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The characteristics and features of regular garden

Very popular axial composition. They usually are formed around a Central axis – alleys, paths. Often at the center of the axis there is a water body – a pond or fountain. On either side of the Central axis are formed symmetrical composition – the lawns and flowerbeds of the correct form, alleys and alleys with bushes and trees with trimmed crowns.

Axial composition

An example of axial composition in a small area. On either side of the Central paths are geometrically symmetrical lawns, on which rows of plants are planted, the trees are located in the special symmetry, forming an interesting combination

Bosket is an integral part of the regular Park. Bosket is a group of shrubs or trees planted in a certain way. In a special way trimmed plants can form a sort of green gazebo or room, the curtains, hiding visitors from prying eyes, to simulate different geometric shapes or even some architectural forms – arches, columns, turrets.

There are two types of lawns:

  1. the so-called Cabinet, where plants are planted around the perimeter;
  2. artificial grove is a group of ornamental shrubs or trees that are planted on the lawn:
An example of the Cabinet in the regular Park

An example of the Cabinet in the regular Park — cropped bushes form a green wall in the niches of the arches, are placed the statues. In the center of the Cabinet is a symmetrical composition in the form of flowerbeds. In your garden too, you could do something like the veil of bushes and grass, forming cozy corner

Artificial grove

A small artificial grove, where you can also use decorative plants in tubs

A regular garden is unthinkable without the neat lawns of the correct form, they largely give the garden such a Grand and noble appearance.

The history of landscape art over one hundred years in the 16th century, gardeners have created excellent regular gardens and parks surrounding the Imperial palaces. In many ways, this style has remained unsurpassed, and today surprising clarity, elegance, luxury and nobility lines.

Of course, to create a real regular Park on a relatively small area is not possible, but you can use some of the characteristic elements – symmetrical plant on geometrically correct lawns, located along the Central path, or several paths radiating in straight lines from the reservoir or flowerbeds.

Central track

Two examples of formation of the composition around the Central path: 1) use of the arch and symmetrical shrubs; 2) with a Central flower bed and surrounding gravel paths

You can plant flowers so that they form ridges. The ridges is an elongated rectangular flower garden, where various flowers are planted in a certain order, forming beautiful patterns. This flower bed will look great on the sides or between garden paths.


In a special way planted flowers form beautiful patterns on the flower bed and lawns, making them look like colorful carpet

The regular style of the garden also implies the use of sculptures or sculptural ornaments in the antique style. For example, if a Central walkway in your garden is quite wide and long, it is decorated with two statues located at the entrance of the alley facing each other. You can use vases on pedestals, or one large vase in the middle of the Central flower bed.


Classical sculpture — decoration of the regular Park, they complement the composition, picturesque look at the background of lush greenery

And, in a classic regular Park there is always a high point, overlooking a parterre lawns, flower beds, planted in a specific order trees. This garden is especially beautiful from a height. In a private house, this point can be a balcony.

Offer you to view interesting videos on the topic:

The choice of plants for a regular Park

As flowering plants good to use annuals that bloom all summer petunias, marigolds, irises, daisies. Spring in the Park especially good regular bulbs – tulips, crocuses, daffodils. Plants should not cover the edge of the curb, crisp lines in a regular garden must be viewed at all.

Garden plants

Composition for a small area in the center «bouquet» undemanding summer flowers, from the center radiate four paths framed by ridges and green lawns

For a symmetrical landing approach spruce and arborvitae. After the haircut, keep a good shape of such trees and shrubs as cotoneaster, hawthorn, barberry, Privet, Linden, maple and spirea.

Green sculpture

Fashion on the green sculpture in the formal gardens we have firmly entrenched. This sculpture looks harmonious on the lawn, attracting attention. In selling, there are artificial green sculpture that looks a little different from natural

To create a regular garden, you will need a lot of money, and need constant trimming of trees, shrubs, lawn care, planting flowers. Wealthy owners to maintain the garden in good condition, hire a gardener, but if the site is small and you only use elements of this style, you could do it on their own.

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